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Polymorphic Region: 

  Albania (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
AlbaniaEuropeHLA 160
Albania pop 2EuropeHLA 432
Albanian KosovoEuropeHLA 120

  Algeria (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
AlgeriaNorth AfricaHLA 97
Algeria OranNorth AfricaHLA 100
Algeria pop 2North AfricaHLA 106

  American Samoa (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
American SamoaOceaniaHLA 51

  Argentina (25)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Argentina Buenos AiresSouth and Central AmericaHLA 466
Argentina Buenos Aires KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 365
Argentina Buenos Aires pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 1,216
Argentina Chaco Region El Sauzalito MatacoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 60
Argentina Chaco Region Wichi KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 82
Argentina ChiriguanoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 54
Argentina Chiriguano KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 54
Argentina Chubut TehuelcheSouth and Central AmericaHLA 23
Argentina CorrientesSouth and Central AmericaHLA 155
Argentina Cuyo RegionSouth and Central AmericaHLA 420
Argentina Gran Chaco Eastern TobaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 135
Argentina Gran Chaco Mataco WichiSouth and Central AmericaHLA 49
Argentina Gran Chaco Western Toba PilagaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 19
Argentina KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 102
Argentina KollaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 61
Argentina La PlataSouth and Central AmericaHLA 100
Argentina MapucheSouth and Central AmericaHLA 48
Argentina Rio Negro MapucheSouth and Central AmericaHLA 34
Argentina Rosario TobaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 86
Argentina Salta WichiSouth and Central AmericaHLA 24
Argentina Salta Wichi KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 19
Argentina Salta Wichi pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 19
Argentina Buenos Aires CytokineSouth and Central AmericaCytokine54
Argentina Formosa Toba MICSouth and Central AmericaMIC 94
Argentina Formosa Wichi MICSouth and Central AmericaMIC 42

  Armenia (10)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Armenia combined RegionsWestern AsiaHLA 100
Armenia GhegharkunikWestern AsiaHLA 242
Armenia living in IranWestern AsiaHLA 85
Armenia living in KarabakhWestern AsiaHLA 445
Armenia living in LebanonWestern AsiaHLA 368
Armenia living in USAWestern AsiaHLA 233
Armenia LoriWestern AsiaHLA 102
Armenia ShirakWestern AsiaHLA 76
Armenia SyunikWestern AsiaHLA 117
Armenia YerevanWestern AsiaHLA 445

  Australia (11)  

  Austria (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
AustriaEuropeHLA 200
Austria Cord BloodsEuropeHLA 1,368
Austria pop 2EuropeHLA 490

  Bangladesh (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Bangladesh Dhaka BangaleeSouth AsiaHLA 141

  Belarus (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Belarus Brest RegionEuropeHLA 105
Belarus Gomel RegionEuropeHLA 100
Belarus Vitebsk RegionEuropeHLA 70

  Belgium (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
BelgiumEuropeHLA 99
Belgium KIREuropeKIR 148
Belgium KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 100
Belgium pop 2EuropeHLA 715

  Bolivia (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Bolivia La Paz AymarasSouth and Central AmericaHLA 87
Bolivia QuechuaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 69
Bolivia/Chile Aymara NA-DHS_13 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 20
Bolivia/Peru Quechua NA-DHS_12 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 21

  Borneo (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Borneo BandjarmasinOceaniaHLA 21
Borneo Kalimantan KIROceaniaKIR 48

  Bosnia and Herzegovina (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEuropeHLA 134
Bosnia and Herzegovina pop 2EuropeHLA 120

  Brazil (114)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Brazil Paraná CaucasianSouth and Central AmericaHLA 641
Brazil PuyanawaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 150
Brazil Amazon KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 40
Brazil Bahia Ilhéus KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 102
Brazil Barra Mansa Rio State BlackSouth and Central AmericaHLA 73
Brazil Barra Mansa Rio State CaucasianSouth and Central AmericaHLA 405
Brazil Belem MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 100
Brazil Belem Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 347
Brazil Belo Horizonte CaucasianSouth and Central AmericaHLA 95
Brazil Belo Horizonte Caucasian KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 90
Brazil Central Plateau XavanteSouth and Central AmericaHLA 74
Brazil Curitiba Japanese KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 51
Brazil Curitiba KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 164
Brazil Curitiba-Parana MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 264
Brazil East AmazonSouth and Central AmericaHLA 41
Brazil Guarani KaiowaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 155
Brazil Guarani Kaiowá KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 96
Brazil Guarani M byaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 93
Brazil Guarani MByá KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 81
Brazil Guarani NandevaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 86
Brazil Guarani Ñandeva KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 50
Brazil KaingangSouth and Central AmericaHLA 235
Brazil Kaingang KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 100
Brazil Mato Grosso do SulSouth and Central AmericaHLA 203
Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul Campo Grande KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 206
Brazil Minas Gerais State MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 1,000
Brazil MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 108
Brazil North East MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 205
Brazil Para Cord Blood Unit South and Central AmericaHLA 841
Brazil Para StateSouth and Central AmericaHLA 5,000
Brazil Parana Afro BrazilianSouth and Central AmericaHLA 77
Brazil Parana CafuzoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 319
Brazil Parana CaucasianSouth and Central AmericaHLA 2,775
Brazil Parana Japanese South and Central AmericaHLA 192
Brazil Parana Japanese KIR South and Central AmericaKIR 214
Brazil Paraná Maringa KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 130
Brazil Parana MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 52
Brazil Parana Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 289
Brazil Parana Mixed KIR pop 2South and Central AmericaKIR 172
Brazil Parana Mixed raceSouth and Central AmericaHLA 186
Brazil Parana OrientalSouth and Central AmericaHLA 33
Brazil Pernambuco MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 101
Brazil Piaui MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 21,943
Brazil Porto Alegre Caucasian KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 250
Brazil Porto Alegre Caucasian KIR pop 2South and Central AmericaKIR 216
Brazil Porto Alegre Caucasian KIR pop 3South and Central AmericaKIR 278
Brazil REDOME AcreSouth and Central AmericaHLA 859
Brazil REDOME AlagoasSouth and Central AmericaHLA 25,349
Brazil REDOME AmapaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 17,864
Brazil REDOME AmazonasSouth and Central AmericaHLA 24,129
Brazil REDOME BahiaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 47,399
Brazil REDOME CearaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 101,217
Brazil REDOME Espirito SantoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 88,485
Brazil REDOME Federal DistrictSouth and Central AmericaHLA 29,549
Brazil REDOME GoiasSouth and Central AmericaHLA 88,574
Brazil REDOME MaranhaoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 10,180
Brazil REDOME Mato GrossoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 34,649
Brazil REDOME Mato Grosso do SulSouth and Central AmericaHLA 95,667
Brazil REDOME Minas GeraisSouth and Central AmericaHLA 211,275
Brazil REDOME ParaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 72,637
Brazil REDOME ParaibaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 43,868
Brazil REDOME ParanaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 341,639
Brazil REDOME PernambucoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 92,332
Brazil REDOME PiauiSouth and Central AmericaHLA 46,140
Brazil REDOME Rio de JaneiroSouth and Central AmericaHLA 139,322
Brazil REDOME Rio Grande do NorteSouth and Central AmericaHLA 46,603
Brazil REDOME Rio Grande do SulSouth and Central AmericaHLA 241,329
Brazil REDOME RondoniaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 54,396
Brazil REDOME RoraimaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 4,140
Brazil REDOME Santa CatarinaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 106,673
Brazil REDOME Sao PauloSouth and Central AmericaHLA 800,809
Brazil REDOME SergipeSouth and Central AmericaHLA 7,321
Brazil REDOME TocantinsSouth and Central AmericaHLA 20,692
Brazil Rio de Janeiro BlackSouth and Central AmericaHLA 68
Brazil Rio de Janeiro CaucasianSouth and Central AmericaHLA 521
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Caucasian pop 2 KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 98
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 166
Brazil Rio de Janeiro PardaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 170
Brazil Rio Grande do Norte MestizoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 12,973
Brazil Rio Grande do Sul BlackSouth and Central AmericaHLA 248
Brazil Rio Grande do Sul CaucasoidSouth and Central AmericaHLA 4,428
Brazil Rio Grande do Sul MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 324
Brazil Rondonia Karitiana KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 55
Brazil Rondonia Porto Velho KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 377
Brazil Rondonia Surui KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 46
Brazil Sao Paulo Bauru MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 3,542
Brazil Sao Paulo KIR South and Central AmericaKIR 289
Brazil Sao Paulo MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 239
Brazil Sao Paulo pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 103
Brazil South CaucasianSouth and Central AmericaHLA 73
Brazil South East Cord Blood South and Central AmericaHLA 11,409
Brazil South Ribeirao PretoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 184
Brazil Southeast Campinas MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 99
Brazil Southeast CaucasianSouth and Central AmericaHLA 103
Brazil Southeast Caucasian KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 55
Brazil Southeast Mixed RaceSouth and Central AmericaHLA 42
Brazil TerenaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 60
Brazil TicunaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 50
Brazil Vale do Ribeira QuilombosSouth and Central AmericaHLA 144
Brazil Western Amazon Ticuna KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 65
Brazil Parana Mixed CytokineSouth and Central AmericaCytokine823
Brazil Sao Paulo and Parana Mixed CytokineSouth and Central AmericaCytokine214
Brazil Sao Paulo Mixed CytokineSouth and Central AmericaCytokine99
Brazil Southeast Black CytokineSouth and Central AmericaCytokine110
Brazil Southeast Caucasian CytokineSouth and Central AmericaCytokine153
Brazil Southeast Mixed race CytokineSouth and Central AmericaCytokine100
Brazil Limao Verde and Corrego Reserve Terena MICSouth and Central AmericaMIC 60
Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul Kaiowa MICSouth and Central AmericaMIC 174
Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul Nandeva MICSouth and Central AmericaMIC 89
Brazil Parana Guarani M'byá MICSouth and Central AmericaMIC 100
Brazil Parana Japanese MICSouth and Central AmericaMIC 190
Brazil Parana Kaingang MICSouth and Central AmericaMIC 245
Brazil Parana Mixed MICSouth and Central AmericaMIC 201
Brazil Sao Paulo Mixed MICSouth and Central AmericaMIC 200

  Bulgaria (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
BulgariaEuropeHLA 55
Bulgaria KIREuropeKIR 54
Bulgaria KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 115
Bulgaria RomaniEuropeHLA 13
Bulgaria CytokineEuropeCytokine88

  Burkina Faso (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Burkina Faso FulaniSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 49
Burkina Faso MossiSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 53
Burkina Faso RimaibeSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 47

  Cambodia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Cambodia KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 22

  Cameroon (12)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
CameroonSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 126
Cameroon Baka PygmySub-Saharan AfricaHLA 10
Cameroon Bakola PygmySub-Saharan AfricaHLA 50
Cameroon BamilekeSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 77
Cameroon Bamileke 2Sub-Saharan AfricaHLA 35
Cameroon BetiSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 174
Cameroon EwondoSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 38
Cameroon PodokwoSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 43
Cameroon SaaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 172
Cameroon SawaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 13
Cameroon UldemeSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 35
Cameroon YaoundeSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 92

  Canada (9)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Canada British Columbia AthabaskanNorth AmericaHLA 62
Canada British Columbia PenutianNorth AmericaHLA 26
Canada Chipewyan NA-DHS_2 (G)North AmericaHLA 25
Canada Cree NA-DHS_3 (G)North AmericaHLA 18
Canada Iranian KIRNorth AmericaKIR 68
Canada Ojibwa NA-DHS_4 (G)North AmericaHLA 16
Canada Aboriginal Oji-cree CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine130
Canada Manitoba Caucasoid CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine116
Canada Newfoundland Island CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine103

  Cape Verde (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Cape Verde Northwestern IslandsSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 62
Cape Verde Southeastern IslandsSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 62

  Central African Republic (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Central African Republic Aka PygmySub-Saharan AfricaHLA 93
Central African Republic Bagandu Biaka KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 69
Central African Republic Mbenzele PygmySub-Saharan AfricaHLA 36

