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Line Allele Population % of individuals
that have the allele
Distribution² Haplotype³
 101   A*01:01  Israel Argentina Jews  0.12964,307See
 102   A*01:01  Israel Ashkenazi and Non Ashkenazi Jews  0.1710146See
 103   A*01:01  Israel Ashkenazi Jews pop 3  0.10784,625See
 104   A*01:01  Israel Bukhara Jews  0.06892,317See
 105   A*01:01  Israel Druze  0.08865,914See
 106   A*01:01  Israel Ethiopia Jews  0.03915,928See
 107   A*01:01  Israel Georgia Jews  0.04084,471See
 108   A*01:01  Israel Iran Jews  0.21808,153See
 109   A*01:01  Israel Iraq Jews  0.182913,270See
 110   A*01:01  Israel Kavkazi Jews  0.06352,840See
 111   A*01:01  Israel Libya Jews  0.14623,739See
 112   A*01:01  Israel Morocco Jews  0.197136,718See
 113   A*01:01  Israel Poland Jews  0.129413,871See
 114   A*01:01  Israel Tunisia Jews  0.17129,070See
 115   A*01:01  Israel USA Jews  0.13136,058See
 116   A*01:01  Israel USSR Jews  0.120545,681See
 117   A*01:01  Israel YemenJews  0.019915,542See
 118   A*01:01  Italy North pop 3 26.9 0.154097See
 119   A*01:01  Italy pop 5  0.1020975See
 120   A*01:01  Japan Central  0.0090371See
 121   A*01:01  Japan Hokkaido Ainu  050See
 122   A*01:01  Japan pop 16  0.004018,604See
 123   A*01:01  Japan pop 3  0.00201,018See
 124   A*01:01  Japan pop 5  0.0180117See
 125   A*01:01  Jordan Amman  0.0790146See
 126   A*01:01  Kenya  0.0310144See
 127   A*01:01  Kenya Luo  0.0740265See
 128   A*01:01  Kenya Nandi  0.1180240See
 129   A*01:01  Kenya, Nyanza Province, Luo tribe 9.0 0.0450100See
 130   A*01:01  Malaysia Champa 13.8 0.069029See
 131   A*01:01  Malaysia Kelantan 3.6 0.018028See
 132   A*01:01  Malaysia Mandailing 7.4 0.037027See
 133   A*01:01  Malaysia Patani 4.0 0.020025See
 134   A*01:01  Malaysia Peninsular Chinese 1.0 0.0052194See
 135   A*01:01  Malaysia Peninsular Indian 28.8 0.1642271See
 136   A*01:01  Malaysia Peninsular Malay 4.5 0.0231951See
 137   A*01:01  Mali Bandiagara  0.0070138See
 138   A*01:01  Mexico Chiapas Lacandon Mayans  0.0023218See
 139   A*01:01  Mexico Chihuahua Chihuahua City Pop 2 18.2 0.090988See
 140   A*01:01  Mexico Mestizo 14.6 0.085041See
 141   A*01:01  Mexico Mexico City Mestizo pop 2  0.0363234See
 142   A*01:01  Mexico Mexico City Tlalpan 12.1 0.0606330See
 143   A*01:01  Mexico Mixtec  0.010097See
 144   A*01:01  Mexico Oaxaca Jamiltepec Mixtec  0.010096See
 145   A*01:01  Mexico Oaxaca Mixe  0.019055See
 146   A*01:01  Mexico Oaxaca Mixtec  0103See
 147   A*01:01  Mexico Oaxaca Zapotec  0.022090See
 148   A*01:01  Mexico Veracruz Xalapa 3.6 0.017984See
 149   A*01:01  Netherlands Leiden  0.17501,305See
 150   A*01:01  Netherlands UMCU 37.5 0.195364See
 151   A*01:01  New Zealand Maori with Admixed History 12.4 0.0620105See
 152   A*01:01  New Zealand Maori with Full Ancestry 8.7 0.044046See
 153   A*01:01  New Zealand Polynesians with Admixed History 11.1 0.056027See
 154   A*01:01  New Zealand Polynesians with Full Ancestry 9.5 0.048021See
 155   A*01:01  Nicaragua Managua 7.2 0.0374339See
 156   A*01:01  Oman 14.4 0.0720118See
 157   A*01:01  Pakistan Baloch  0.030066See
 158   A*01:01  Pakistan Brahui  0.0630104See
 159   A*01:01  Pakistan Burusho  0.054092See
 160   A*01:01  Pakistan Kalash  069See
