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The list below shows all populations in AFND that contains the allele. If an allele has an entry with a lower resolution this will be shown at the end.



Allele reported 86 time(s) and present in 50 population(s).

Population Phenotype
Frequency (%)
Distribution² Haplotype³
ISRIsrael YemenJews0.097915542See
INDIndia West UCBB3.00.01525829See
LKASri Lanka Colombo2.70.0130714See
COLColombia North Wiwa El Encanto0.009652See
AREUnited Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi0.009652See
USAUSA NMDP South Asian Indian0.0087185391See
INDIndia Central UCBB1.60.00804204See
INDIndia Northeast UCBB1.40.0068296See
ISRIsrael Bukhara Jews0.00632317See
INDIndia East UCBB1.20.00602403See
SGPSingapore SGVP. Indian INS0.006086See
ISRIsrael Ashkenazi Jews pop 30.00514625See
USAUSA NMDP Southeast Asian0.005127978See
PRTPortugal Azores Terceira Island0.90.0044130See
USAUSA Asian pop 20.00421772See
PRTAzores Terceira Island0.0040130See
MNGMongolia Buryat0.0040141See
ISRIsrael Georgia Jews0.00284471See
INDIndia Andhra Pradesh Telugu Speaking0.50.0027186See
INDIndia South UCBB0.30.001711446See
ISRIsrael Iraq Jews0.001313270See
ISRIsrael Kavkazi Jews0.00122840See
INDIndia Tamil Nadu0.00122492See
ISRIsrael Libya Jews0.00113739See
CHNChina Beijing Shijiazhuang Tianjian Han0.0010618See
USAUSA Mexican American Mestizo0.0010553See
INDIndia North UCBB0.20.00095849See
ISRIsrael Tunisia Jews0.00089070See
ISRIsrael Iran Jews0.00078153See
ISRIsrael Ethiopia Jews0.00055928See
MYSMalaysia Peninsular Malay0.10.0005951See
ISRIsrael Poland Jews0.000513871See
ISRIsrael Morocco Jews0.000436718See
USAUSA African American pop 40.00042411See
SAUSaudi Arabia pop 6 (G)0.000428927See
ISRIsrael USSR Jews0.000345681See
ISRIsrael Argentina Jews0.00024307See
ISRIsrael USA Jews0.00026058See
ISRIsrael Arab pop 20.000212301See
USAUSA NMDP Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander0.000211499See
USAUSA NMDP Filipino0.000250614See
USAUSA NMDP Middle Eastern or North Coast of Africa0.000070890See
ISRIsrael Druze0.00005914See
USAUSA NMDP Korean0.000077584See
USAUSA NMDP Vietnamese0.000043540See
USAUSA NMDP Chinese0.000099672See
USAUSA NMDP Hispanic South or Central American0.0000146714See
USAUSA NMDP African American pop 20.0000416581See
DEUGermany DKMS - German donors0.00003456066See
USAUSA NMDP European Caucasian0.00001242890See
DEUGermany pop 60.00018862See
USAUSA Hispanic pop 20.00001999See
CHNChina Tibet Region Tibetan0.0000158See
USAUSA Caucasian Bethesda0.00.0000307See
USAUSA African American Bethesda0.00.0000187See
KORSouth Korea pop 30.0000485See
USAUSA Philadelphia Caucasian0.00.0000141See
CHNChina North Han0.0000105See
TWNTaiwan Minnan pop 10.00.0000102See
TWNTaiwan Hakka0.00.000055See
TWNTaiwan Atayal0.00.0000106See
TWNTaiwan Taroko0.00.000055See
TWNTaiwan Saisiat0.00.000051See
TWNTaiwan Bunun0.00.0000101See
TWNTaiwan Tsou0.00.000051See
TWNTaiwan Rukai0.00.000050See
TWNTaiwan Paiwan0.00.000051See
TWNTaiwan Ami0.00.000098See
TWNTaiwan Puyuma0.00.000050See
TWNTaiwan Tao0.00.000050See
TWNTaiwan Pazeh0.00.000055See
TWNTaiwan Siraya0.00.000051See
TWNTaiwan Thao0.00.000030See
PHLPhilippines Ivatan0.00.000050See
ITAItaly North pop 30.00.000097See
ITAItaly Bergamo0.00.0000101See
USAUSA San Antonio Caucasian0.0000222See
USAUSA South Texas Hispanic0.0000194See
USAUSA Alaska Yupik0.0000252See
MARMorocco Settat Chaouya0.00.000098See
MARMorocco Nador Metalsa pop 20.000073See
SGPSingapore SGVP Malay MAS0.000089See
SGPSingapore SGVP Chinese CHS0.000096See
NLDNetherlands Leiden0.00001305See

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Allele  Number of Populations 


* Allele Frequency: Total number of copies of the allele in the population sample (Alleles / 2n) in decimal format.
   Important: This field has been expanded to four decimals to better represent frequencies of large datasets (e.g. where sample size > 1000 individuals)
* Phenotype Frequency: Percentage of individuals who have the allele or gene (Individuals / n).
* Allele Frequencies shown in green were calculated from Phenotype Frequencies assuming Hardy-Weinberg proportions.

¹ IMGT/HLA Database - For more details of the allele.
² Distribution - Graphical distribution of the allele.
³ Haplotype Association - Find HLA haplotypes with this allele.
ª Notes - See notes for ambiguous combinations of alleles.

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