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Line Allele Population % of individuals
that have the allele
Distribution² MIC-HLA Associations³
 1  A4  China Baotou Han MIC   0.115104See
 2  A4  China Guangzhou Han MIC   0.132106See
 3  A4  China Hui MIC   0.09144See
 4  A4  China Hunan Province Han MIC   0.14785See
 5  A4  China North Han MIC   0.09432See
 6  A4  China Uygur MIC   0.07149See
 7  A4  Greece Athens MIC   0.14827See
 8  A4  Iran Tehran MIC   0.08318See
 9  A4  Italy Rome MIC   0.09626See
 10  A4  Japan Tokyo MIC   0.161352See
 11  A4  Kazakhstan MIC   0.13138See
 12  A4  Saudi Arabia Riyadh MIC   0.05618See
 13  A4  Spain Majorca Chueta MIC 35.8 0.199 95See
 14  A4  Spain Majorca MIC 30.0 0.163 165See
 15  A5  China Baotou Han MIC   0.293104See
 16  A5  China Guangzhou Han MIC   0.288106See
 17  A5  China Hui MIC   0.30744See
 18  A5  China Hunan Province Han MIC   0.37685See
 19  A5  China North Han MIC   0.28132See
 20  A5  China Uygur MIC   0.16349See
 21  A5  Greece Athens MIC   0.11127See
 22  A5  Iran Tehran MIC   0.16718See
 23  A5  Italy Rome MIC   0.21226See
 24  A5  Japan Tokyo MIC   0.292352See
 25  A5  Kazakhstan MIC   0.23738See
 26  A5  Saudi Arabia Riyadh MIC   0.08318See
 27  A5  Spain Majorca Chueta MIC 22.1 0.117 95See
 28  A5  Spain Majorca MIC 13.3 0.069 165See
 29  A5.1  China Baotou Han MIC   0.236104See
 30  A5.1  China Guangzhou Han MIC   0.264106See
 31  A5.1  China Hui MIC   0.23944See
 32  A5.1  China Hunan Province Han MIC   0.26585See
 33  A5.1  China North Han MIC   0.26632See
 34  A5.1  China Uygur MIC   0.22549See
 35  A5.1  Greece Athens MIC   0.22327See
 36  A5.1  Iran Tehran MIC   0.16718See
 37  A5.1  Italy Rome MIC   0.11526See
 38  A5.1  Japan Tokyo MIC   0.123352See
 39  A5.1  Kazakhstan MIC   0.22438See
 40  A5.1  Saudi Arabia Riyadh MIC   0.22218See
 41  A5.1  Spain Majorca Chueta MIC 29.5 0.160 95See
 42  A5.1  Spain Majorca MIC 44.0 0.252 165See
 43  A6  China Baotou Han MIC   0.178104See
 44  A6  China Guangzhou Han MIC   0.146106See
 45  A6  China Hui MIC   0.17044See
 46  A6  China Hunan Province Han MIC   0.07685See
 47  A6  China North Han MIC   0.15632See
 48  A6  China Uygur MIC   0.33749See
 49  A6  Greece Athens MIC   0.40727See
 50  A6  Iran Tehran MIC   0.47218See
 51  A6  Italy Rome MIC   0.40426See
 52  A6  Japan Tokyo MIC   0.258352See
 53  A6  Kazakhstan MIC   0.22438See
 54  A6  Saudi Arabia Riyadh MIC   0.50018See
 55  A6  Spain Majorca Chueta MIC 49.5 0.289 95See
 56  A6  Spain Majorca MIC 56.7 0.342 165See
 57  A9  China Baotou Han MIC   0.139104See
 58  A9  China Guangzhou Han MIC   0.170106See
 59  A9  China Hui MIC   0.19344See
 60  A9  China Hunan Province Han MIC   0.11885See
 61  A9  China North Han MIC   0.20332See
 62  A9  China Uygur MIC   0.20449See
 63  A9  Greece Athens MIC   0.11127See
 64  A9  Iran Tehran MIC   0.11118See
 65  A9  Italy Rome MIC   0.17326See
 66  A9  Japan Tokyo MIC   0.166352See
 67  A9  Kazakhstan MIC   0.18438See
 68  A9  Saudi Arabia Riyadh MIC   0.13918See
 69  A9  Spain Majorca Chueta MIC 34.7 0.192 95See
 70  A9  Spain Majorca MIC 31.3 0.171 165See
 71  A10  China Hunan Province Han MIC   0.00685See
 72  MICA*001  Argentina Formosa Toba MIC   0.00594See
 73  MICA*001  Argentina Formosa Wichi MIC   0.000 42See
 74  MICA*001  Brazil Limao Verde and Corrego Reserve Terena MIC   0.000 60See
 75  MICA*001  Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul Kaiowa MIC   0.000 174See
 76  MICA*001  Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul Nandeva MIC   0.000 89See
 77  MICA*001  Brazil Parana Guarani M'byá MIC   0.000 100See
 78  MICA*001  Brazil Parana Kaingang MIC   0.002245See
 79  MICA*001  Morocco Nador Metalsa MIC   0.03082See
 80  MICA*001  Spain Majorca Chueta MIC   0.00595See
 81  MICA*001  Spain Majorca MIC   0.051165See
 82  MICA*001  Spain Murcia MIC   0.078154See
 83  MICA*001  Thailand North East MIC   0.000 255See
 84  MICA*001  USA Caucasian MIC pop2   0.030242See
 85  MICA*002  Japan MIC   0.146130See
 86  MICA*002  Spain Majorca Chueta MIC   0.15895See
 87  MICA*002  Spain Majorca MIC   0.142165See
 88  MICA*002  Spain Murcia MIC   0.161154See
 89  MICA*002  Thailand North East MIC   0.176255See
 90  MICA*002  USA Caucasian MIC pop2   0.130242See
 91  MICA*002:01  Argentina Formosa Toba MIC   0.34694See
 92  MICA*002:01  Argentina Formosa Wichi MIC   0.47642See
 93  MICA*002:01  Brazil Limao Verde and Corrego Reserve Terena MIC   0.44560See
 94  MICA*002:01  Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul Kaiowa MIC   0.641174See
 95  MICA*002:01  Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul Nandeva MIC   0.37589See
 96  MICA*002:01  Brazil Parana Guarani M'byá MIC   0.215100See
 97  MICA*002:01  Brazil Parana Kaingang MIC   0.396245See
 98  MICA*002:01  China Baotou Han MIC   0.120104See
 99  MICA*002:01  China Guangxi Zhuang MIC   0.151209See
 100  MICA*002:01  Morocco Nador Metalsa MIC   0.07382See


- Allele Frequency: Total number of copies of the allele in the population sample (Alleles / 2n) in three decimal format.
- % of individuals that have the allele: Percentage of individuals who have the allele or gene (Individuals / n).
- Allele Frequencies shown in green were calculated from the % of the individuals carrying the allele, assuming Hardy-Weinberg proportions.
   AF = 1-square_root(1-PF)
   PF = 1-(1-AF)2
   AF = Allele Frequency; PF = Phenotype Frequency, i.e. (%) of the individuals carrying the allele.
¹ IMGT/HLA Database - For more details of the allele.
² Distribution - Graphical distribution of the allele.
³ MICA-HLA-B Associations - Find MICA-HLA-B associations with this allele.

Displaying 1 to 100 (from 423) records   Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 of 5  


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Liverpool, U.K.

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