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idnamelocicountrysample sizeregiondate addedgenotype data
3326Albania pop 2 A B C DQB1 DRB1Albania432Europe1/23/2017raw resolved
3618Brazil Paraná Caucasian A B DQA1 DQB1 DRB1Brazil641South and Central America5/16/2019raw resolved
3599Brazil South East Cord Bllod A B DRB1Brazil11409South and Central America3/6/2019raw resolved
3354Chile Santiago A B DRB1Chile920South and Central America1/23/2017raw
3569China Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Northeast DPB1 DQB1 DRB1China496South-East Asia4/25/2019raw resolved
3412Colombia Barranquilla A B DRB1Colombia188South and Central America5/21/2018raw resolved
3426Colombia North Chimila Amerindians A B C DQB1 DRB1Colombia47South and Central America5/21/2018raw resolved
3433Colombia North Wiwa El Encanto A B C DQB1 DRB1Colombia52South and Central America5/21/2018raw resolved
3453Colombia San Basilio de Palenque A B DQB1 DRB1Colombia42South and Central America1/9/2019raw resolved
3567Colombia Wayu from Guajira Peninsula A B DQB1 DRB1Colombia48South and Central America11/23/2018raw resolved
3607Costa Rica African -Caribbean A B C DRB1Costa Rica102South and Central America5/10/2019raw resolved
3608Costa Rica Amerindians A B C DRB1Costa Rica125South and Central America4/5/2019raw resolved
3606Costa Rica Central Valley Mestizo A B C DQB1 DRB1Costa Rica221South and Central America4/5/2019raw resolved
3609Costa Rica Guanacaste Mestizo A B C DRB1Costa Rica110South and Central America4/5/2019raw resolved
3321Czech Republic pop 3 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1Czech Republic180Europe11/15/2016raw resolved
3401Ecuador Amazonia Mixed Ancestry A B DQB1 DRB1Ecuador39South and Central America10/12/2017raw resolved
3418Ecuador Amerindians A GEcuador63South and Central America5/21/2018raw resolved
3410Ecuador Andes Mixed Ancestry A B DQB1 DRB1Ecuador824South and Central America10/12/2017raw resolved
3400Ecuador Coast Mixed Ancestry A B DQB1 DRB1Ecuador238South and Central America10/12/2017raw resolved
3411Ecuador Mixed Ancestry A B DQB1 DRB1Ecuador1173South and Central America10/12/2017raw resolved
3392England Blood Donors of Mixed Ethnicity A B CEngland519Europe2/6/2017raw resolved
3357Hong Kong Chinese BMDR A B C DRB1Hong Kong7595South-East Asia1/23/2017raw resolved
3358Hong Kong Chinese cord blood registry A B DRB1Hong Kong3892South-East Asia1/23/2017raw resolved
3434India Andhra Pradesh Telugu Speaking A B C DQB1 DRB1India186South Asia4/25/2019raw resolved
3432India Tamil Nadu A B C DQB1 DRB1India2492South Asia4/6/2018raw resolved
1243Ireland Northern A B C DRB1Ireland Northern1000Europe2/8/2016raw resolved
3371Italy East Sicily A B CItaly50Europe4/28/2017raw resolved
3398Italy Lombardy A B DRB1Italy674Europe4/19/2017raw resolved
3393Kenya, Nyanza Province, Luo tribe A B C DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1Kenya100Sub-Saharan Africa4/28/2017raw resolved
3612Macedonia MBMDR - Albanian A B C DRB1Macedonia128Europe4/11/2019raw resolved
3613Macedonia MBMDR - Macedonian A B C DRB1Macedonia1283Europe4/11/2019raw resolved
3611Macedonia MBMDR - Macedonian Muslims A B C DRB1Macedonia76Europe4/11/2019raw resolved
3424Malaysia Champa A B DRB1Malaysia29South-East Asia10/31/2018raw resolved
3350Malaysia Kedah Kensiu A B DRB1Malaysia21South-East Asia1/23/2017raw resolved
3438Malaysia Kelantan A B DRB1Malaysia28South-East Asia10/31/2018raw resolved
3439Malaysia Mandailing A B DRB1Malaysia27South-East Asia10/31/2018raw resolved
3351Malaysia Pahang Semai A B DRB1Malaysia38South-East Asia1/23/2017raw resolved
3437Malaysia Patani A B DRB1Malaysia25South-East Asia10/31/2018raw resolved
3336Malaysia Peninsular Chinese A B C DQB1 DRB1Malaysia194South-East Asia5/2/2019raw resolved
3323Malaysia Peninsular Malay A B C DQB1 DRB1Malaysia951South-East Asia11/22/2016raw resolved
3614Mapuche A B DQB1 DRB1Chile66South and Central America4/18/2019raw resolved
3493Mexico Aguascalientes state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico95North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3527Mexico Baja Californa, Mexicali A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico100North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3528Mexico Baja California A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico250North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3571Mexico Baja California Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico50North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3526Mexico Baja California, La Paz A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico75North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3615Mexico Baja California, Tijuana A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico25North America4/17/2019raw resolved
3596Mexico Campeche Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico47North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3459Mexico Campeche state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico81North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3458Mexico Campeche, Campeche city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico34North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3595Mexico Chiapas Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico121North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3461Mexico Chiapas state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico173North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3460Mexico Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutierrez A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico52North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3574Mexico Chihuahua Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico236North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3520Mexico Chihuahua state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico461North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3519Mexico Chihuahua, Chihuahua city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico119North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3518Mexico Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico106North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3576Mexico Coahuila Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico216North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3515Mexico Coahuila state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico683North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3514Mexico Coahuila, Saltillo A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico72North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3513Mexico Coahuila, Torreon A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico396North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3582Mexico Colima Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico43North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3455Mexico Colima state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico105North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3496Mexico Colima, Colima city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico61North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3575Mexico Durango Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico326North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3517Mexico