  Chile (8)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Chile Easter IslandSouth and Central AmericaHLA 21
Chile HuillicheSouth and Central AmericaHLA 40
Chile Huilliche NA-DHS_14 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 20
Chile Mapuche South and Central AmericaHLA 66
Chile SantiagoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 920
Chile Santiago MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 70
Chile Santiago pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 124
Chile Talca KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 90

  China (133)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
China BeijingSouth-East AsiaHLA 67
China Beijing and GuangzhouSouth-East AsiaHLA 1,592
China Beijing and XianSouth-East AsiaHLA 171
China Beijing HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 180
China Beijing pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 826
China Beijing Shijiazhuang Tianjian HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 618
China Canton HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 264
China Eastern Mainland Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 106
China Guangdong Han KIR South-East AsiaKIR 107
China Guangdong ProvinceSouth-East AsiaHLA 403
China Guangdong Province Meizhou HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 100
China Guangxi Region MaonanSouth-East AsiaHLA 108
China GuangzhouSouth-East AsiaHLA 102
China Guangzhou HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 106
China Guangzhou Han pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 86
China Guizhou Province BouyeiSouth-East AsiaHLA 109
China Guizhou Province MiaoSouth-East AsiaHLA 85
China Guizhou Province Miao pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 85
China Guizhou Province ShuiSouth-East AsiaHLA 153
China HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 314
China Han Guandong ProvinceSouth-East AsiaHLA 208
China Han HIV negativeSouth-East AsiaHLA 72
China Harbin KoreanSouth-East AsiaHLA 201
China Harbin ManchuSouth-East AsiaHLA 172
China Harbin Manchu pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 50
China Henan HIV negativeSouth-East AsiaHLA 16
China Hong Kong and SingaporeSouth-East AsiaHLA 135
China Hubei Province Tujia KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 124
China Hubei HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 3,732
China Hunan Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 448
China Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region NortheastSouth-East AsiaHLA 496
China Inner Mongolia Han KIR South-East AsiaKIR 104
China Inner Mongolia Mongol KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 160
China Inner Mongolia Province KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 87
China Inner Mongolia RegionSouth-East AsiaHLA 102
China Inner Mongolia Region EwenkiSouth-East AsiaHLA 94
China Jiangsu HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 3,238
China Jiangsu ProvinceSouth-East AsiaHLA 20,248
China Jiangsu Province HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 334
China Jiangsu Province Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 150
China Jiangsu Province Han KIR pop2South-East AsiaKIR 60
China Jiangxi ProvinceSouth-East AsiaHLA 98
China Jingpo MinoritySouth-East AsiaHLA 105
China Lijiang NaxiSouth-East AsiaHLA 100
China Marrow Donor RegistrySouth-East AsiaHLA 600
China Mongolia Province KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 90
China Nanjing KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 238
China North HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 105
China North Han pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 567
China North Han pop 3South-East AsiaHLA 473
China pop1South-East AsiaHLA 103
China PumiSouth-East AsiaHLA 51
China Qinghai Province HuiSouth-East AsiaHLA 110
China Shaanxi Province HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 10,000
China Shaanxi Province Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 104
China Shandong ProvinceSouth-East AsiaHLA 7,418
China Shandong Province HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 98
China Shandong Province Linqu CountySouth-East AsiaHLA 139
China ShanghaiSouth-East AsiaHLA 26,266
China Shanghai pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 40
China Shanghai pop 3South-East AsiaHLA 58
China Shanxi HIV negativeSouth-East AsiaHLA 22
China Shenzhen Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 306
China Shenzhen Han KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 503
China Sichuan HIV negativeSouth-East AsiaHLA 34
China South HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 284
China South Han pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 1,098
China South Han pop 3South-East AsiaHLA 527
China Southwest DaiSouth-East AsiaHLA 124
China Tibet Lhasa KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 102
China Tibet Region TibetanSouth-East AsiaHLA 158
China Urumqi HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 59
China Urumqi KazakSouth-East AsiaHLA 42
China Urumqi UyghurSouth-East AsiaHLA 57
China Uyghur HIV negativeSouth-East AsiaHLA 19
China Wanwei, Wutou and Shanxin Islands JingSouth-East AsiaHLA 138
China WuhanSouth-East AsiaHLA 121
China Xinjiang Province UyghurSouth-East AsiaHLA 92
China Xinjiang Region Urumqi Uygur KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 120
China YichunSouth-East AsiaHLA 76
China Yunnan BulangSouth-East AsiaHLA 116
China Yunnan Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 404
China Yunnan HaniSouth-East AsiaHLA 150
China Yunnan Province BaiSouth-East AsiaHLA 128
China Yunnan Province BlangSouth-East AsiaHLA 94
China Yunnan Province DaiSouth-East AsiaHLA 74
China Yunnan Province Dali Bai KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 100
China Yunnan Province DrungSouth-East AsiaHLA 70
China Yunnan Province Drung KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 152
China Yunnan Province Fengyandong Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 93
China Yunnan Province Fugong Nu KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 112
China Yunnan Province HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 101
China Yunnan Province Han pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 129
China Yunnan Province HaniSouth-East AsiaHLA 47
China Yunnan Province JinuoSouth-East AsiaHLA 109
China Yunnan Province LahuSouth-East AsiaHLA 70
China Yunnan Province LisuSouth-East AsiaHLA 111
China Yunnan Province Menghai Bulang KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 109
China Yunnan Province NaxiSouth-East AsiaHLA 118
China Yunnan Province Naxi pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 96
China Yunnan Province NuSouth-East AsiaHLA 107
China Yunnan Province Nu pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 72
China Yunnan Province PumiSouth-East AsiaHLA 63
China Yunnan Province PuyiSouth-East AsiaHLA 76
China Yunnan Province Sunan Yugu KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 104
China Yunnan Province Tiandeng Zhuang KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 98
China Yunnan Province WaSouth-East AsiaHLA 119
China Yunnan Province YaoSouth-East AsiaHLA 66
China Zhejiang HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 1,734
China Zhejiang Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 273
China Zhejiang Han pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 833
China Zhejiang Province HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 146
China Zhejiang Province Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 104
China Zhejiang Province Han KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 162
China, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 70
China, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region HuiSouth-East AsiaHLA 40
China, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region KazakhSouth-East AsiaHLA 52
China, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region UyghurSouth-East AsiaHLA 71
China CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine143
China Baotou Han MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 104
China Guangxi Zhuang MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 209
China Guangzhou Han MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 106
China Hui MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 44
China Hunan Province Han MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 85
China North Han MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 32
China Shanghai Han MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 183
China Sichuan Province Han MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 200
China Uygur MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 49
China Xinjiang Province Uygur MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 66
China Yunnan Province Dai MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 41
China Zhangjiajie Tujias MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 187
China Zhejiang Han MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 400
China Zhejiang Province Han MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 100

  Colombia (44)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Colombia African pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 38
Colombia Amazon Region CoreguajeSouth and Central AmericaHLA 30
Colombia Amazon Region Coreguaje pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 45
Colombia Amazon Region VaupesSouth and Central AmericaHLA 46
Colombia Antioquia PaisaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 100
Colombia Arhuaco NA-DHS_16 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 17
Colombia BarranquillaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 188
Colombia Bogota and Medellin MestizoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 65
Colombia Bogotá Cord Blood South and Central AmericaHLA 1,463
Colombia East Amazon Region NukakSouth and Central AmericaHLA 20
Colombia Embera NA-DHS_19 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 14
Colombia Guajira Desert WayuuSouth and Central AmericaHLA 54
Colombia Guajira Peninsula WayuuSouth and Central AmericaHLA 88
Colombia Guajira Peninsula Wayuu pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 47
Colombia Inga NA-DHS_11 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 16
Colombia JaidukamaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 39
Colombia Kogi NA-DHS_17 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 15
Colombia Mestizo pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 96
Colombia North Chimila AmerindiansSouth and Central AmericaHLA 47
Colombia North Eastern Plains SikuaniSouth and Central AmericaHLA 27
Colombia North Wiwa El EncantoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 52
Colombia Northwest ChocoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 20
Colombia Northwest TuleSouth and Central AmericaHLA 29
Colombia Pacific Coast Region EmberaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 49
Colombia Providencia Island AfricanSouth and Central AmericaHLA 30
Colombia San Basilio de Palenque South and Central AmericaHLA 42
Colombia Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ArhuacoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 107
Colombia Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ArsarioSouth and Central AmericaHLA 18
Colombia Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Arsario pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 50
Colombia Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta IjkaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 40
Colombia Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Ijka pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 30
Colombia Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta KogiSouth and Central AmericaHLA 42
Colombia Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Kogi pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 50
Colombia Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Kogi pop 3South and Central AmericaHLA 31
Colombia Waunana NA-DHS_20 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 20
Colombia Wayu from Guajira Peninsula South and Central AmericaHLA 48
Colombia Wayuu NA-DHS_15 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 15
Colombia West CaucaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 20
Colombia West EmberaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 20
Colombia West WaunanaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 30
Colombia Zenu NA-DHS_18 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 16
Colombia/Brazil Ticuna Arara NA-DHS_21 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 17
Colombia/Brazil Ticuna Tarapaca NA-DHS_22 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 19
Colombia Medellin CytokineSouth and Central AmericaCytokine102

  Comoros (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Comoros Mixed KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 54

  Congo (Kinshasa) (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Congo Kinshasa BantuSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 90
Congo Kinshasa expatriates living in BelgiumSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 75
Congo Kinshasa Ituri Forest Mbuti KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 38

  Congo, Republic of the (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Congo Teke KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 49

  Cook Islands (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Cook IslandsOceaniaHLA 50
Cook Islands KIROceaniaKIR 48
Cook Islands RarotongaOceaniaHLA 78

  Costa Rica (8)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Costa Rica African -Caribbean (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 102
Costa Rica Amerindians (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 125
Costa Rica and Panama MestizoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 56
Costa Rica Cabecar NA-DHS_9 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 19
Costa Rica Central Valley Mestizo (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 221
Costa Rica Guanacaste KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 117
Costa Rica Guanacaste Mestizo (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 110
Costa Rica Guaymi NA-DHS_10 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 18

  Croatia (12)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
CroatiaEuropeHLA 150
Croatia Gorski Kotar RegionEuropeHLA 63
Croatia KIREuropeKIR 125
Croatia KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 111
Croatia KIR pop 3EuropeKIR 121
Croatia Krk IslandEuropeHLA 212
Croatia Krk Island DobrinjEuropeHLA 28
Croatia Krk Island DubasnicaEuropeHLA 23
Croatia Krk Island VrbnikEuropeHLA 28
Croatia pop 2EuropeHLA 100
Croatia pop 3EuropeHLA 120
Croatia pop 4EuropeHLA 4,000

  Cuba (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Cuba CaucasianSouth and Central AmericaHLA 70
Cuba Caucasian KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 70
Cuba MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 78
Cuba Mixed pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 189
Cuba Mixed RaceSouth and Central AmericaHLA 42
Cuban Mixed race KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 42

  Cyprus (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Cyprus CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine100

  Czech Republic (12)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Czech RepublicEuropeHLA 106
Czech Republic KIREuropeKIR 125
Czech Republic KurdEuropeHLA 74
Czech Republic NMDREuropeHLA 5,099
Czech Republic pop 2EuropeHLA 99
Czech Republic pop 3EuropeHLA 180
Czech Republic RomaniEuropeHLA 34
Czech Republic Romani pop 2EuropeHLA 46
Czech Republic Moravia CytokineEuropeCytokine67
Czech Republic Moravia Cytokine pop2EuropeCytokine90
Czech Republic Prague CytokineEuropeCytokine103
Czech Republic Prague Cytokine pop2EuropeCytokine125

  Denmark (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
DenmarkEuropeHLA 55
Denmark Copenhagen KIREuropeKIR 50
Denmark pop 2EuropeHLA 150
Denmark CytokineEuropeCytokine55

  Ecuador (10)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ecuador AfricanSouth and Central AmericaHLA 58
Ecuador African pop2South and Central AmericaHLA 45
Ecuador Amazonia Mixed Ancestry South and Central AmericaHLA 39
Ecuador AmerindiansSouth and Central AmericaHLA 63
Ecuador Andes Mixed Ancestry South and Central AmericaHLA 824
Ecuador CayapaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 183
Ecuador Cayapa pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 34
Ecuador Coast Mixed Ancestry South and Central AmericaHLA 238
Ecuador Mixed Ancestry South and Central AmericaHLA 1,173
Ecuadorean AmerindiansSouth and Central AmericaHLA 75

