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The list below shows all populations in AFND that contains the allele. If an allele has an entry with a lower resolution this will be shown at the end.



Allele reported 337 time(s) and present in 279 population(s).

Population Phenotype
Frequency (%)
Distribution² Haplotype³
RUSRussia, South Ural, Chelyabinsk region, Nagaybaks14.30.0800112See
RUSRussia Northwest pop 212.00.0620346See
SAUSaudi Arabia11.10.057118See
POLPoland pop 311.00.05522907See
RUSRussia Moscow0.05202650See
RUSRussia Samara Region0.05202500See
INDIndia Jalpaiguri Toto10.00.051340See
RUSRussia Northwest9.90.05071011See
SVKSlovakia pop 20.05064234See
RUSRussia Northwest pop 310.00.0500100See
NORNorway pop 20.0470576See
RUSRussia Moscow Pop 28.70.04522000See
RUSRussia South Ural Russian8.70.0430207See
ESPSpain Pas Valley0.043088See
ESPSpain North Cantabria0.042083See
SDNSudan Khartoum0.040898See
MEXMexico Baja California, Tijuana0.040025See
RUSRussia Arkhangelsk Pomor0.040063See
BGDBangladesh Dhaka Bangalee0.0390141See
HRVCroatia pop 20.0390100See
ESPSpain North Cabuerniga0.038095See
RUSRussia Chuvash0.037082See
GBRUnited Kingdom Orkney0.034388See
NORNorway Sami0.0340200See
RUSRussia Tatars0.0338355See
HRVCroatia pop 36.70.0333120See
SRBSerbia Vojvodina6.00.0310400See
ROMRomania pop 35.90.03041469See
MEXMexico Mexico City West0.030333See
RUSRussia South Ural Tatar5.90.0300135See
GRCGreece Crete0.0300135See
ROMRomania pop 20.03006936See
ESPSpain Ibiza0.029088See
ISRIsrael Ashkenazi Jews pop 20.0280132See
MEXMexico Tamaulipas Rural0.0278125See
MKDMacedonia MBMDR - Albanian5.50.0273128See
ESPSpain Arratia Valley Basque0.027083See
MEXMexico Veracruz, Cordoba0.026856See
SRBSerbia pop 35.30.02641992See
MEXMexico Guanajuato, Leon0.025678See
IRLIreland South pop 20.025417624See
SWESweden Uppsala5.00.0253300See
SCOScotland Orkney5.00.025099See
NORNorway ethnic Norwegians4.90.02474510See
GBRUnited Kingdom South West0.0245163See
DEUGermany Essen4.60.0240174See
ENGEngland London Ashkenazi Jews0.0240500See
PRTPortugal Viana do Castelo0.0240706See
ARGArgentina Buenos Aires pop 24.60.02301216See
MEXMexico Coahuila Rural0.0229216See
BIHBosnia and Herzegovina0.0223134See
FRAFrance Marseille4.50.02231000See
FRAFrance Rennes pop 44.40.02211000See
USAUSA OPTN Caucasian0.02208525See
ESPSpain Majorca0.0220407See
MKDMacedonia MBMDR - Macedonian4.30.02181283See
TURTurkey pop 50.0210142See
MKDMacedonia pop 40.0210216See
WALWales pop 24.20.021039979See
MEXMexico Mexico City Mestizo0.0210121See
BIHBosnia and Herzegovina pop 24.20.0208120See
MEXMexico Guerrero state0.0208144See
MEXMexico Chiapas Rural0.0207121See
MEXMexico Quintana Roo Rural0.020050See
SVNSlovenia pop 33.90.0200130See
ESPSpain Andalusia0.020099See
FRAFrance Rennes pop 30.0200200See
FRAFrance Grenoble, Nantes and Rennes0.01906094See
SWESweden Stockholm3.60.01901347See
MEXMexico Zacatecas, Fresnillo0.0190103See
MEXMexico Coahuila, Torreon0.0188396See
ENGEngland Liverpool3.70.01861343See
ENGEngland Manchester3.70.01861640See
GBRUnited Kingdom North0.0182330See
BRABrazil Paraná Caucasian3.60.0179641See
ESPSpain, Castilla y Leon, Northwest,3.40.01771743See
ENGEngland Lancaster3.50.0176545See
ITAItaly North Pavia pop 30.0174685See
BRABrazil REDOME Santa Catarina0.0171106673See
BRABrazil Rio Grande do Sul Caucasoid0.01704428See
FRAFrance Grenoble3.40.01701000See
BRABrazil Parana Caucasian3.50.01702775See
ITAItaly North Pavia pop 23.30.01702416See