Durango state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico476North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3516Mexico Durango, Durango city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico153North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3581Mexico Guanajuato Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico162North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3499Mexico Guanajuato state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico263North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3498Mexico Guanajuato, Guanajuato city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico22North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3497Mexico Guanajuato, Leon A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico78North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3468Mexico Guerrero state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico144North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3588Mexico Hidalgo Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico81North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3479Mexico Hidalgo state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico122North America7/6/2018raw resolved
3478Mexico Hidalgo, Pachuca A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico41North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3579Mexico Jalisco Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico585North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3507Mexico Jalisco state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico2055North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3506Mexico Jalisco, Guadalajara city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico1189North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3505Mexico Jalisco, Tlajomulco A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico30North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3504Mexico Jalisco, Tlaquepaque A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico39North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3503Mexico Jalisco, Tonala A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico35North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3502Mexico Jalisco, Zapopan A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico168North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3476Mexico Mexico City Center A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico152North America6/22/2018raw resolved
3475Mexico Mexico City East A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico79North America6/22/2018raw resolved
3477Mexico Mexico City Metropolitan Area A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico4590North America6/22/2018raw resolved
3589Mexico Mexico City Metropolitan Area Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico150North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3474Mexico Mexico City North A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico751North America6/22/2018raw resolved
3473Mexico Mexico City South A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico52North America6/22/2018raw resolved
3454Mexico Mexico City West A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico33North America6/22/2018raw resolved
3501Mexico Michoacan A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico498North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3580Mexico Michoacan Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico348North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3500Mexico Michoacan, Morelia A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico150North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3593Mexico Morelos Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico30North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3465Mexico Morelos state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico112North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3464Mexico Morelos, Cuernavaca A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico82North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3509Mexico Nayarit A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico161North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3578Mexico Nayarit Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico64North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3508Mexico Nayarit, Tepic A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico97North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3583Mexico Nuevo Leon Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico439North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3495Mexico Nuevo Leon state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico665North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3494Mexico Nuevo Leon, Monterrey city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico226North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3592Mexico Oaxaca Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico485North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3467Mexico Oaxaca state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico636North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3466Mexico Oaxaca, Oaxaca city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico151North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3591Mexico Puebla Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico833North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3470Mexico Puebla state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico2827North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3469Mexico Puebla, Puebla city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico1994North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3584Mexico Queretaro Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico43North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3492Mexico Queretaro state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico88North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3491Mexico Queretaro, Queretaro city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico45North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3451Mexico Quintana Roo A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico98North America5/21/2018raw resolved
3598Mexico Quintana Roo Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico50North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3450Mexico Quintana Roo, Cancun A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico48North America5/21/2018raw resolved