  England (36)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
EnglandEuropeHLA 537
England BedfordshireEuropeHLA 354
England Blood Donors of Mixed EthnicityEuropeHLA 519
England KIREuropeKIR 136
England KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 94
England KIR pop 3EuropeKIR 334
England KIR pop 4EuropeKIR 99
England KIR pop 5EuropeKIR 584
England LancasterEuropeHLA 545
England LeedsEuropeHLA 5,024
England LiverpoolEuropeHLA 1,343
England London Ashkenazi JewsEuropeHLA 500
England ManchesterEuropeHLA 1,640
England NewcastleEuropeHLA 2,739
England North WestEuropeHLA 298
England North West Mixed pop 2EuropeHLA 379
England Northwest MixedEuropeHLA 2,960
England Oxfordshire KIREuropeKIR 216
England pop 2EuropeHLA 114
England pop 3EuropeHLA 61
England pop 4EuropeHLA 82
England pop 5EuropeHLA 42
England pop 6EuropeHLA 177
England SheffieldEuropeHLA 4,755
England West Midlands Afro Caribbean KIREuropeKIR 54
England West Midlands Indian Asian KIREuropeKIR 35
England West Midlands KIREuropeKIR 126
England CytokineEuropeCytokine90
England Newcastle CytokineEuropeCytokine200
England Norfolk CytokineEuropeCytokine2,100
England Northwest CytokineEuropeCytokine500
England South CytokineEuropeCytokine260
England Southeast CytokineEuropeCytokine76
England Bedfordshire MICEuropeMIC 354
England MICEuropeMIC 118
England Northwest MICEuropeMIC 250

  Equatorial Guinea (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Equatorial Guinea Bioko Island BubiSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 100
Equatorial Guinea Bioko Island Bubi KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 95

  Ethiopia (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ethiopia AmharaNorth AfricaHLA 98
Ethiopia OromoNorth AfricaHLA 83

  Fiji (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Fiji Viti Levu IslandOceaniaHLA 57

  Finland (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
FinlandEuropeHLA 91
Finland Helsinki KIREuropeKIR 101
Finland KIREuropeKIR 35
Finland pop2EuropeHLA 150

  France (24)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
France BordeauxEuropeHLA 990
France CephEuropeHLA 124
France Corsica IslandEuropeHLA 100
France French Bone Marrow Donor Registry EuropeHLA 42,623
France GrenobleEuropeHLA 1,000
France Grenoble, Nantes and RennesEuropeHLA 6,094
France LilleEuropeHLA 95
France LyonEuropeHLA 4,813
France MarseilleEuropeHLA 1,000
France Nantes KIREuropeKIR 59
France ReimsEuropeHLA 102
France Reims KIREuropeKIR 102
France RennesEuropeHLA 200
France Rennes pop 2EuropeHLA 148
France Rennes pop 3EuropeHLA 200
France Rennes pop 4EuropeHLA 1,000
France SouthEuropeHLA 350
France SoutheastEuropeHLA 130
France Southeast KIREuropeKIR 130
France Southeast KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 38
France Southeast KIR pop 3EuropeKIR 49
France WestEuropeHLA 100
France West BretonEuropeHLA 150
France West KIREuropeKIR 108

  Gabon (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Gabon Haut-Ogooue DiengaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 167
Gabon KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 54
Gabon LambareneSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 120

  Gambia (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
GambiaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 146
Gambia pop 2Sub-Saharan AfricaHLA 100
Gambia pop 3Sub-Saharan AfricaHLA 939

  Gaza (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
GazaWestern AsiaHLA 42
Gaza PalestiniansWestern AsiaHLA 165

  Georgia (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Georgia Caucasus TbilisiWestern AsiaHLA 119
Georgia KIRWestern AsiaKIR 188
Georgia KurdsWestern AsiaHLA 30
Georgia Svaneti Region SvanWestern AsiaHLA 80
Georgia TibilisiWestern AsiaHLA 109
Georgia Tibilisi KurdWestern AsiaHLA 31

  Germany (29)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
GermanyEuropeHLA 11,407
Germany DKMS - Austria minorityEuropeHLA 1,698
Germany DKMS - Bosnia and Herzegovina minorityEuropeHLA 1,028
Germany DKMS - China minorityEuropeHLA 1,282
Germany DKMS - Croatia minorityEuropeHLA 2,057
Germany DKMS - France minorityEuropeHLA 1,406
Germany DKMS - German donorsEuropeHLA 3,456,066
Germany DKMS - Greece minorityEuropeHLA 1,894
Germany DKMS - Italy minorityEuropeHLA 1,159
Germany DKMS - Netherlands minorityEuropeHLA 1,374
Germany DKMS - Portugal minorityEuropeHLA 1,176
Germany DKMS - Romania minorityEuropeHLA 1,234
Germany DKMS - Spain minorityEuropeHLA 1,107
Germany DKMS - Turkey minorityEuropeHLA 4,856
Germany DKMS - United Kingdom minorityEuropeHLA 1,043
Germany EssenEuropeHLA 174
Germany Hesse KIREuropeKIR 99
Germany KIREuropeKIR 100
Germany pop 2EuropeHLA 206
Germany pop 3EuropeHLA 111
Germany pop 4EuropeHLA 90
Germany pop 5EuropeHLA 132
Germany pop 6EuropeHLA 8,862
Germany pop 7EuropeHLA 13,386
Germany pop 8EuropeHLA 39,689
Germany CytokineEuropeCytokine200
Germany Cytokine pop 2EuropeCytokine243
Germany Cytokine pop 3EuropeCytokine111
Germany MICEuropeMIC 154

  Ghana (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
GhanaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 42
Ghana Accre Asutuare AkanSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 429
Ghana Ga-AdangbeSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 131
Ghana Ga-Adangbe KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 131
Ghana KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 41
Ghana Prampram KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 154

  Greece (17)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Cretan IslandersEuropeHLA 124
GreeceEuropeHLA 48
Greece CreteEuropeHLA 135
Greece KIREuropeKIR 233
Greece NorthEuropeHLA 500
Greece pop 4EuropeHLA 98
Greece pop 5EuropeHLA 500
Greece pop 6EuropeHLA 242
Greece pop 7EuropeHLA 11,250
Greece pop 8EuropeHLA 83
Greece pop2EuropeHLA 120
Greece pop3EuropeHLA 246
Greece CytokineEuropeCytokine120
Greece Cytokine pop 2EuropeCytokine78
Greece North CytokineEuropeCytokine100
Greece Thrace Region CytokineEuropeCytokine27
Greece Athens MICEuropeMIC 27

  Guadeloupe (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Guadeloupe Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 90

  Guatemala (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Guatemala Kaqchikel NA-DHS_8 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 19
Guatemala MayanSouth and Central AmericaHLA 132
Guatemala, Guatemala City Mixed AncestrySouth and Central AmericaHLA 127

  Guinea-Bissau (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Guinea BissauSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 65
Guinea Bissau BalantaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 48
Guinea Bissau BijagoSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 23
Guinea Bissau FulaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 31
Guinea Bissau PapelSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 25

  Hong Kong (7)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Hong Kong ChineseSouth-East AsiaHLA 569
Hong Kong Chinese BMDRSouth-East AsiaHLA 7,595
Hong Kong Chinese cord blood registrySouth-East AsiaHLA 3,892
Hong Kong Chinese HKBMDR HLA 11 lociSouth-East AsiaHLA 5,266
Hong Kong Chinese HKBMDR. DQ and DP South-East AsiaHLA 1,064
Hong Kong Chinese KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 100
Hong Kong Chinese CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine100

  India (82)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
India Andhra Pradesh BrahminSouth AsiaHLA 98
India Andhra Pradesh GollaSouth AsiaHLA 111
India Andhra Pradesh SunniSouth AsiaHLA 100
India Andhra Pradesh Telugu SpeakingSouth AsiaHLA 186
India Bikaner Non-Raikas South AsiaHLA 127
India Bikaner Raikas South AsiaHLA 143
India BombaySouth AsiaHLA 59
India Central UCBBSouth AsiaHLA 4,204
India DelhiSouth AsiaHLA 112
India Delhi pop 2South AsiaHLA 90
India East UCBBSouth AsiaHLA 2,403
India Jalpaiguri TotoSouth AsiaHLA 40
India Karnataka Kannada SpeakingSouth AsiaHLA 174
India Kerala AdiyaSouth AsiaHLA 21
India Kerala Hindu EzhavaSouth AsiaHLA 24
India Kerala Hindu NairSouth AsiaHLA 41
India Kerala Hindu NamboothiriSouth AsiaHLA 40
India Kerala Hindu PulayaSouth AsiaHLA 16
India Kerala KanikkarSouth AsiaHLA 22
India Kerala KattunaikkaSouth AsiaHLA 17
India Kerala KurichiyaSouth AsiaHLA 10
India Kerala KurumaSouth AsiaHLA 15
India Kerala Malabar MuslimSouth AsiaHLA 34
India Kerala MalapandaramSouth AsiaHLA 10
India Kerala Malayalam speakingSouth AsiaHLA 356
India Kerala PaniyaSouth AsiaHLA 10
India Kerala Syrian ChristianSouth AsiaHLA 31
India Khandesh Region PawraSouth AsiaHLA 50
India LucknowSouth AsiaHLA 123
India Lucknow pop 2South AsiaHLA 120
India Madurai Piramalai Kallar Dravidian KIRSouth AsiaKIR 100
India Madurai Piramalai Kallar KIRSouth AsiaKIR 107
India Madurai Yadhav KIRSouth AsiaKIR 117
India Maharashtra Pune Western KIRSouth AsiaKIR 104
India Mumbai Maharashtrian KIRSouth AsiaKIR 139
India Mumbai MarathaSouth AsiaHLA 91
India Mumbai Parsi KIRSouth AsiaKIR 145
India New DelhiSouth AsiaHLA 71
India New Delhi pop 2South AsiaHLA 102
India NorthSouth AsiaHLA 85
India North GujaratSouth AsiaHLA 338
India North Hindu KIRSouth AsiaKIR 72
India North KIRSouth AsiaKIR 512
India North pop 2South AsiaHLA 72
India North pop 2 KIRSouth AsiaKIR 100
India North pop 3South AsiaHLA 587
India North UCBBSouth AsiaHLA 5,849
India Northeast Assam KharachiSouth AsiaKIR 108
India Northeast Assam AdivasiSouth AsiaKIR 101
India Northeast Assam AhomSouth AsiaKIR 104
India Northeast Assam KIR South AsiaKIR 177
India Northeast KayasthaSouth AsiaHLA 190
India Northeast LachungSouth AsiaHLA 58
India Northeast MathurSouth AsiaHLA 155
India Northeast MechSouth AsiaHLA 63
India Northeast RajbanshiSouth AsiaHLA 98
India Northeast RastogiSouth AsiaHLA 196
India Northeast ShiaSouth AsiaHLA 190
India Northeast SunniSouth AsiaHLA 188
India Northeast UCBBSouth AsiaHLA 296
India Northeast VaishSouth AsiaHLA 198
India Sourashtran KIRSouth AsiaKIR 104
India South UCBBSouth AsiaHLA 11,446
India sub-Himalayan West Bengal KamiSouth AsiaHLA 158
India Tamil NaduSouth AsiaHLA 2,492
India Tamil Nadu ChennaiSouth AsiaHLA 137
India Tamil Nadu DravidianSouth AsiaHLA 156
India Tamil Nadu Kanikar KIRSouth AsiaKIR 35
India Tamil Nadu Mollukurumba KIRSouth AsiaKIR 41
India Tamil Nadu NadarSouth AsiaHLA 61
India Tamil Nadu Paravar KIRSouth AsiaKIR 77
India Uttar PradeshSouth AsiaHLA 202
India West Bengal Rabha KIRSouth AsiaKIR 50
India West Bengal Rajbanshi KIRSouth AsiaKIR 75
India West BhilSouth AsiaHLA 50
India West Coast ParsiSouth AsiaHLA 50
India West UCBBSouth AsiaHLA 5,829
India Western KIR South AsiaKIR 161
India Delhi CytokineSouth AsiaCytokine34
India Mumbai CytokineSouth AsiaCytokine62
India North CytokineSouth AsiaCytokine130
India North Cytokine pop 2South AsiaCytokine569