MKDMacedonia pop 30.0170172See
MEXMexico Veracruz, Orizaba0.016760See
MEXMexico San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi city0.016730See
ENGEngland Leeds3.30.01665024See
ENGEngland Newcastle3.30.01662739See
BRABrazil REDOME Parana0.0165341639See
BRABrazil REDOME Rio Grande do Sul0.0163241329See
MEXMexico Mexico City Center0.0162152See
SWESweden pop 43.20.0161966See
BRABrazil Rio Grande do Sul Black0.0160248See
COLColombia Barranquilla0.0160188See
PRTPortugal Aveiro0.01605933See
PRTPortugal Faro0.01601242See
ESPSpain Minorca0.016094See
ENGEngland Sheffield3.10.01564755See
MEXMexico Guanajuato Rural0.0153162See
ISRIsrael Jews pop 22.90.015023000See
MEXMexico Michoacan Tarasco3.00.0150130See
GBRUnited Kingdom pop 20.0150101See
FRAFrance Reims0.0150102See
PRTPortugal Porto0.01507937See
PRTPortugal Braga0.01501971See
MEXMexico Sinaloa Mestizo0.015056See
BRABrazil REDOME Espirito Santo0.015088485See
MEXMexico Jalisco, Zapopan0.0149168See
FRAFrance Lyon2.90.01474813See
MEXMexico Jalisco, Tonala0.014335See
BRABrazil Curitiba-Parana Mixed0.0143264See
PRTPortugal Leiria0.01401847See
PRTPortugal Lisbon0.014017420See
PRTPortugal South pop 20.01401021See
ARGArgentina La Plata3.00.0140100See
MEXMexico Tapachula, Chiapas Mestizo Population1.40.013972See
BRABrazil REDOME Rondonia0.013454396See
MKDMacedonia MBMDR - Macedonian Muslims2.60.013276See
BRABrazil Rio Grande do Norte Mestizo0.013012973See
TURTurkey pop 20.0130228See
PRTPortugal Santarem0.01303865See
ECUEcuador Coast Mixed Ancestry0.0126238See
MEXMexico Chihuahua Rural0.0126236See
MEXMexico Chihuahua Chihuahua City0.0126119See
ALBAlbanian Kosovo0.0125120See
PRTPortugal North pop 20.01251801See
BRABrazil REDOME Sao Paulo0.0125800809See
BRABrazil REDOME Rio Grande do Norte0.012346603See
BRABrazil REDOME Mato Grosso0.012134649See
BRABrazil Rio Grande do Sul Mixed0.0120324See
BRABrazil Sao Paulo Bauru Mixed0.01203542See
PRTPortugal Beja0.0120699See
ITAItaly South Campania Region2.40.01201089See
ARGArgentina Buenos Aires2.40.0120466See
PRTAzores Terceira Island0.0120130See
RUSRussia North Ossetian2.40.0118127See
BRABrazil REDOME Mato Grosso do Sul0.011895667See
GTMGuatemala, Guatemala City Mixed Ancestry2.40.0118127See
MEXMexico Queretaro Rural0.011643See
MEXMexico Nuevo Leon Rural0.0114439See
BRABrazil South East Cord Blood0.011411409See
GRCGreece pop 70.011411250See
GBRUnited Kingdom Central0.0112135See
MEXMexico Veracruz, Poza Rica0.011145See
MEXMexico Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala city0.0111181See
MEXMexico Queretaro, Queretaro city0.011145See
BRABrazil REDOME Ceara0.0111101217See
MEXMexico Jalisco Rural0.0111585See
ITAItaly Lombardy2.20.0110674See
AUSAustralia West Caucasian2.10.0110891See
PRTPortugal Center pop 20.0110562See
PRTPortugal Setubal0.01105268See
PRTPortugal Evora0.0110737See
CZECzech Republic Romani pop 22.20.010946See
BRABrazil REDOME Minas Gerais0.0108211275See
ESPSpain Sevilla2.20.0108278See
BRABrazil REDOME Federal District0.010729549See
BRABrazil REDOME Rio de Janeiro0.0107139322See
BRABrazil REDOME Pernambuco0.010592332See
MEXMexico Quintana Roo, Cancun0.010448See
ITAItaly East Sicily2.00.010050See
BRABrazil REDOME Sergipe0.01007321See
RUSRussia South Ural Bashkir2.10.0100146See
MEXMexico Puebla Mestizo0.010099See
PRTPortugal Coimbra0.01005057See
PRTPortugal Portalegre0.01001254See
USAUSA OPTN Hispanic0.01001580See
BRABrazil Parana Mixed race2.10.0100186See
MNGMongolia Oold0.0100104See