 161   A*01:01  Pakistan Karachi Parsi  0.083091See
 162   A*01:01  Pakistan Mixed Pathan  0.1280100See
 163   A*01:01  Pakistan Mixed Sindhi  0.1330101See
 164   A*01:01  Peru Titikaka Lake Uro  0.0050105See
 165   A*01:01  Peru Titikaka Lake Uros  0.0050105See
 166   A*01:01  Philippines Ivatan 0.0 050See
 167   A*01:01  Poland  0.1330200See
 168   A*01:01  Poland DKMS  0.137720,653See
 169   A*01:01  Portugal Azores Terceira Island 21.9 0.1096130See
 170   A*01:01  Portugal Center  0.130050See
 171   A*01:01  Portugal North  0.076046See
 172   A*01:01  Portugal South  0.051049See
 173   A*01:01  Romania 23.0 0.1220348See
 174   A*01:01  Russia Bering Island Aleuts  0.0962104See
 175   A*01:01  Russia Karelia  0.10141,075See
 176   A*01:01  Russia Tuva pop 2  0.0660169See
 177   A*01:01  Sao Tome Island Angolar  0.047032See
 178   A*01:01  Sao Tome Island Forro  0.030066See
 179   A*01:01  Saudi Arabia Guraiat and Hail 21.6 0.1150213See
 180   A*01:01  Senegal Niokholo Mandenka  0.0270165See
 181   A*01:01  Singapore Chinese 0.7 0.0030149See
 182   A*01:01  Singapore Chinese Han  0.012094See
 183   A*01:01  Singapore Javaneses  0.070051See
 184   A*01:01  Singapore Riau Malay  0.0320132See
 185   A*01:01  Singapore SGVP Chinese CHS  0.016096See
 186   A*01:01  Singapore SGVP Malay MAS  0.042089See
 187   A*01:01  Singapore SGVP. Indian INS  0.155086See
 188   A*01:01  Singapore Thai  0.0050100See
 189   A*01:01  South Africa Natal Tamil  0.170051See
 190   A*01:01  South Africa Natal Zulu 8.0 0.0400100See
 191   A*01:01  South Africa Worcester 13.0 0.0660159See
 192   A*01:01  South Korea pop 10  0.01954,128See
 193   A*01:01  South Korea pop 3  0.0180485See
 194   A*01:01  Spain (Catalunya, Navarra, Extremadura, Aaragón, Cantabria, 18.8 0.09854,335See
 195   A*01:01  Sri Lanka Colombo 21.1 0.1130714See
 196   A*01:01  Sri Lanka Colombo Sinhalese  0.1090101See
 197   A*01:01  Sudan Central Shaigiya Mixed 27.8 0.150236See
 198   A*01:01  Sudan Mixed 10.0 0.0500200See
 199   A*01:01  Sweden Northern Sami  0.0830154See
 200   A*01:01  Sweden Southern Sami  0.0930130See


* Allele Frequency: Total number of copies of the allele in the population sample (Alleles / 2n) in decimal format.
   Important: This field has been expanded to four decimals to better represent frequencies of large datasets (e.g. where sample size > 1000 individuals)
* % of individuals that have the allele: Percentage of individuals who have the allele in the population (Individuals / n).
* Allele Frequencies shown in green were calculated from Phenotype Frequencies assuming Hardy-Weinberg proportions.
   AF = 1-square_root(1-PF)
   PF = 1-(1-AF)2
   AF = Allele Frequency; PF = Phenotype Frequency, i.e. (%) of the individuals carrying the allele.
* Allele Frequencies marked with (*) were calculated from all alleles in the corresponding G group.

¹ IMGT/HLA Database - For more details of the allele.
² Distribution - Graphical distribution of the allele.
³ Haplotype Association - Find HLA haplotypes with this allele.
ª Notes - See notes for ambiguous combinations of alleles.

Displaying 101 to 200 (from 141,054) records   Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 of 1,411  


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