  Indonesia (12)  

  Iran (36)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
IranWestern AsiaHLA 58
Iran AzeriWestern AsiaHLA 100
Iran BalochWestern AsiaHLA 100
Iran East Azerbaijan Azerbaijani KIRWestern AsiaKIR 100
Iran East Azerbaijan Azeri KIRWestern AsiaKIR 84
Iran Fars ParsiWestern AsiaHLA 73
Iran Fars Persian KIRWestern AsiaKIR 248
Iran GorganWestern AsiaHLA 64
Iran Hormozgan and Balochistan Jonobi KIRWestern AsiaKIR 100
Iran Khuzestan Arab KIRWestern AsiaKIR 76
Iran Khuzestan Bakhtiari KIRWestern AsiaKIR 96
Iran KIRWestern AsiaKIR 200
Iran KurdWestern AsiaHLA 100
Iran Kurd pop 2Western AsiaHLA 60
Iran Lur KIRWestern AsiaKIR 100
Iran Northern KIRWestern AsiaKIR 100
Iran pop 1Western AsiaHLA 64
Iran pop 2Western AsiaHLA 120
Iran pop 3Western AsiaHLA 100
Iran pop 4Western AsiaHLA 855
Iran Royan Cord Blood BankWestern AsiaHLA 15,600
Iran Saqqez-Baneh KurdsWestern AsiaHLA 60
Iran Shiraz KIRWestern AsiaKIR 273
Iran Tabriz AzerisWestern AsiaHLA 97
Iran TehranWestern AsiaHLA 120
Iran Tehran KIRWestern AsiaKIR 100
Iran Tehran pop 2Western AsiaHLA 102
Iran YazdWestern AsiaHLA 56
Iran Yazd ZoroastrianWestern AsiaHLA 65
Iran CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine40
Iran South East Baloch CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine96
Iran South East Sistani CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine98
Iran Tehran CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine140
Iran Tehran Farsi CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine40
Iran Yazd CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine121
Iran Tehran MICWestern AsiaMIC 18

  Iraq (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Iraq ArabsWestern AsiaHLA 149
Iraq ErbilWestern AsiaHLA 372
Iraq Arab CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine224

  Ireland Northern (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ireland NorthernEuropeHLA 1,000
Ireland Northern KIREuropeKIR 200
Ireland Northern KIR pop2EuropeKIR 154
Ireland Northern pop 2EuropeHLA 122
Ireland Northern pop 3EuropeHLA 150
Ireland Northern CytokineEuropeCytokine100

  Ireland South (7)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ireland DonegalEuropeHLA 200
Ireland KIREuropeKIR 94
Ireland KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 240
Ireland SouthEuropeHLA 250
Ireland South pop 2EuropeHLA 17,624
Ireland WexfordEuropeHLA 200
Ireland South CytokineEuropeCytokine200

  Israel (32)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Israel ArabWestern AsiaHLA 109
Israel Arab DruzeWestern AsiaHLA 101
Israel Arab pop 2Western AsiaHLA 12,301
Israel Argentina JewsWestern AsiaHLA 4,307
Israel Ashkenazi and Non Ashkenazi JewsWestern AsiaHLA 146
Israel Ashkenazi JewsWestern AsiaHLA 80
Israel Ashkenazi Jews pop 2Western AsiaHLA 132
Israel Ashkenazi Jews pop 3Western AsiaHLA 4,625
Israel Bukhara JewsWestern AsiaHLA 2,317
Israel DruzeWestern AsiaHLA 5,914
Israel Ethiopia JewsWestern AsiaHLA 5,928
Israel Ethiopian JewsWestern AsiaHLA 122
Israel Ethiopian Jews KIRWestern AsiaKIR 31
Israel Georgia JewsWestern AsiaHLA 4,471
Israel Iran JewsWestern AsiaHLA 8,153
Israel Iranian JewsWestern AsiaHLA 101
Israel Iraq JewsWestern AsiaHLA 13,270
Israel Jews pop 2Western AsiaHLA 23,000
Israel Kavkazi JewsWestern AsiaHLA 2,840
Israel Libya JewsWestern AsiaHLA 3,739
Israel Libyan JewsWestern AsiaHLA 119
Israel Moroccan JewsWestern AsiaHLA 113
Israel Morocco JewsWestern AsiaHLA 36,718
Israel Non Ashkenazi JewsWestern AsiaHLA 80
Israel North Druze KIRWestern AsiaKIR 116
Israel Poland JewsWestern AsiaHLA 13,871
Israel Tunisia JewsWestern AsiaHLA 9,070
Israel USA JewsWestern AsiaHLA 6,058
Israel USSR JewsWestern AsiaHLA 45,681
Israel Yemenite JewsWestern AsiaHLA 76
Israel YemenJewsWestern AsiaHLA 15,542
Israel Jews CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine48

  Italy (48)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
ItalyEuropeHLA 159,311
Italy BergamoEuropeHLA 101
Italy CentralEuropeHLA 380
Italy East SicilyEuropeHLA 50
Italy KIREuropeKIR 217
Italy LombardyEuropeHLA 674
Italy Lombardy KIREuropeKIR 50
Italy NorthEuropeHLA 277
Italy North PaviaEuropeHLA 81
Italy North Pavia pop 2EuropeHLA 2,416
Italy North Pavia pop 3EuropeHLA 685
Italy North pop 2EuropeHLA 2,054
Italy North pop 3EuropeHLA 97
Italy pop 2EuropeHLA 53
Italy pop 3EuropeHLA 179
Italy pop 4EuropeHLA 4,575
Italy pop 5EuropeHLA 975
Italy pop 6EuropeHLA 184
Italy RomeEuropeHLA 100
Italy SardiniaEuropeHLA 86
Italy Sardinia CagliariEuropeHLA 87
Italy Sardinia Cagliari KIREuropeKIR 181
Italy Sardinia CarboniaEuropeHLA 91
Italy Sardinia LanuseiEuropeHLA 87
Italy Sardinia OristanoEuropeHLA 91
Italy Sardinia pop 4EuropeHLA 49
Italy Sardinia pop2EuropeHLA 1,129
Italy Sardinia pop3EuropeHLA 100
Italy Sardinia SassariEuropeHLA 91
Italy Sardinia SorgonoEuropeHLA 93
Italy Sardinia TempioEuropeHLA 91
Italy SouthEuropeHLA 141
Italy South Campania RegionEuropeHLA 1,089
Italy TurinEuropeHLA 87
Italy West Sicily KIREuropeKIR 60
Italy Central CytokineEuropeCytokine70
Italy CytokineEuropeCytokine474
Italy Milan CytokineEuropeCytokine94
Italy North CytokineEuropeCytokine363
Italy North Pavia CytokineEuropeCytokine58
Italy Sardinia CytokineEuropeCytokine137
Italy Sicily CytokineEuropeCytokine106
Italy Sicily WestEuropeCytokine220
Italy Torino CytokineEuropeCytokine140
Italy MICEuropeMIC 101
Italy MIC pop 2EuropeMIC 98
Italy Perugia MICEuropeMIC 158
Italy Rome MICEuropeMIC 26

  Ivory Coast (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ivory Coast Abidjan KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 25
Ivory Coast Adiopodoume AkanSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 44

  Jamaica (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
JamaicaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 132

  Japan (40)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
JapanNorth-East AsiaHLA 50
Japan AichiNorth-East AsiaHLA 50
Japan CentralNorth-East AsiaHLA 371
Japan FukuokaNorth-East AsiaHLA 86
Japan Hokkaido AinuNorth-East AsiaHLA 50
Japan Hokkaido WajinNorth-East AsiaHLA 71
Japan HyogoNorth-East AsiaHLA 32
Japan Hyogo Osaka and NaganoNorth-East AsiaHLA 195
Japan KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 50
Japan KIR pop 2North-East AsiaKIR 41
Japan KIR pop 3North-East AsiaKIR 132
Japan KIR pop 4North-East AsiaKIR 49
Japan Kyoto and OsakaNorth-East AsiaHLA 165
Japan Kyoto KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 240
Japan NaganoNorth-East AsiaHLA 57
Japan Okinawa RyukyuanNorth-East AsiaHLA 143
Japan pop 1North-East AsiaHLA 560
Japan pop 10North-East AsiaHLA 332
Japan pop 11North-East AsiaHLA 62
Japan pop 13North-East AsiaHLA 50
Japan pop 14North-East AsiaHLA 54
Japan pop 15North-East AsiaHLA 41
Japan pop 16North-East AsiaHLA 18,604
Japan pop 17North-East AsiaHLA 3,078
Japan pop 2North-East AsiaHLA 916
Japan pop 3North-East AsiaHLA 1,018
Japan pop 4North-East AsiaHLA 525
Japan pop 5North-East AsiaHLA 117
Japan pop 6North-East AsiaHLA 129
Japan pop 7North-East AsiaHLA 317
Japan pop 8North-East AsiaHLA 308
Japan pop 9North-East AsiaHLA 132
Japan SouthNorth-East AsiaHLA 125
Japan Tohoku RegionNorth-East AsiaHLA 322
Japan Tokyo KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 239
Japan CytokineNorth-East AsiaCytokine575
Japan MICNorth-East AsiaMIC 130
Japan MIC pop 2North-East AsiaMIC 152
Japan MIC pop 3North-East AsiaMIC 114
Japan Tokyo MICNorth-East AsiaMIC 352

  Jordan (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
JordanWestern AsiaHLA 15,141
Jordan AmmanWestern AsiaHLA 146
Jordan Palestine KIRWestern AsiaKIR 105
Jordan CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine118

  Kazakhstan (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Kazakhstan MICCentral AsiaMIC 38

  Kenya (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
KenyaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 144
Kenya KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 1,000
Kenya LuoSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 265
Kenya NandiSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 240
Kenya, Nyanza Province, Luo tribeSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 100

  Kiribati (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
KiribatiOceaniaHLA 62

  Korea, South (16)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Korea pop 2 KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 159
South Korea KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 154
South Korea pop 1North-East AsiaHLA 324
South Korea pop 10North-East AsiaHLA 4,128
South Korea pop 11North-East AsiaHLA 149
South Korea pop 2North-East AsiaHLA 207
South Korea pop 3North-East AsiaHLA 485
South Korea pop 4North-East AsiaHLA 211
South Korea pop 5North-East AsiaHLA 467
South Korea pop 6North-East AsiaHLA 800
South Korea pop 7North-East AsiaHLA 486
South Korea pop 8North-East AsiaHLA 7,096
South Korea CytokineNorth-East AsiaCytokine100
South Korea Seoul CytokineNorth-East AsiaCytokine57
South Korea MICNorth-East AsiaMIC 199
South Korea Seoul MICNorth-East AsiaMIC 139

  Kurdistan Region (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Iraq Kurdistan RegionWestern AsiaHLA 209

  Latvia (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Latvia KIREuropeKIR 100
Latvia MICEuropeMIC 108

  Lebanon (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Lebanon Kafar ZubianWestern AsiaHLA 94
Lebanon KIRWestern AsiaKIR 120
Lebanon MixedWestern AsiaHLA 97
Lebanon Niha el ShouffWestern AsiaHLA 61
Lebanon pop 2Western AsiaHLA 191
Lebanon YuhmurWestern AsiaHLA 82

  Liberia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Liberia Bong CountySub-Saharan AfricaHLA 110

  Libya (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Libya CyrenaicaNorth AfricaHLA 118

  Macedonia (12)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
MacedoniaEuropeHLA 286
Macedonia KIREuropeKIR 214
Macedonia MBMDR - AlbanianEuropeHLA 128
Macedonia MBMDR - MacedonianEuropeHLA 1,283
Macedonia MBMDR - Macedonian MuslimsEuropeHLA 76
Macedonia pop 1EuropeHLA 158
Macedonia pop 2EuropeHLA 80
Macedonia pop 3EuropeHLA 172
Macedonia pop 4EuropeHLA 216
Macedonia pop 5EuropeHLA 103
Macedonia Romani KIREuropeKIR 103
Macedonia CytokineEuropeCytokine125

