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  Argentina (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Argentina CorrientesSouth and Central AmericaHLA 155

  Brazil (47)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Brazil Belem MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 100
Brazil Curitiba-Parana MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 264
Brazil Mato Grosso do SulSouth and Central AmericaHLA 203
Brazil Minas Gerais State MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 1,000
Brazil MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 108
Brazil North East MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 205
Brazil Parana CafuzoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 319
Brazil Parana MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 52
Brazil Parana Mixed raceSouth and Central AmericaHLA 186
Brazil Pernambuco MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 101
Brazil Piaui MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 21,943
Brazil REDOME AcreSouth and Central AmericaHLA 859
Brazil REDOME AlagoasSouth and Central AmericaHLA 25,349
Brazil REDOME AmapaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 17,864
Brazil REDOME AmazonasSouth and Central AmericaHLA 24,129
Brazil REDOME BahiaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 47,399
Brazil REDOME CearaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 101,217
Brazil REDOME Espirito SantoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 88,485
Brazil REDOME Federal DistrictSouth and Central AmericaHLA 29,549
Brazil REDOME GoiasSouth and Central AmericaHLA 88,574
Brazil REDOME MaranhaoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 10,180
Brazil REDOME Mato GrossoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 34,649
Brazil REDOME Mato Grosso do SulSouth and Central AmericaHLA 95,667
Brazil REDOME Minas GeraisSouth and Central AmericaHLA 211,275
Brazil REDOME ParaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 72,637
Brazil REDOME ParaibaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 43,868
Brazil REDOME ParanaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 341,639
Brazil REDOME PernambucoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 92,332
Brazil REDOME PiauiSouth and Central AmericaHLA 46,140
Brazil REDOME Rio de JaneiroSouth and Central AmericaHLA 139,322
Brazil REDOME Rio Grande do NorteSouth and Central AmericaHLA 46,603
Brazil REDOME Rio Grande do SulSouth and Central AmericaHLA 241,329
Brazil REDOME RondoniaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 54,396
Brazil REDOME RoraimaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 4,140
Brazil REDOME Santa CatarinaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 106,673
Brazil REDOME Sao PauloSouth and Central AmericaHLA 800,809
Brazil REDOME SergipeSouth and Central AmericaHLA 7,321
Brazil REDOME TocantinsSouth and Central AmericaHLA 20,692
Brazil Rio Grande do Sul MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 324
Brazil Sao Paulo Bauru MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 3,542
Brazil Sao Paulo MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 239
Brazil Sao Paulo pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 103
Brazil South East Cord Blood South and Central AmericaHLA 11,409
Brazil South Ribeirao PretoSouth and Central AmericaHLA 184
Brazil Southeast Campinas MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 99
Brazil Southeast Mixed RaceSouth and Central AmericaHLA 42
Brazil Vale do Ribeira QuilombosSouth and Central AmericaHLA 144

  Chile (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Chile Santiago MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 70

  China (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
China Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region NortheastSouth-East AsiaHLA 496

  Colombia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Colombia BarranquillaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 188

  Cuba (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Cuba MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 78
Cuba Mixed pop 2South and Central AmericaHLA 189
Cuba Mixed RaceSouth and Central AmericaHLA 42

  Ecuador (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ecuador Amazonia Mixed Ancestry South and Central AmericaHLA 39
Ecuador Andes Mixed Ancestry South and Central AmericaHLA 824
Ecuador Coast Mixed Ancestry South and Central AmericaHLA 238
Ecuador Mixed Ancestry South and Central AmericaHLA 1,173

  England (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
England Blood Donors of Mixed EthnicityEuropeHLA 519
England North West Mixed pop 2EuropeHLA 379
England Northwest MixedEuropeHLA 2,960

  France (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
France BordeauxEuropeHLA 990
France GrenobleEuropeHLA 1,000
France MarseilleEuropeHLA 1,000
France Rennes pop 4EuropeHLA 1,000

  Lebanon (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Lebanon MixedWestern AsiaHLA 97

  Libya (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Libya CyrenaicaNorth AfricaHLA 118