GRCGreece North0.0100500See
ITAItaly Rome2.00.0100100See
BRABrazil Sao Paulo Mixed0.20.0100239See
RUSRussia Murmansk Saomi Mixed0.010070See
BRABrazil REDOME Tocantins0.009920692See
BRABrazil REDOME Goias0.009988574See
BRABrazil REDOME Alagoas0.009825349See
BRABrazil REDOME Piaui0.009846140See
BRABrazil REDOME Paraiba0.009543868See
MEXMexico Puebla, Puebla city0.00951994See
INDIndia sub-Himalayan West Bengal Kami1.90.0095158See
BRABrazil REDOME Bahia0.009447399See
BRABrazil REDOME Acre0.0093859See
ALBAlbania pop 21.90.0093432See
MEXMexico Zacatecas Rural0.0093266See
GBRUnited Kingdom East0.0092163See
BRABrazil REDOME Roraima0.00914140See
BRABrazil REDOME Maranhao0.009010180See
BRABrazil Piaui Mixed0.009021943See
ARGArgentina Chiriguano1.90.009054See
ARGArgentina Cuyo Region1.90.0090420See
RUSRussia Sakhalin Island Nivkhi0.009053See
PRTMadeira pop 20.0090173See
PRTPortugal Vila Real0.00901167See
MEXMexico Jalisco, Guadalajara city0.00881189See
MEXMexico Veracruz, Veracruz city0.0087171See
ITAItaly pop 61.60.0082184See
MEXMexico Sinaloa Rural0.0082183See
BRABrazil Para State0.80.00805000See
MEXMexico Veracruz, Xalapa0.0080187See
PRTPortugal Viseu0.00802915See
BRABrazil Minas Gerais State Mixed1.50.00801000See
PRTPortugal Castelo Branco0.0080327See
BRABrazil Parana Cafuzo1.60.0080319See
CUBCuba Mixed0.008078See
FRAFrance Southeast1.50.0080130See
ENGEngland North West Mixed pop 21.60.0079379See
BRABrazil REDOME Amazonas0.007624129See
BRABrazil REDOME Para0.007372637See
BRABrazil REDOME Amapa0.007017864See
FRAFrance Bordeaux1.40.0070990See
PRTPortugal Guarda0.0070797See
MEXMexico Tabasco Rural0.0070142See
IRQIraq Arabs1.30.0067149See
MEXMexico Puebla Rural0.0066833See
MEXMexico Michoacan, Morelia0.0066150See
CHLChile Santiago0.0065920See
MEXMexico Hidalgo Rural0.006281See
MEXMexico Durango Rural0.0061326See
MEXMexico Tabasco, Villahermosa0.006182See
MEXMexico Zacatecas, Zacatecas city0.006084See
ARGArgentina Corrientes1.30.0060155See
ITAItaly North Pavia0.006081See
GRCGreece pop31.20.0060246See
MEXMexico Michoacan Rural0.0057348See
MEXMexico Mestizo pop 40.0056269See
MEXMexico Aguascalientes state0.005395See
MEXMexico Nayarit, Tepic0.005297See
ECUEcuador Mixed Ancestry0.00511173See
MEXMexico Sonora Rural0.0051197See
MEXMexico Sonora, Hermosillo0.005199See
MEXMexico Oaxaca Rural0.0051485See
MEXMexico Baja Californa, Mexicali0.0050100See
BRABrazil South Ribeirao Preto0.0050184See
DZAAlgeria pop 21.00.0050106See
BRABrazil Pernambuco Mixed0.0050101See
MNGMongolia Khalkha pop 20.0050202See
PRTMadeira pop 30.0050538See
VENVenezuela Valencia and Maracaibo Caracus Mixed0.005096See
MEXMexico Sinaloa, Culiacán0.0049103See
MEXMexico Tlaxcala Rural0.0048830See
BRABrazil Para Cord Blood Unit1.00.0048841See
MEXMexico Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez0.0046106See
MEXMexico Nuevo Leon, Monterrey city0.0044226See
USAUSA OPTN African American0.00401510See
CUBCuba Mixed pop 20.0040189See
ESPSpain Murcia0.0040173See
ECUEcuador Andes Mixed Ancestry0.0036824See
MEXMexico Oaxaca, Oaxaca city0.0033151See
MEXMexico Mexico City North0.0033751See
MEXMexico Mexico City Metropolitan Area Rural0.0033150See
MEXMexico Durango, Durango city0.0032153See
BRABrazil Parana Japanese1.00.0030192See
PRTPortugal Bragança0.0030301See
MEXMexico Yucatan, Merida0.0026192See
INDIndia North pop 30.0020587See
ARMArmenia Yerevan0.0020445See
ARMArmenia Ghegharkunik0.0020242See
MEXMexico Veracruz Rural0.0018539See
INDIndia North Gujarat0.30.0015338See