  Malaysia (33)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
MalaysiaSouth-East AsiaHLA 74
Malaysia Champa South-East AsiaHLA 29
Malaysia Jelebu TemuanSouth-East AsiaHLA 25
Malaysia Kedah Baling KensiuSouth-East AsiaHLA 25
Malaysia Kedah KensiuSouth-East AsiaHLA 21
Malaysia Kelantan South-East AsiaHLA 28
Malaysia Mandailing South-East AsiaHLA 27
Malaysia Negeri Sembilan MinangkabauSouth-East AsiaHLA 34
Malaysia Pahang SemaiSouth-East AsiaHLA 38
Malaysia Patani South-East AsiaHLA 25
Malaysia Peninsular ChineseSouth-East AsiaHLA 194
Malaysia Peninsular IndianSouth-East AsiaHLA 271
Malaysia Peninsular KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 120
Malaysia Peninsular MalaySouth-East AsiaHLA 951
Malaysia Perak and Johor Banjar Bugis JawaSouth-East AsiaHLA 94
Malaysia Perak Grik JehaiSouth-East AsiaHLA 25
Malaysia Perak RawaSouth-East AsiaHLA 23
Malaysia pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 62
Malaysia pop 3South-East AsiaHLA 1,445
Malaysia Sabah DusunSouth-East AsiaHLA 48
Malaysia Sabah KadazanSouth-East AsiaHLA 57
Malaysia Sarawak Bau BidayuhSouth-East AsiaHLA 25
Malaysia Sarawak BidayuhSouth-East AsiaHLA 50
Malaysia Sarawak IbanSouth-East AsiaHLA 51
Malaysia Batek CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine25
Malaysia Che Wong CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine26
Malaysia Kensiu CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine36
Malaysia Lanoh CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine24
Malaysia Orang Kanaq CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine11
Malaysia Peninsular Chinese CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine77
Malaysia Peninsular Indian CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine48
Malaysia Peninsular Malay CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine97
Malaysia Semai CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine42

  Mali (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Mali BandiagaraNorth AfricaHLA 138

  Martinique (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
MartiniqueSouth and Central AmericaHLA 100
Martinique Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 60

  Mexico (142)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Mexico Aguascalientes stateNorth AmericaHLA 95
Mexico Baja Californa, MexicaliNorth AmericaHLA 100
Mexico Baja California RuralNorth AmericaHLA 50
Mexico Baja California, La PazNorth AmericaHLA 75
Mexico Baja California, TijuanaNorth AmericaHLA 25
Mexico Campeche RuralNorth AmericaHLA 47
Mexico Campeche, Campeche cityNorth AmericaHLA 34
Mexico Chiapas Lacandon MayansNorth AmericaHLA 218
Mexico Chiapas RuralNorth AmericaHLA 121
Mexico Chiapas, Tuxtla GutierrezNorth AmericaHLA 52
Mexico Chichen Itza Maya (prehispanic)North AmericaHLA 47
Mexico Chihuahua Chihuahua CityNorth AmericaHLA 119
Mexico Chihuahua Chihuahua City Pop 2North AmericaHLA 88
Mexico Chihuahua RuralNorth AmericaHLA 236
Mexico Chihuahua TarahumaraNorth AmericaHLA 44
Mexico Chihuahua, Ciudad JuarezNorth AmericaHLA 106
Mexico Coahuila RuralNorth AmericaHLA 216
Mexico Coahuila, SaltilloNorth AmericaHLA 72
Mexico Coahuila, TorreonNorth AmericaHLA 396
Mexico Colima RuralNorth AmericaHLA 43
Mexico Colima, Colima cityNorth AmericaHLA 61
Mexico Durango RuralNorth AmericaHLA 326
Mexico Durango, Durango cityNorth AmericaHLA 153
Mexico Guadalajara MestizoNorth AmericaHLA 54
Mexico Guadalajara Mestizo pop 2North AmericaHLA 103
Mexico Guanajuato and Jalisco MestizoNorth AmericaHLA 101
Mexico Guanajuato RuralNorth AmericaHLA 162
Mexico Guanajuato, Guanajuato cityNorth AmericaHLA 22
Mexico Guanajuato, LeonNorth AmericaHLA 78
Mexico Guerrero stateNorth AmericaHLA 144
Mexico Hidalgo Mezquital Valley/ OtomiNorth AmericaHLA 72
Mexico Hidalgo RuralNorth AmericaHLA 81
Mexico Hidalgo, PachucaNorth AmericaHLA 41
Mexico Highlands MestizosNorth AmericaHLA 160
Mexico Huasteca Region TeenekNorth AmericaHLA 55
Mexico Huichol KIRNorth AmericaKIR 73
Mexico Jalisco RuralNorth AmericaHLA 585
Mexico Jalisco, Guadalajara cityNorth AmericaHLA 1,189
Mexico Jalisco, TlajomulcoNorth AmericaHLA 30
Mexico Jalisco, TlaquepaqueNorth AmericaHLA 39
Mexico Jalisco, TonalaNorth AmericaHLA 35
Mexico Jalisco, ZapopanNorth AmericaHLA 168
Mexico Jaltepec MazahuasNorth AmericaHLA 50
Mexico MayanNorth AmericaHLA 16
Mexico Mayan pop 2North AmericaHLA 163
Mexico Mayan Pop 3North AmericaHLA 66
Mexico MazahuaNorth AmericaHLA 65
Mexico MazatecanNorth AmericaHLA 89
Mexico Mazatecan pop 2North AmericaHLA 86
Mexico MestizoNorth AmericaHLA 41
Mexico Mestizo Guerrero KIRNorth AmericaKIR 120
Mexico Mestizo Highlands KIRNorth AmericaKIR 257
Mexico Mestizo Jalisco KIRNorth AmericaKIR 100
Mexico Mestizo Jalisco pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 124
Mexico Mestizo KIRNorth AmericaKIR 54
Mexico Mestizo KIR pop 2North AmericaKIR 300
Mexico Mestizo pop 2North AmericaHLA 70
Mexico mestizo pop 3North AmericaHLA 201
Mexico Mestizo pop 4North AmericaHLA 269
Mexico Mexico City CenterNorth AmericaHLA 152
Mexico Mexico City EastNorth AmericaHLA 79
Mexico Mexico City MestizoNorth AmericaHLA 121
Mexico Mexico City Mestizo KIRNorth AmericaKIR 86
Mexico Mexico City Mestizo pop 2North AmericaHLA 234
Mexico Mexico City Mestizo pop 3North AmericaHLA 256
Mexico Mexico City Mestizo populationNorth AmericaHLA 143
Mexico Mexico City Metropolitan Area RuralNorth AmericaHLA 150
Mexico Mexico City NorthNorth AmericaHLA 751
Mexico Mexico City SouthNorth AmericaHLA 52
Mexico Mexico City TlalpanNorth AmericaHLA 330
Mexico Mexico City WestNorth AmericaHLA 33
Mexico Michoacan RuralNorth AmericaHLA 348
Mexico Michoacan TarascoNorth AmericaHLA 130
Mexico Michoacan, MoreliaNorth AmericaHLA 150
Mexico Mixe NA-DHS_6 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 20
Mexico MixtecNorth AmericaHLA 97
Mexico Mixtec NA-DHS_5 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 20
Mexico Morelos RuralNorth AmericaHLA 30
Mexico Morelos, CuernavacaNorth AmericaHLA 82
Mexico Nahua/Aztec Santo Domingo OcotitlanNorth AmericaHLA 73
Mexico NahuasNorth AmericaHLA 72
Mexico Nayarit RuralNorth AmericaHLA 64
Mexico Nayarit, TepicNorth AmericaHLA 97
Mexico Nuevo Leon MestizoNorth AmericaHLA 40
Mexico Nuevo Leon RuralNorth AmericaHLA 439
Mexico Nuevo Leon, Monterrey cityNorth AmericaHLA 226
Mexico Oaxaca Jamiltepec Mixtec North AmericaHLA 96
Mexico Oaxaca MixeNorth AmericaHLA 55
Mexico Oaxaca MixtecNorth AmericaHLA 103
Mexico Oaxaca RuralNorth AmericaHLA 485
Mexico Oaxaca ZapotecNorth AmericaHLA 90
Mexico Oaxaca, Oaxaca cityNorth AmericaHLA 151
Mexico Puebla MestizoNorth AmericaHLA 99
Mexico Puebla RuralNorth AmericaHLA 833
Mexico Puebla, Puebla cityNorth AmericaHLA 1,994
Mexico Purepecha KIRNorth AmericaKIR 53
Mexico Queretaro RuralNorth AmericaHLA 43
Mexico Queretaro, Queretaro cityNorth AmericaHLA 45
Mexico Quintana Roo RuralNorth AmericaHLA 50
Mexico Quintana Roo, CancunNorth AmericaHLA 48
Mexico San Luis Potosi RuralNorth AmericaHLA 87
Mexico San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi cityNorth AmericaHLA 30
Mexico San Vicente Tancuayalab Teenek/Huastecos North AmericaHLA 53
Mexico Sierra Madre Pima KIRNorth AmericaKIR 99
Mexico Sinaloa Capomos Mayo YoremesNorth AmericaHLA 60
Mexico Sinaloa MestizoNorth AmericaHLA 56
Mexico Sinaloa RuralNorth AmericaHLA 183
Mexico Sinaloa, CuliacánNorth AmericaHLA 103
Mexico Sonora RuralNorth AmericaHLA 197
Mexico Sonora SeriNorth AmericaHLA 34
Mexico Sonora, Ciudad ObregónNorth AmericaHLA 143
Mexico Sonora, HermosilloNorth AmericaHLA 99
Mexico Tabasco RuralNorth AmericaHLA 142
Mexico Tabasco, VillahermosaNorth AmericaHLA 82
Mexico Tamaulipas RuralNorth AmericaHLA 125
Mexico Tamaulipas, Ciudad VictoriaNorth AmericaHLA 23
Mexico Tapachula, Chiapas Mestizo PopulationNorth AmericaHLA 72
Mexico Tarahumara KIRNorth AmericaKIR 65
Mexico Tixcacaltuyub MayaNorth AmericaHLA 67
Mexico Tlaxcala RuralNorth AmericaHLA 830
Mexico Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala cityNorth AmericaHLA 181
Mexico Torreon Mestizos KIRNorth AmericaKIR 166
Mexico Veracruz Mestizo KIRNorth AmericaKIR 51
Mexico Veracruz RuralNorth AmericaHLA 539
Mexico Veracruz XalapaNorth AmericaHLA 84
Mexico Veracruz, CoatzacoalcosNorth AmericaHLA 55
Mexico Veracruz, CordobaNorth AmericaHLA 56
Mexico Veracruz, OrizabaNorth AmericaHLA 60
Mexico Veracruz, Poza RicaNorth AmericaHLA 45
Mexico Veracruz, Veracruz cityNorth AmericaHLA 171
Mexico Veracruz, XalapaNorth AmericaHLA 187
Mexico West Mestizo KIRNorth AmericaKIR 124
Mexico Yucatan Maya KIRNorth AmericaKIR 50
Mexico Yucatan RuralNorth AmericaHLA 132
Mexico Yucatan, MeridaNorth AmericaHLA 192
Mexico Zacatecas RuralNorth AmericaHLA 266
Mexico Zacatecas, FresnilloNorth AmericaHLA 103
Mexico Zacatecas, Zacatecas cityNorth AmericaHLA 84
Mexico Zapotec NA-DHS_7 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 20
Mexico Guadalajara Mestizo CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine106
Mexico Mestizo CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine40
Mexico Monterrey Mestizo CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine109

  Mongolia (8)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Mongolia BuryatNorth-East AsiaHLA 141
Mongolia HotonNorth-East AsiaHLA 85
Mongolia KhalkhaNorth-East AsiaHLA 200
Mongolia Khalkha pop 2North-East AsiaHLA 202
Mongolia OoldNorth-East AsiaHLA 104
Mongolia Tarialan KhotonNorth-East AsiaHLA 85
Mongolia TsaatanNorth-East AsiaHLA 144
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar KhalkhaNorth-East AsiaHLA 41