  Mexico (79)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Mexico Aguascalientes stateNorth AmericaHLA 95
Mexico Baja Californa, MexicaliNorth AmericaHLA 100
Mexico Baja California RuralNorth AmericaHLA 50
Mexico Baja California, La PazNorth AmericaHLA 75
Mexico Baja California, TijuanaNorth AmericaHLA 25
Mexico Campeche RuralNorth AmericaHLA 47
Mexico Campeche, Campeche cityNorth AmericaHLA 34
Mexico Chiapas RuralNorth AmericaHLA 121
Mexico Chiapas, Tuxtla GutierrezNorth AmericaHLA 52
Mexico Chihuahua Chihuahua CityNorth AmericaHLA 119
Mexico Chihuahua RuralNorth AmericaHLA 236
Mexico Chihuahua, Ciudad JuarezNorth AmericaHLA 106
Mexico Coahuila RuralNorth AmericaHLA 216
Mexico Coahuila, SaltilloNorth AmericaHLA 72
Mexico Coahuila, TorreonNorth AmericaHLA 396
Mexico Colima RuralNorth AmericaHLA 43
Mexico Colima, Colima cityNorth AmericaHLA 61
Mexico Durango RuralNorth AmericaHLA 326
Mexico Durango, Durango cityNorth AmericaHLA 153
Mexico Guanajuato RuralNorth AmericaHLA 162
Mexico Guanajuato, Guanajuato cityNorth AmericaHLA 22
Mexico Guanajuato, LeonNorth AmericaHLA 78
Mexico Guerrero stateNorth AmericaHLA 144
Mexico Hidalgo RuralNorth AmericaHLA 81
Mexico Hidalgo, PachucaNorth AmericaHLA 41
Mexico Jalisco RuralNorth AmericaHLA 585
Mexico Jalisco, Guadalajara cityNorth AmericaHLA 1,189
Mexico Jalisco, TlajomulcoNorth AmericaHLA 30
Mexico Jalisco, TlaquepaqueNorth AmericaHLA 39
Mexico Jalisco, TonalaNorth AmericaHLA 35
Mexico Jalisco, ZapopanNorth AmericaHLA 168
Mexico Mestizo pop 4North AmericaHLA 269
Mexico Mexico City CenterNorth AmericaHLA 152
Mexico Mexico City EastNorth AmericaHLA 79
Mexico Mexico City Metropolitan Area RuralNorth AmericaHLA 150
Mexico Mexico City NorthNorth AmericaHLA 751
Mexico Mexico City SouthNorth AmericaHLA 52
Mexico Mexico City WestNorth AmericaHLA 33
Mexico Michoacan RuralNorth AmericaHLA 348
Mexico Michoacan, MoreliaNorth AmericaHLA 150
Mexico Morelos RuralNorth AmericaHLA 30
Mexico Morelos, CuernavacaNorth AmericaHLA 82
Mexico Nayarit RuralNorth AmericaHLA 64
Mexico Nayarit, TepicNorth AmericaHLA 97
Mexico Nuevo Leon RuralNorth AmericaHLA 439
Mexico Nuevo Leon, Monterrey cityNorth AmericaHLA 226
Mexico Oaxaca RuralNorth AmericaHLA 485
Mexico Oaxaca, Oaxaca cityNorth AmericaHLA 151
Mexico Puebla RuralNorth AmericaHLA 833
Mexico Puebla, Puebla cityNorth AmericaHLA 1,994
Mexico Queretaro RuralNorth AmericaHLA 43
Mexico Queretaro, Queretaro cityNorth AmericaHLA 45
Mexico Quintana Roo RuralNorth AmericaHLA 50
Mexico Quintana Roo, CancunNorth AmericaHLA 48
Mexico San Luis Potosi RuralNorth AmericaHLA 87
Mexico San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi cityNorth AmericaHLA 30
Mexico Sinaloa RuralNorth AmericaHLA 183
Mexico Sinaloa, CuliacánNorth AmericaHLA 103
Mexico Sonora RuralNorth AmericaHLA 197
Mexico Sonora, Ciudad ObregónNorth AmericaHLA 143
Mexico Sonora, HermosilloNorth AmericaHLA 99
Mexico Tabasco RuralNorth AmericaHLA 142
Mexico Tabasco, VillahermosaNorth AmericaHLA 82
Mexico Tamaulipas RuralNorth AmericaHLA 125
Mexico Tamaulipas, Ciudad VictoriaNorth AmericaHLA 23
Mexico Tlaxcala RuralNorth AmericaHLA 830
Mexico Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala cityNorth AmericaHLA 181
Mexico Veracruz RuralNorth AmericaHLA 539
Mexico Veracruz, CoatzacoalcosNorth AmericaHLA 55
Mexico Veracruz, CordobaNorth AmericaHLA 56
Mexico Veracruz, OrizabaNorth AmericaHLA 60
Mexico Veracruz, Poza RicaNorth AmericaHLA 45
Mexico Veracruz, Veracruz cityNorth AmericaHLA 171
Mexico Veracruz, XalapaNorth AmericaHLA 187
Mexico Yucatan RuralNorth AmericaHLA 132
Mexico Yucatan, MeridaNorth AmericaHLA 192
Mexico Zacatecas RuralNorth AmericaHLA 266
Mexico Zacatecas, FresnilloNorth AmericaHLA 103
Mexico Zacatecas, Zacatecas cityNorth AmericaHLA 84

  Morocco (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Morocco pop 2North AfricaHLA 110

  Nicaragua (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Nicaragua ManaguaSouth and Central AmericaHLA 339

  Pakistan (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Pakistan Mixed PathanSouth AsiaHLA 100
Pakistan Mixed SindhiSouth AsiaHLA 101

  Russia (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Russia Murmansk Saomi MixedNorth-East AsiaHLA 70
Russia Nenet MixedNorth-East AsiaHLA 55

  South Africa (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
South African Mixed ancestrySub-Saharan AfricaHLA 50

  Spain (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Spain, Canary Islands, Gran canaria islandEuropeHLA 215

  Sudan (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Sudan Central Shaigiya MixedNorth AfricaHLA 36
Sudan MixedNorth AfricaHLA 200

  Tunisia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Tunisia GabesNorth AfricaHLA 95

  United States (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
USA NMDP Asian and Pacific IslanderNorth AmericaHLA 359,423
USA San DiegoNorth AmericaHLA 496

  Venezuela (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Venezuela Valencia and Maracaibo Caracus MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 96
Venezuela Zulia Maracaibo MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 20
Venezuela Zulia San Jose de Heras MixedSouth and Central AmericaHLA 20


Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.

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