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  Algeria (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
AlgeriaNorth AfricaHLA 97
Algeria OranNorth AfricaHLA 100
Algeria pop 2North AfricaHLA 106

  Armenia (10)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Armenia combined RegionsWestern AsiaHLA 100
Armenia GhegharkunikWestern AsiaHLA 242
Armenia living in IranWestern AsiaHLA 85
Armenia living in KarabakhWestern AsiaHLA 445
Armenia living in LebanonWestern AsiaHLA 368
Armenia living in USAWestern AsiaHLA 233
Armenia LoriWestern AsiaHLA 102
Armenia ShirakWestern AsiaHLA 76
Armenia SyunikWestern AsiaHLA 117
Armenia YerevanWestern AsiaHLA 445

  Gaza (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
GazaWestern AsiaHLA 42
Gaza PalestiniansWestern AsiaHLA 165

  Iran (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Iran pop 1Western AsiaHLA 64
Iran pop 2Western AsiaHLA 120
Iran pop 3Western AsiaHLA 100

  Iraq (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Iraq ArabsWestern AsiaHLA 149

  Israel (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Israel ArabWestern AsiaHLA 109
Israel Arab DruzeWestern AsiaHLA 101
Israel Arab pop 2Western AsiaHLA 12,301
Israel DruzeWestern AsiaHLA 5,914

  Jordan (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
JordanWestern AsiaHLA 15,141
Jordan AmmanWestern AsiaHLA 146

  Lebanon (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Lebanon Kafar ZubianWestern AsiaHLA 94
Lebanon Niha el ShouffWestern AsiaHLA 61
Lebanon pop 2Western AsiaHLA 191
Lebanon YuhmurWestern AsiaHLA 82

  Morocco (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
MoroccoNorth AfricaHLA 96
Morocco Atlantic Coast ChaouyaNorth AfricaHLA 98
Morocco CasablancaNorth AfricaHLA 100
Morocco Nador MetalsaNorth AfricaHLA 99
Morocco Nador Metalsa pop 2North AfricaHLA 73
Morocco Souss RegionNorth AfricaHLA 98

  Oman (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
OmanWestern AsiaHLA 118

  Saudi Arabia (7)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Saudi ArabiaWestern AsiaHLA 18
Saudi Arabia Guraiat and HailWestern AsiaHLA 213
Saudi Arabia pop 2Western AsiaHLA 383
Saudi Arabia pop 3Western AsiaHLA 50
Saudi Arabia pop 4Western AsiaHLA 499
Saudi Arabia pop 5Western AsiaHLA 158
Saudi Arabia pop 6 (G)Western AsiaHLA 28,927

  Sudan (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Sudan East RashaidaNorth AfricaHLA 27

  Tunisia (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
TunisiaNorth AfricaHLA 100
Tunisia Gabes ArabNorth AfricaHLA 96
Tunisia GhannouchNorth AfricaHLA 82
Tunisia pop 2North AfricaHLA 111
Tunisia pop 3North AfricaHLA 104

  United Arab Emirates (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
United Arab EmiratesWestern AsiaHLA 298
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Western AsiaHLA 52
United Arab Emirates Pop 1Western AsiaHLA 570
United Arab Emirates pop 2Western AsiaHLA 373

  United States (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
USA NMDP Middle Eastern or North Coast of AfricaNorth AmericaHLA 70,890


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Liverpool, U.K.

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