  Morocco (10)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
MoroccoNorth AfricaHLA 96
Morocco Atlantic Coast ChaouyaNorth AfricaHLA 98
Morocco CasablancaNorth AfricaHLA 100
Morocco Chaouya KIRNorth AfricaKIR 67
Morocco Nador MetalsaNorth AfricaHLA 99
Morocco Nador Metalsa pop 2North AfricaHLA 73
Morocco pop 2North AfricaHLA 110
Morocco Settat ChaouyaNorth AfricaHLA 98
Morocco Souss RegionNorth AfricaHLA 98
Morocco Nador Metalsa MICNorth AfricaMIC 82

  Mozambique (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
MozambiqueSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 202

  Myanmar (8)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Myanmar BamarSouth-East AsiaHLA 46
Myanmar ChinSouth-East AsiaHLA 55
Myanmar KachinSouth-East AsiaHLA 63
Myanmar KayahSouth-East AsiaHLA 55
Myanmar KayinSouth-East AsiaHLA 44
Myanmar MonSouth-East AsiaHLA 64
Myanmar RakhineSouth-East AsiaHLA 48
Myanmar ShanSouth-East AsiaHLA 54

  Nauru (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
NauruOceaniaHLA 67

  Netherlands (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
NetherlandsEuropeHLA 447
Netherlands LeidenEuropeHLA 1,305
Netherlands pop 2EuropeHLA 155
Netherlands UMCUEuropeHLA 64
Netherlands CytokineEuropeCytokine107

  New Caledonia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
New CaledoniaOceaniaHLA 65

  New Zealand (6)  

  Nicaragua (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Nicaragua ManaguaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 339
Nicaragua Mestizo (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 155

  Nigeria (9)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
NigeriaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 258
Nigeria Benin Yoruba KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 75
Nigeria Enugu Ibo KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 48
Nigeria KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 164
Nigeria Southwest Abanla YorubaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 130
Nigeria Zaria Hausa KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 37
Nigeria South Efik MICSub-Saharan AfricaMIC 32
Nigeria South Igbo MICSub-Saharan AfricaMIC 46
Nigeria South Yoruba MICSub-Saharan AfricaMIC 74

  Niue (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
NiueOceaniaHLA 70
Niue pop 2OceaniaHLA 38

  Norway (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
NorwayEuropeHLA 181
Norway ethnic NorwegiansEuropeHLA 4,510
Norway KIREuropeKIR 368
Norway pop 2EuropeHLA 576
Norway SamiEuropeHLA 200
Norway CytokineEuropeCytokine131

  Oman (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
OmanWestern AsiaHLA 118
Oman KIRWestern AsiaKIR 99
Oman CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine80

  Pakistan (9)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Pakistan BalochSouth AsiaHLA 66
Pakistan BrahuiSouth AsiaHLA 104
Pakistan BurushoSouth AsiaHLA 92
Pakistan KalashSouth AsiaHLA 69
Pakistan Karachi KIRSouth AsiaKIR 78
Pakistan Karachi ParsiSouth AsiaHLA 91
Pakistan Mixed PathanSouth AsiaHLA 100
Pakistan Mixed PunjabiSouth AsiaHLA 389
Pakistan Mixed SindhiSouth AsiaHLA 101

  Panama (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
PanamaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 462
Panama KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 116

  Papua New Guinea (29)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Papua New Guinea AbamOceaniaHLA 63
Papua New Guinea DorogoriOceaniaHLA 59
Papua New Guinea East New Britain RabaulOceaniaHLA 60
Papua New Guinea East New Britain TolaiOceaniaHLA 48
Papua New Guinea Eastern Highlands Goroka AsaroOceaniaHLA 57
Papua New Guinea HighlandOceaniaHLA 94
Papua New Guinea Highland pop2OceaniaHLA 28
Papua New Guinea IamegaOceaniaHLA 79
Papua New Guinea Irian Jaya KIROceaniaKIR 50
Papua New Guinea KapalOceaniaHLA 65
Papua New Guinea Karimui Plateau PawaiaOceaniaHLA 80
Papua New Guinea KuruOceaniaHLA 46
Papua New Guinea LowlandOceaniaHLA 47
Papua New Guinea Lowland RoroOceaniaHLA 26
Papua New Guinea Lowland WoseraOceaniaHLA 79
Papua New Guinea MadangOceaniaHLA 65
Papua New Guinea Nasioi KIROceaniaKIR 22
Papua New Guinea PodareOceaniaHLA 43
Papua New Guinea RualOceaniaHLA 50
Papua New Guinea South GidraOceaniaHLA 192
Papua New Guinea Trobriand IslandOceaniaHLA 81
Papua New Guinea UmeOceaniaHLA 90
Papua New Guinea Wanigela KeaparaOceaniaHLA 66
Papua New Guinea West Schrader Ranges HaruaiOceaniaHLA 55
Papua New Guinea WipimOceaniaHLA 55
Papua New Guinea WoigiOceaniaHLA 26
Papua New Guinea WonieOceaniaHLA 51
Papua New Guinea Wosera AbelamOceaniaHLA 131
Papua New Guinea WuroiOceaniaHLA 34

  Paraguay (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Paraguay AchéSouth and Central AmericaHLA 87
Paraguay LenguaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 17
Paraguay/Argentina Ache NA-DHS_24 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 13
Paraguay/Argentina Guarani NA-DHS_23 (G)South and Central AmericaHLA 10

  Peru (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Peru Arequipa MestizoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 168
Peru Lamas City LamaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 83
Peru QuechuaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 44
Peru Titikaka Lake UroSouth and Central AmericaHLA 105
Peru Titikaka Lake UrosSouth and Central AmericaHLA 105

  Philippines (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
PhilippinesOceaniaHLA 34
Philippines IvatanOceaniaHLA 50
Philippines National Capital RegionOceaniaHLA 51

  Poland (16)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
PolandEuropeHLA 200
Poland BMREuropeHLA 23,595
Poland DKMSEuropeHLA 20,653
Poland KIREuropeKIR 690
Poland KIR pop2EuropeKIR 60
Poland LodzEuropeHLA 103
Poland Lower Silesia RegionEuropeHLA 123
Poland NorthEuropeHLA 80
Poland pop 2EuropeHLA 58
Poland pop 3EuropeHLA 2,907
Poland Wielkopolska RegionEuropeHLA 99
Poland WroclawEuropeHLA 123
Poland CytokineEuropeCytokine205
Poland Wroclaw CytokineEuropeCytokine130
Poland Wroclaw HSCT donors CytokineEuropeCytokine116
Poland Wroclaw HSCT recipients CytokineEuropeCytokine134

  Portugal (36)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
AzoresEuropeHLA 1,050
Azores Central IslandsEuropeHLA 59
Azores Oriental IslandsEuropeHLA 43
Azores Terceira IslandEuropeHLA 130
MadeiraEuropeHLA 185
Madeira pop 2EuropeHLA 173
Madeira pop 3EuropeHLA 538
Portugal AveiroEuropeHLA 5,933
Portugal Azores Terceira IslandEuropeHLA 130
Portugal Azores Terceira Island KIREuropeKIR 127
Portugal BejaEuropeHLA 699
Portugal BragaEuropeHLA 1,971
Portugal BragançaEuropeHLA 301
Portugal Castelo BrancoEuropeHLA 327
Portugal CenterEuropeHLA 50
Portugal Center pop 2EuropeHLA 562
Portugal CoimbraEuropeHLA 5,057
Portugal EvoraEuropeHLA 737
Portugal FaroEuropeHLA 1,242
Portugal GuardaEuropeHLA 797
Portugal KIREuropeKIR 65
Portugal LeiriaEuropeHLA 1,847
Portugal LisbonEuropeHLA 17,420
Portugal NorthEuropeHLA 46
Portugal North pop 2EuropeHLA 1,801
Portugal PortalegreEuropeHLA 1,254
Portugal PortoEuropeHLA 7,937
Portugal SantaremEuropeHLA 3,865
Portugal SetubalEuropeHLA 5,268
Portugal SouthEuropeHLA 49
Portugal South pop 2EuropeHLA 1,021
Portugal Viana do CasteloEuropeHLA 706
Portugal Vila RealEuropeHLA 1,167
Portugal ViseuEuropeHLA 2,915
Portugal Azores Terceira Island CytokineEuropeCytokine117
Portugal Center CytokineEuropeCytokine174

  Republic of Kosovo (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
KosovoEuropeHLA 124

  Reunion (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Reunion Mixed KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 101

  Romania (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
RomaniaEuropeHLA 348
Romania KIREuropeKIR 123
Romania pop 2EuropeHLA 6,936
Romania pop 3EuropeHLA 1,469
Romania CytokineEuropeCytokine147

  Russia (60)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Russia Belgorod regionNorth-East AsiaHLA 153
Russia Adygei KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 54
Russia ArkhangelskNorth-East AsiaHLA 81
Russia Arkhangelsk PomorNorth-East AsiaHLA 63
Russia Bashkortostan, BashkirsNorth-East AsiaHLA 120
Russia Bashkortostan, TatarsNorth-East AsiaHLA 192
Russia Bering Island AleutsNorth-East AsiaHLA 104
Russia Chechens KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 48
Russia ChuvashNorth-East AsiaHLA 82
Russia KareliaNorth-East AsiaHLA 1,075
Russia Kostroma RegionNorth-East AsiaHLA 126
Russia MariNorth-East AsiaHLA 202
Russia MoscowNorth-East AsiaHLA 2,650
Russia Moscow KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 84
Russia Moscow Pop 2North-East AsiaHLA 2,000
Russia Murmansk Saomi MixedNorth-East AsiaHLA 70
Russia Nenet MixedNorth-East AsiaHLA 55
Russia Nizhny Novgorod, RussiansNorth-East AsiaHLA 1,510
Russia North Ossetian North-East AsiaHLA 127
Russia NorthwestNorth-East AsiaHLA 1,011
Russia Northwest pop 3North-East AsiaHLA 100
Russia Northwest pop 2North-East AsiaHLA 346
Russia Northwest pop 3 KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 100
Russia Northwest SlavicNorth-East AsiaHLA 200
Russia Sakhalin Island NivkhiNorth-East AsiaHLA 53
Russia Samara RegionNorth-East AsiaHLA 2,500
Russia Siberia ChukchiNorth-East AsiaHLA 71
Russia Siberia Chukotka Peninsula ChukchiNorth-East AsiaHLA 59
Russia Siberia Chukotka Peninsula EskimoNorth-East AsiaHLA 80
Russia Siberia Dudinka NganasanNorth-East AsiaHLA 24
Russia Siberia EskimoNorth-East AsiaHLA 70
Russia Siberia Gvaysugi UdegeNorth-East AsiaHLA 25
Russia Siberia Irkutsk TofalarNorth-East AsiaHLA 43
Russia Siberia Khabarovsk EvenkiNorth-East AsiaHLA 25
Russia Siberia Khanty MansiNorth-East AsiaHLA 68
Russia Siberia Kushun BuryatNorth-East AsiaHLA 25
Russia Siberia Lower Yenisey KetNorth-East AsiaHLA 17
Russia Siberia NegidalNorth-East AsiaHLA 35
Russia Siberia North East Kamchatka KoryakNorth-East AsiaHLA 92
Russia Siberia NW of Sakhalin Island NivkhNorth-East AsiaHLA 32
Russia Siberia Polygus EvenkNorth-East AsiaHLA 35
Russia Siberia Sulamai KetNorth-East AsiaHLA 22
Russia Siberia UlchiNorth-East AsiaHLA 73
Russia Siberia Yakut KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 51
Russia SmolenskNorth-East AsiaHLA 156
Russia South Ural BashkirNorth-East AsiaHLA 146
Russia South Ural RussianNorth-East AsiaHLA 207
Russia South Ural TatarNorth-East AsiaHLA 135
Russia TatarsNorth-East AsiaHLA 355
Russia Transbaikal Territory BuryatsNorth-East AsiaHLA 150
Russia Tundra Nentsi NA-DHS_1 (G)North-East AsiaHLA 16
Russia TuvaNorth-East AsiaHLA 190
Russia Tuva pop 2North-East AsiaHLA 169
Russia Tuva pop3North-East AsiaHLA 44
Russia Tuva TodjaNorth-East AsiaHLA 22
Russia VologdaNorth-East AsiaHLA 121
Russia Vologda KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 47
Russia, South Ural, Chelyabinsk region, NagaybaksNorth-East AsiaHLA 112
Russian Federation Vologda RegionNorth-East AsiaHLA 119
Russia Moscow CytokineNorth-East AsiaCytokine228