3586Mexico San Luis Potosi Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico87North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3488Mexico San Luis Potosi state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico117North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3487Mexico San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico30North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3573Mexico Sinaloa Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico183North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3522Mexico Sinaloa state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico286North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3521Mexico Sinaloa, Culiacán A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico103North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3572Mexico Sonora Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico197North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3525Mexico Sonora state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico439North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3524Mexico Sonora, Ciudad Obregón A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico143North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3523Mexico Sonora, Hermosillo A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico99North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3594Mexico Tabasco Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico142North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3463Mexico Tabasco state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico224North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3462Mexico Tabasco, Villahermosa A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico82North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3585Mexico Tamaulipas Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico125North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3490Mexico Tamaulipas state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico148North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3489Mexico Tamaulipas, Ciudad Victoria A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico23North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3590Mexico Tlaxcala Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico830North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3472Mexico Tlaxcala state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico1011North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3471Mexico Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico181North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3587Mexico Veracruz Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico539North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3486Mexico Veracruz state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico1134North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3485Mexico Veracruz, Coatzacoalcos A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico55North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3483Mexico Veracruz, Cordoba A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico56North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3484Mexico Veracruz, Orizaba A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico60North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3482Mexico Veracruz, Poza Rica A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico45North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3481Mexico Veracruz, Veracruz city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico171North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3480Mexico Veracruz, Xalapa A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico187North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3597Mexico Yucatan Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico132North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3457Mexico Yucatan state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico324North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3456Mexico Yucatan, Merida A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico192North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3577Mexico Zacatecas Rural A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico266North America1/9/2019raw resolved
3512Mexico Zacatecas state A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico453North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3510Mexico Zacatecas, Fresnillo A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico103North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3511Mexico Zacatecas, Zacatecas city A B DQB1 DRB1Mexico84North America5/25/2018raw resolved
3402Myanmar Bamar A B C DPB1 DQB1 DRB1Myanmar47South-East Asia5/21/2018raw resolved
3403Myanmar Chin A B C DRB1Myanmar55South-East Asia5/21/2018raw resolved
3404Myanmar Kachin A B C DRB1Myanmar63South-East Asia5/21/2018raw resolved
3405Myanmar Kayah A B C DRB1Myanmar55South-East Asia5/21/2018raw resolved
3406Myanmar Kayin A B C DPB1 DQB1 DRB1Myanmar44South-East Asia5/21/2018raw resolved
3407Myanmar Mon A B C DRB1Myanmar64South-East Asia5/21/2018raw resolved
3408Myanmar Rakhine A B C DRB1Myanmar48South-East Asia5/21/2018raw resolved
3409Myanmar Shan A B C DRB1Myanmar54South-East Asia5/21/2018raw resolved
3154Netherlands UMCU A B C DQB1 DRB1Netherlands64Europe9/15/2015raw resolved
3340New Zealand Maori with Admixed History A B C DRB1New Zealand105Oceania5/31/2016raw resolved
3339New Zealand Maori with Full Ancestry A B C DRB1New Zealand46Oceania5/31/2016raw resolved
3338New Zealand Polynesians with Admixed History A B C DRB1New Zealand27Oceania5/31/2016raw resolved
3337New Zealand Polynesians with Full Ancestry A B C DRB1New Zealand21Oceania5/31/2016raw resolved
3417Nicaragua Managua A B C DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1Nicaragua339South and Central America11/15/2017raw resolved
3610Nicaragua Mestizo A B C DRB1Nicaragua155South and Central America4/5/2019raw resolved
3427Norway ethnic Norwegians A B C DPB1 DQB1 DRB1Norway4510Europe1/24/2018raw resolved
3564Peru Titikaka Lake Uros A B DQB1 DRB1Peru105South and Central America10/18/2018raw resolved
3335Portugal Azores Terceira Island A B C DQA1 DQB1 DRB1 E F GPortugal130Europe1/23/2017raw resolved
3436Russia North Ossetian A B C DQB1 DRB1Russia127North-East Asia6/29/2018raw resolved
3430Russia Karelia A B C DPB1 DQB1 DRB1Russia1075North-East Asia4/25/2019raw
3322Russia Moscow Pop 2 A B DRB1Russia2000North-East Asia3/6/2019raw resolved
3397Russia, South Ural, Chelyabinsk region, Nagaybaks A B DQA1 DQB1 DRB1Russia112North-East Asia3/9/2017raw resolved
3425South Africa Worcester A B C DPA1 DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1South Africa159Sub-Saharan Africa8/7/2018raw resolved
3394South African Indian population A B CSouth Africa50Sub-Saharan Africa7/20/2018raw resolved
3395South African Mixed ancestry A B CSouth Africa50Sub-Saharan Africa7/20/2018raw resolved
3605Spain, Canary Islands, Gran canaria island A B C DQB1 DRB1Spain215Europe4/4/2019raw resolved
3423Sri Lanka Colombo A B C DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1Sri Lanka714South Asia12/8/2017raw resolved
3600United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi A B C DQA1 DQB1 DRB1United Arab Emirates52Western Asia4/18/2019raw resolved
3562USA San Diego A B C DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1United States496North America9/8/2018raw resolved





Allele frequency net 2015 update: new features for HLA epitopes, KIR and disease and HLA adverse drug reaction associations.
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, Takeshita LY, Santos EJ, Kempson F, Maia MH, Silva AL, Silva AL, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Jones AR and Middleton D Nucleic Acid Research 2015, 39, 28, D784-8.
Liverpool, U.K.


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