IRQIraq Erbil0.30.0013372See
IRNIran pop 40.0012855See
IRNIran Royan Cord Blood Bank0.30.001015600See
CHNChina Shaanxi Province Han0.001010000See
SAUSaudi Arabia pop 20.0010383See
TWNTaiwan Hakka pop 20.0010714See
CHNChina Harbin Manchu0.0000172See
CHNChina Harbin Korean0.0000201See
BRABrazil Parana Afro Brazilian0.00.000077See
BRABrazil Parana Oriental0.00.000033See
CHNChina North Han0.0000105See
CHNChina Shandong Province Linqu County0.00.0000139See
ISRIsrael Moroccan Jews0.0000113See
JPNJapan Hyogo Osaka and Nagano0.0000195See
MNGMongolia Hoton0.000085See
TTOTrinidad African0.000067See
TWNTaiwan Minnan pop 20.00007137See
TWNTaiwan Chinese immigrants from South China0.0000172See
TWNTaiwan Chinese immigrants from Middle China0.0000211See
TWNTaiwan Chinese immigrants from North China0.0000152See
TWNTaiwan Aborigine0.0000111See
MEXMexico Huasteca Region Teenek0.000055See
ESPSpain Majorcans Jews0.0000103See
ARGArgentina Salta Wichi pop 20.00.000019See
ARGArgentina Rosario Toba0.00.000086See
CUBCuba Mixed Race0.00.000042See
MEXMexico Mestizo0.00.000041See
ZAFSouth Africa Natal Zulu0.00.0000100See
MNGMongolia Tsaatan0.0000144See
TTOTrinidad South Asian0.000087See
KORSouth Korea pop 10.0000324See
PAKPakistan Burusho0.000092See
PAKPakistan Mixed Sindhi0.0000101See
MNGMongolia Khalkha0.0000200See
MARMorocco Casablanca0.0000100See
CHNChina Jiangsu Province0.000020248See
USAUSA OPTN Asian0.0000261See
MYSMalaysia pop 20.000062See
CHNChina Shanghai0.000126266See
THAThailand pop 40.000016807See
CHNChina Shandong Province0.10.00007418See
MARMorocco pop 20.0000110See
MEXMexico Campeche, Campeche city0.000034See
MEXMexico Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutierrez0.000052See
MEXMexico Morelos, Cuernavaca0.000082See
ECUEcuador Amazonia Mixed Ancestry0.000039See
MEXMexico Coahuila, Saltillo0.000072See
MEXMexico Guanajuato, Guanajuato city0.000022See
MEXMexico Jalisco, Tlaquepaque0.000039See
MEXMexico Jalisco, Tlajomulco0.000030See
MEXMexico Mexico City East0.000079See
MEXMexico Mexico City South0.000052See
MEXMexico Hidalgo, Pachuca0.000041See
MEXMexico Colima, Colima city0.000061See
MEXMexico Tamaulipas, Ciudad Victoria0.000023See
MEXMexico Veracruz, Coatzacoalcos0.000055See
MEXMexico San Luis Potosi Rural0.000087See
MEXMexico Morelos Rural0.000030See
MEXMexico Campeche Rural0.000047See
MEXMexico Yucatan Rural0.0000132See
MEXMexico Sonora, Ciudad Obregón0.0000143See
MEXMexico Baja California, La Paz0.000075See
MEXMexico Baja California Rural0.000050See
MEXMexico Colima Rural0.000043See
MEXMexico Nayarit Rural0.000064See

Frequency data at lower resolution for this allele can be found in links below

Allele  Number of Populations 


* Allele Frequency: Total number of copies of the allele in the population sample (Alleles / 2n) in decimal format.
   Important: This field has been expanded to four decimals to better represent frequencies of large datasets (e.g. where sample size > 1000 individuals)
* Phenotype Frequency: Percentage of individuals who have the allele or gene (Individuals / n).
* Allele Frequencies shown in green were calculated from Phenotype Frequencies assuming Hardy-Weinberg proportions.

¹ IMGT/HLA Database - For more details of the allele.
² Distribution - Graphical distribution of the allele.
³ Haplotype Association - Find HLA haplotypes with this allele.
ª Notes - See notes for ambiguous combinations of alleles.


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