  Rwanda (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
RwandaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 280
Rwanda Kigali Hutu and TutsiSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 281

  Samoa (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
SamoaOceaniaHLA 29
Samoa KIROceaniaKIR 50
Samoa pop 3OceaniaHLA 65
Samoa pop2OceaniaHLA 50
Samoa WestOceaniaHLA 22
Western Samoa and TokelauOceaniaHLA 51

  Sao Tome and Principe (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Sao Tome Island AngolarSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 32
Sao Tome Island ForroSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 66

  Saudi Arabia (12)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Saudi ArabiaWestern AsiaHLA 18
Saudi Arabia Guraiat and HailWestern AsiaHLA 213
Saudi Arabia KIRWestern AsiaKIR 162
Saudi Arabia KIR pop 2Western AsiaKIR 148
Saudi Arabia KIR pop 3Western AsiaKIR 65
Saudi Arabia pop 2Western AsiaHLA 383
Saudi Arabia pop 3Western AsiaHLA 50
Saudi Arabia pop 4Western AsiaHLA 499
Saudi Arabia pop 5Western AsiaHLA 158
Saudi Arabia pop 6 (G)Western AsiaHLA 28,927
Saudi Arabia Riyadh KIRWestern AsiaKIR 152
Saudi Arabia Riyadh MICWestern AsiaMIC 18

  Scotland (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Scotland OrkneyEuropeHLA 99
Scotland Orkney KIREuropeKIR 90

  Senegal (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Senegal DakarSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 112
Senegal KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 118
Senegal Niokholo MandenkaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 165

  Serbia (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
SerbiaEuropeHLA 386
Serbia pop 2EuropeHLA 102
Serbia pop 3EuropeHLA 1,992
Serbia VojvodinaEuropeHLA 400
Serbia Vojvodina KIREuropeKIR 134

  Singapore (13)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Singapore ChineseSouth-East AsiaHLA 149
Singapore Chinese HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 94
Singapore Chinese KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 47
Singapore Chinese KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 210
Singapore Indians KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 80
Singapore JavanesesSouth-East AsiaHLA 51
Singapore Malays KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 80
Singapore Riau MalaySouth-East AsiaHLA 132
Singapore SGVP Chinese CHSSouth-East AsiaHLA 96
Singapore SGVP Malay MASSouth-East AsiaHLA 89
Singapore SGVP. Indian INSSouth-East AsiaHLA 86
Singapore ThaiSouth-East AsiaHLA 100
Singapore Chinese CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine83

  Slovakia (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
SlovakiaEuropeHLA 146
Slovakia pop 2EuropeHLA 4,234
Slovakia CytokineEuropeCytokine140

  Slovenia (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
SloveniaEuropeHLA 100
Slovenia KIREuropeKIR 130
Slovenia pop 2EuropeHLA 140
Slovenia pop 3EuropeHLA 130
Slovenia MICEuropeMIC 70

  Solomon Islands (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Solomon Islands KIROceaniaKIR 40

  South Africa (17)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
South Africa Black African KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 167
South Africa Carletonville Gauteng KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 81
South Africa Caucasian KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 97
South Africa CaucasiansSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 102
South Africa Indian KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 50
South Africa Limpopo VendaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 117
South Africa Mixed Ancestry KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 50
South Africa Natal TamilSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 51
South Africa Natal ZuluSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 100
South Africa San KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 91
South Africa TswanaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 41
South Africa WorcesterSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 159
South Africa Xhosa KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 50
South African BlackSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 142
South African Indian populationSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 50
South African Mixed ancestrySub-Saharan AfricaHLA 50
South Africa Natal Region Zulu CytokineSub-Saharan AfricaCytokine86

  Spain (51)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
SpainEuropeHLA 60
Spain (Catalunya, Navarra, Extremadura, Aaragón, Cantabria, EuropeHLA 4,335
Spain AndalusiaEuropeHLA 99
Spain Andalusia RomaniEuropeHLA 99
Spain Arratia Valley BasqueEuropeHLA 83
Spain Avilés KIREuropeKIR 339
Spain BarcelonaEuropeHLA 941
Spain Basque KIREuropeKIR 71
Spain Cantabria KIREuropeKIR 230
Spain Catalonia GironaEuropeHLA 88
Spain Galicia and MurciaEuropeHLA 473
Spain Gipuzkoa BasqueEuropeHLA 100
Spain GranadaEuropeHLA 280
Spain Granada KIREuropeKIR 100
Spain IbizaEuropeHLA 88
Spain Las AlpujarrasEuropeHLA 85
Spain MadridEuropeHLA 504
Spain Madrid KIREuropeKIR 131
Spain MajorcaEuropeHLA 407
Spain Majorca and MinorcaEuropeHLA 90
Spain Majorca KIREuropeKIR 63
Spain Majorcans JewsEuropeHLA 103
Spain MalagaEuropeHLA 160
Spain Malaga RomaniEuropeHLA 80
Spain MinorcaEuropeHLA 94
Spain MurciaEuropeHLA 173
Spain Murcia KIR EuropeKIR 200
Spain Navarre BasquesEuropeHLA 116
Spain NorthEuropeHLA 156
Spain North CabuernigaEuropeHLA 95
Spain North CantabriaEuropeHLA 83
Spain NorthwestEuropeHLA 1,818
Spain Northwest LugoEuropeHLA 145
Spain Pas ValleyEuropeHLA 88
Spain pop 2EuropeHLA 114
Spain SevillaEuropeHLA 278
Spain Sevilla KIREuropeKIR 278
Spain Tenerife IslandEuropeHLA 83
Spain ValenciaEuropeHLA 577
Spain, Canary Islands, Gran canaria islandEuropeHLA 215
Spain, Castilla y Leon, Northwest, EuropeHLA 1,743
Spain CytokineEuropeCytokine97
Spain Granada CytokineEuropeCytokine102
Spain Granada Cytokine pop 2EuropeCytokine176
Spain Lugo CytokineEuropeCytokine128
Spain Majorca Chueta MICEuropeMIC 95
Spain Majorca MICEuropeMIC 165
Spain Malaga MICEuropeMIC 241
Spain MICEuropeMIC 116
Spain MIC pop 2EuropeMIC 342
Spain Murcia MICEuropeMIC 154

  Sri Lanka (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Sri Lanka ColomboSouth AsiaHLA 714
Sri Lanka Colombo SinhaleseSouth AsiaHLA 101

  Sudan (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Sudan Central RegionNorth AfricaHLA 97
Sudan Central Shaigiya MixedNorth AfricaHLA 36
Sudan East RashaidaNorth AfricaHLA 27
Sudan KhartoumNorth AfricaHLA 98
Sudan MixedNorth AfricaHLA 200
Sudan South NubaNorth AfricaHLA 46

  Sweden (13)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
SwedenEuropeHLA 99
Sweden KIREuropeKIR 102
Sweden Northern SamiEuropeHLA 154
Sweden pop 2EuropeHLA 200
Sweden pop 3EuropeHLA 175
Sweden pop 4EuropeHLA 966
Sweden pop 5EuropeHLA 1,569
Sweden Southern SamiEuropeHLA 130
Sweden StockholmEuropeHLA 1,347
Sweden UppsalaEuropeHLA 300
Sweden Vasterbotten KIREuropeKIR 150
Sweden West CytokineEuropeCytokine103
Sweden MICEuropeMIC 503

  Switzerland (12)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Switzerland Aargau-SolothurnEuropeHLA 1,838
Switzerland BaselEuropeHLA 1,888
Switzerland BernEuropeHLA 3,545
Switzerland GenevaEuropeHLA 80
Switzerland Geneva pop 2EuropeHLA 1,267
Switzerland GraubundenEuropeHLA 759
Switzerland LausanneEuropeHLA 993
Switzerland LuganoEuropeHLA 1,169
Switzerland LuzernEuropeHLA 1,553
Switzerland SionEuropeHLA 832
Switzerland St GallenEuropeHLA 2,113
Switzerland ZurichEuropeHLA 4,875

  Taiwan (57)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
TaiwanSouth-East AsiaHLA 65
Taiwan AborigineSouth-East AsiaHLA 111
Taiwan Aborigine pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 48
Taiwan AmiSouth-East AsiaHLA 98
Taiwan Ami KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 40
Taiwan Ami pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan AtayalSouth-East AsiaHLA 106
Taiwan Atayal pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan BununSouth-East AsiaHLA 101
Taiwan Bunun pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from Middle ChinaSouth-East AsiaHLA 211
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from North ChinaSouth-East AsiaHLA 152
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from South ChinaSouth-East AsiaHLA 172
Taiwan HakkaSouth-East AsiaHLA 55
Taiwan Hakka KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 40
Taiwan Hakka pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 714
Taiwan HanSouth-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan Han ChineseSouth-East AsiaHLA 504
Taiwan Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 157
Taiwan Han KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 59
Taiwan Han KIR pop 3South-East AsiaKIR 48
Taiwan Han KIR pop 4South-East AsiaKIR 97
Taiwan KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 96
Taiwan Minnan and HakkaSouth-East AsiaHLA 190
Taiwan Minnan pop 1South-East AsiaHLA 102
Taiwan Minnan pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 7,137
Taiwan Orchid Island YamiSouth-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan PaiwanSouth-East AsiaHLA 51
Taiwan Paiwan pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan PazehSouth-East AsiaHLA 55
Taiwan pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 364
Taiwan pop 3South-East AsiaHLA 212
Taiwan pop1South-East AsiaHLA 539
Taiwan PuyumaSouth-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan Puyuma pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan RukaiSouth-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan Rukai pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan SaisiatSouth-East AsiaHLA 51
Taiwan Saisiat pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan SirayaSouth-East AsiaHLA 51
Taiwan TaoSouth-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan TarokoSouth-East AsiaHLA 55
Taiwan Taroko Atayal KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 42
Taiwan ThaoSouth-East AsiaHLA 30
Taiwan TsouSouth-East AsiaHLA 51
Taiwan Tsou pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 50
Taiwan Tzu Chi Morrow Donor Registry South-East AsiaHLA 46,682
Taiwan Tzu Chi Morrow Donor Registry AborigineSouth-East AsiaHLA 233
Taiwan Tzu Chi Cord Blood BankSouth-East AsiaHLA 710
Taiwan Ami CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine50
Taiwan Atayal CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine50
Taiwan CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine184
Taiwan Cytokine pop 2South-East AsiaCytokine166
Taiwan Hakka CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine45
Taiwan Minnan CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine50
Taiwan Tsou CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine50
Taiwan Yami CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine40

  Tanzania (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Tanzania Dodoma KongwaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 212
Tanzania KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 77
Tanzania MaasaiSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 336
Tanzania pop 2 KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 67

  Thailand (20)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
ThailandSouth-East AsiaHLA 142
Thailand BangkokSouth-East AsiaHLA 104
Thailand Bangkok KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 119
Thailand Bangkok KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 100
Thailand Bangkok KIR pop 3South-East AsiaKIR 150
Thailand Bangkok pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 50
Thailand Bangkok pop 3South-East AsiaHLA 187
Thailand Bangkok pop 4South-East AsiaHLA 100
Thailand East Chanthaburi KhmerSouth-East AsiaHLA 83
Thailand Kamphaeng PhetSouth-East AsiaHLA 97
Thailand North Dai LueSouth-East AsiaHLA 96
Thailand North East KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 235
Thailand NortheastSouth-East AsiaHLA 66
Thailand Northeast pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 400
Thailand pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 124
Thailand pop 3South-East AsiaHLA 49
Thailand pop 4South-East AsiaHLA 16,807
Thailand CytokineSouth-East AsiaCytokine154
Thailand North East MICSouth-East AsiaMIC 255
Thailand North East MIC pop 2South-East AsiaMIC 100

  Timor-Leste (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
East Timor KIROceaniaKIR 50

  Tokelau (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
TokelauOceaniaHLA 50
Tokelau KIROceaniaKIR 47

