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  American Samoa (1)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
American SamoaPolynesianHLA 51 A B C

  Borneo (1)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
Borneo BandjarmasinAustronesianHLA 21 DPB1 DRB1

  Cook Islands (2)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
Cook IslandsPolynesianHLA 50 DPA1 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
Cook Islands RarotongaPolynesianHLA 78 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1

  Fiji (1)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
Fiji Viti Levu IslandMelanesianHLA 57 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1

  Indonesia (8)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
Indonesia JavaAustronesianHLA 58 DPB1 DRB1
Indonesia Java pop 2AustronesianHLA 36 A B DRB1
Indonesia Java WesternAustronesianHLA 236 A B DRB1
Indonesia Java Yogyakarta RegionAustronesianHLA 62 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Indonesia Moluccan IslandsAustronesianHLA 24 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
Indonesia Nusa Tenggara IslandsAustronesianHLA 49 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
Indonesia SingaporeanAustronesianHLA 50 DRB1
Indonesia Sundanese and JavaneseAustronesianHLA 201 A B DRB1

  Kiribati (1)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
KiribatiMicronesianHLA 62 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1

  Nauru (1)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
NauruMicronesianHLA 67 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1

  New Caledonia (1)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
New CaledoniaMelanesianHLA 65 A B C DQA1 DQB1 DRB1

  New Zealand (6)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
New Zealand MaoriPolynesianHLA 200 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
New Zealand Maori pop 2PolynesianHLA 55 DPA1 DPB1
New Zealand Maori with Admixed HistoryPolynesianHLA 105 A B C DRB1
New Zealand Maori with Full AncestryPolynesianHLA 46 A B C DRB1
New Zealand Polynesians with Admixed HistoryPolynesianHLA 27 A B C DRB1
New Zealand Polynesians with Full AncestryPolynesianHLA 21 A B C DRB1

  Niue (2)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
NiuePolynesianHLA 70 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Niue pop 2PolynesianHLA 38 DPA1 DPB1

  Papua New Guinea (27)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
Papua New Guinea AbamMelanesianHLA 63 DRB1
Papua New Guinea DorogoriMelanesianHLA 59 DRB1
Papua New Guinea East New Britain RabaulMelanesianHLA 60 A B C DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Papua New Guinea East New Britain TolaiMelanesianHLA 48 DPB1 DRB1
Papua New Guinea Eastern Highlands Goroka AsaroMelanesianHLA 57 A B C DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Papua New Guinea HighlandMelanesianHLA 94 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
Papua New Guinea Highland pop2MelanesianHLA 28 DPA1 DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Papua New Guinea IamegaMelanesianHLA 79 DRB1
Papua New Guinea KapalMelanesianHLA 65 DRB1
Papua New Guinea Karimui Plateau PawaiaMelanesianHLA 80 A B C
Papua New Guinea KuruMelanesianHLA 46 DRB1
Papua New Guinea LowlandMelanesianHLA 47 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
Papua New Guinea Lowland RoroMelanesianHLA 26 DPB1 DRB1
Papua New Guinea Lowland WoseraMelanesianHLA 79 DQB1 DRB1
Papua New Guinea MadangMelanesianHLA 65 A B C DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Papua New Guinea PodareMelanesianHLA 43 DRB1
Papua New Guinea RualMelanesianHLA 50 DRB1
Papua New Guinea South GidraMelanesianHLA 192 DRB1
Papua New Guinea Trobriand IslandMelanesianHLA 81 DPB1 DRB1
Papua New Guinea UmeMelanesianHLA 90 DRB1
Papua New Guinea Wanigela KeaparaMelanesianHLA 66 A B C
Papua New Guinea West Schrader Ranges HaruaiMelanesianHLA 55 A B C
Papua New Guinea WipimMelanesianHLA 55 DRB1
Papua New Guinea WoigiMelanesianHLA 26 DRB1
Papua New Guinea WonieMelanesianHLA 51 DRB1
Papua New Guinea Wosera AbelamMelanesianHLA 131 A B C
Papua New Guinea WuroiMelanesianHLA 34 DRB1

  Philippines (3)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
PhilippinesAustronesianHLA 34 DRB1
Philippines IvatanAustronesianHLA 50 A B C DRB1
Philippines National Capital RegionOrientalHLA 51 A B DRB1

  Samoa (5)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
SamoaPolynesianHLA 29 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
Samoa pop 3PolynesianHLA 65 DPA1 DPB1
Samoa pop2PolynesianHLA 50 DPA1 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
Samoa WestPolynesianHLA 22 DPB1 DRB1
Western Samoa and TokelauPolynesianHLA 51 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1

  Tokelau (1)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
TokelauPolynesianHLA 50 DPA1 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1

  Tonga (2)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
TongaPolynesianHLA 50 DPA1 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
Tonga pop 2PolynesianHLA 50 DPA1 DPB1

  United States (2)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
USA HawaiiPolynesianHLA 39 DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
USA Hawaii OkinawaPolynesianHLA 106 A B C


Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.

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