  Tonga (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
TongaOceaniaHLA 50
Tonga KIROceaniaKIR 49
Tonga pop 2OceaniaHLA 50

  Trinidad and Tobago (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Trinidad AfricanSouth and Central AmericaHLA 67
Trinidad Africans KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 62
Trinidad South AsianSouth and Central AmericaHLA 87
Trinidad South Asians KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 108

  Tunisia (10)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
TunisiaNorth AfricaHLA 100
Tunisia GabesNorth AfricaHLA 95
Tunisia Gabes ArabNorth AfricaHLA 96
Tunisia GhannouchNorth AfricaHLA 82
Tunisia Jerba BerberNorth AfricaHLA 55
Tunisia KIRNorth AfricaKIR 114
Tunisia Matmata BerberNorth AfricaHLA 81
Tunisia pop 2North AfricaHLA 111
Tunisia pop 3North AfricaHLA 104
Tunisia CytokineNorth AfricaCytokine157

  Turkey (15)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Turkey Anatolia central regionWestern AsiaHLA 6,100
Turkey AnkaraWestern AsiaHLA 50
Turkey IstanbulWestern AsiaHLA 250
Turkey KIRWestern AsiaKIR 76
Turkey KIR pop 2Western AsiaKIR 154
Turkey KIR pop 3Western AsiaKIR 187
Turkey pop 1Western AsiaHLA 250
Turkey pop 2Western AsiaHLA 228
Turkey pop 3Western AsiaHLA 50
Turkey pop 4Western AsiaHLA 202
Turkey pop 5Western AsiaHLA 142
Turkey South KIRWestern AsiaKIR 200
Turkey Bursa CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine60
Turkey Istanbul CytokineWestern AsiaCytokine104
Turkey MICWestern AsiaMIC 65

  Uganda (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Uganda BagandaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 47
Uganda KampalaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 161
Uganda Kampala KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 492
Uganda Kampala pop 2Sub-Saharan AfricaHLA 175
Uganda Baganda CytokineSub-Saharan AfricaCytokine115

  Ukraine (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ukraine KhmelnytskyiEuropeHLA 138
Ukraine LvovEuropeHLA 102

  United Arab Emirates (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
United Arab EmiratesWestern AsiaHLA 298
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Western AsiaHLA 52
United Arab Emirates Pop 1Western AsiaHLA 570
United Arab Emirates pop 2Western AsiaHLA 373

  United Kingdom (8)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
United KingdomEuropeHLA 187
United Kingdom CentralEuropeHLA 135
United Kingdom EastEuropeHLA 163
United Kingdom NorthEuropeHLA 330
United Kingdom OrkneyEuropeHLA 88
United Kingdom pop 2EuropeHLA 101
United Kingdom pop 3EuropeHLA 604
United Kingdom South WestEuropeHLA 163

  United States (124)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
USA African AmericanNorth AmericaHLA 252
USA African American BethesdaNorth AmericaHLA 187
USA African American KIRNorth AmericaKIR 569
USA African American KIR pop 2North AmericaKIR 100
USA African American pop 2North AmericaHLA 149
USA African American pop 3North AmericaHLA 564
USA African American pop 4North AmericaHLA 2,411
USA African American pop 5North AmericaHLA 38
USA African American pop 6North AmericaHLA 42
USA African American pop 7North AmericaHLA 193
USA African American pop 8North AmericaHLA 605
USA Alaska YupikNorth AmericaHLA 252
USA Arizona Gila River AmerindianNorth AmericaHLA 492
USA Arizona Gila River PimaNorth AmericaHLA 3,000
USA Arizona PimaNorth AmericaHLA 100
USA Arizona Pima pop2North AmericaHLA 18
USA AsianNorth AmericaHLA 358
USA Asian pop 2North AmericaHLA 1,772
USA Boston KIRNorth AmericaKIR 53
USA California African American KIRNorth AmericaKIR 58
USA California African American pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 92
USA California Asian American KIRNorth AmericaKIR 150
USA California Asian American pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 37
USA California Caucasians KIRNorth AmericaKIR 195
USA California Caucasians pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 100
USA California Hispanic KIRNorth AmericaKIR 128
USA California Hispanic pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 156
USA CaucasianNorth AmericaHLA 61,655
USA Caucasian BethesdaNorth AmericaHLA 307
USA Caucasian HoustonNorth AmericaHLA 194
USA Caucasian KIRNorth AmericaKIR 255
USA Caucasian NMDP KIRNorth AmericaKIR 75
USA Caucasian PittsburghNorth AmericaHLA 177
USA Caucasian pop 2North AmericaHLA 265
USA Caucasian pop 3North AmericaHLA 88
USA Caucasian pop 4North AmericaHLA 1,070
USA Caucasian pop 5North AmericaHLA 268
USA Colorado Univ Cord Blood Bank African AmericanNorth AmericaHLA 261
USA Colorado Univ Cord Blood Bank AsianNorth AmericaHLA 100
USA Colorado Univ Cord Blood Bank CaucasianNorth AmericaHLA 3,830
USA Colorado Univ Cord Blood Bank HispanicNorth AmericaHLA 1,058
USA Eastern EuropeanNorth AmericaHLA 558
USA Eastern KIRNorth AmericaKIR 213
USA European AmericanNorth AmericaHLA 1,899
USA European American pop 2North AmericaHLA 1,245
USA European KIRNorth AmericaKIR 1,465
USA HawaiiOceaniaHLA 39
USA Hawaii OkinawaOceaniaHLA 106
USA HispanicNorth AmericaHLA 234
USA Hispanic pop 2North AmericaHLA 1,999
USA Italy AncestryNorth AmericaHLA 273
USA Mexican American MestizoNorth AmericaHLA 553
USA Mexican American Mestizo pop 2North AmericaHLA 113
USA Mexican American Mestizo pop 3North AmericaHLA 116
USA Minnesota OlmstedNorth AmericaHLA 339
USA New Mexico Canoncito NavajoNorth AmericaHLA 42
USA New Mexico ZuniNorth AmericaHLA 51
USA NMDP AfricanNorth AmericaHLA 28,557
USA NMDP African AmericanNorth AmericaHLA 412,861
USA NMDP African American pop 2North AmericaHLA 416,581
USA NMDP Alaska Native or AleutNorth AmericaHLA 1,376
USA NMDP American Indian South or Central AmericaNorth AmericaHLA 5,926
USA NMDP Asian and Pacific IslanderNorth AmericaHLA 359,423
USA NMDP Black South or Central AmericanNorth AmericaHLA 4,889
USA NMDP Caribean BlackNorth AmericaHLA 33,328
USA NMDP Caribean HispanicNorth AmericaHLA 115,374
USA NMDP Caribean IndianNorth AmericaHLA 14,339
USA NMDP CaucasianNorth AmericaHLA 2,361,208
USA NMDP ChineseNorth AmericaHLA 99,672
USA NMDP European CaucasianNorth AmericaHLA 1,242,890
USA NMDP FilipinoNorth AmericaHLA 50,614
USA NMDP Hawaiian or other Pacific IslanderNorth AmericaHLA 11,499
USA NMDP HispanicNorth AmericaHLA 449,844
USA NMDP Hispanic South or Central AmericanNorth AmericaHLA 146,714
USA NMDP JapaneseNorth AmericaHLA 24,582
USA NMDP KoreanNorth AmericaHLA 77,584
USA NMDP Mexican or ChicanoNorth AmericaHLA 261,235
USA NMDP Middle Eastern or North Coast of AfricaNorth AmericaHLA 70,890
USA NMDP North American AmerindianNorth AmericaHLA 35,791
USA NMDP South Asian IndianNorth AmericaHLA 185,391
USA NMDP Southeast AsianNorth AmericaHLA 27,978
USA NMDP VietnameseNorth AmericaHLA 43,540
USA North American NativeNorth AmericaHLA 187
USA OPTN African AmericanNorth AmericaHLA 1,510
USA OPTN AsianNorth AmericaHLA 261
USA OPTN CaucasianNorth AmericaHLA 8,525
USA OPTN HispanicNorth AmericaHLA 1,580
USA Philadelphia CaucasianNorth AmericaHLA 141
USA PhilippinesNorth AmericaHLA 105
USA San Antonio CaucasianNorth AmericaHLA 222
USA San DiegoNorth AmericaHLA 496
USA San Francisco CaucasianNorth AmericaHLA 220
USA South Dakota HutteritieNorth AmericaHLA 80
USA South Dakota Lakota SiouxNorth AmericaHLA 302
USA South Dakota SiouxNorth AmericaHLA 101
USA South Texas HispanicNorth AmericaHLA 194
USA Southeast African AmericanNorth AmericaHLA 112
USA Southern California MestizoNorth AmericaHLA 73
USA Spain AncestryNorth AmericaHLA 279
USA Springfield Puerto Rican KIRNorth AmericaKIR 74
USA Virginia CaucasianNorth AmericaHLA 263
USA African American CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine691
USA African American Heart Recs CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine39
USA Amerindian Bone Marrow Donors CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine23
USA Bronx Hispanic CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine173
USA Caucasian Bone Marrow Donors CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine1,477
USA Caucasian Heart Recs CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine243
USA Florida Cuban CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine295
USA Hispanic Bone Marrow Donors CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine74
USA Hispanic Heart Recs CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine82
USA N Carolina African American CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine42
USA N Carolina Caucasian CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine81
USA Pennsylvania Heart Recipients Af Amer CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine19
USA Pennsylvania Heart Recipients Cauc CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine75
USA Southeast African American CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine250
USA Southeast Caucasian CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine145
USA Upstate NY Af Am Renal Recs CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine16
USA Upstate NY Caucasian Heart Recs CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine64
USA Upstate NY Caucasian Renal Recs CytokineNorth AmericaCytokine133
USA African American MICNorth AmericaMIC 201
USA African American MIC pop 2North AmericaMIC 39
USA Boston African American MICNorth AmericaMIC 60
USA Caucasian MICNorth AmericaMIC 103
USA Caucasian MIC pop2North AmericaMIC 242

  Uruguay (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Uruguay Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 41

  Uzbekistan (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Uzbekistan KIRCentral AsiaKIR 67

  Venezuela (18)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Venezuela Aroy YucpaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 17
Venezuela Bari KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 80
Venezuela Campo Rosario BariSouth and Central AmericaHLA 26
Venezuela Caracas MestizoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 50
Venezuela Colonia TovarSouth and Central AmericaHLA 86
Venezuela Marewa YucpaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 29
Venezuela Mestizo KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 205
Venezuela Orinoco Delta WaraoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 34
Venezuela Peraya YucpaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 26
Venezuela Perja Mountain BariSouth and Central AmericaHLA 55
Venezuela Saimadoyi BariSouth and Central AmericaHLA 35
Venezuela Sierra de Perija YucpaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 73
Venezuela Valencia and Maracaibo Caracus MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 96
Venezuela Warao KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 89
Venezuela Yucpa KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 61
Venezuela Zulia Maracaibo MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 20
Venezuela Zulia San Jose de Heras MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 20
Venezuela Mixed CytokineSouth and Central AmericaCytokine46

  Vietnam (8)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Vietnam HanoiSouth-East AsiaHLA 50
Vietnam Hanoi KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 140
Vietnam Hanoi KinhSouth-East AsiaHLA 103
Vietnam Hanoi Kinh pop 2South-East AsiaHLA 170
Vietnam Hanoi KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 59
Vietnam HoaBinh MuongSouth-East AsiaHLA 83
Vietnam Kinh South-East AsiaHLA 101
Vietnam Kinh DQB1South-East AsiaHLA 2,076

  Wales (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
WalesEuropeHLA 1,798
Wales pop 2EuropeHLA 39,979
Wales MICEuropeMIC 166

  Yemen (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Yemen Jews KIRWestern AsiaKIR 43

  Zambia (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
ZambiaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 256
Zambia LusakaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 44

  Zimbabwe (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Zimbabwe Harare KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 97
Zimbabwe Harare ShonaSub-Saharan AfricaHLA 230
Zimbabwe Harare Shona pop2Sub-Saharan AfricaHLA 108
Zimbabwe KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 93
Zimbabwe Harare Shona CytokineSub-Saharan AfricaCytokine118


Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.

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