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Polymorphic Region: 

  Argentina (5)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Argentina Buenos Aires KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 365
Argentina Chaco Region Wichi KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 82
Argentina Chiriguano KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 54
Argentina KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 102
Argentina Salta Wichi KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 19

  Australia (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Australia Queensland Brisbane KIRAustraliaKIR 106
Australia South Aborigine KIRAustraliaKIR 67
Australia West Caucasian KIRAustraliaKIR 50

  Belgium (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Belgium KIREuropeKIR 148
Belgium KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 100

  Borneo (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Borneo Kalimantan KIROceaniaKIR 48

  Brazil (26)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Brazil Amazon KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 40
Brazil Bahia Ilhéus KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 102
Brazil Belem Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 347
Brazil Belo Horizonte Caucasian KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 90
Brazil Curitiba Japanese KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 51
Brazil Curitiba KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 164
Brazil Guarani Kaiowá KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 96
Brazil Guarani MByá KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 81
Brazil Guarani Ñandeva KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 50
Brazil Kaingang KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 100
Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul Campo Grande KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 206
Brazil Parana Japanese KIR South and Central AmericaKIR 214
Brazil Paraná Maringa KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 130
Brazil Parana Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 289
Brazil Parana Mixed KIR pop 2South and Central AmericaKIR 172
Brazil Porto Alegre Caucasian KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 250
Brazil Porto Alegre Caucasian KIR pop 2South and Central AmericaKIR 216
Brazil Porto Alegre Caucasian KIR pop 3South and Central AmericaKIR 278
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Caucasian pop 2 KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 98
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 166
Brazil Rondonia Karitiana KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 55
Brazil Rondonia Porto Velho KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 377
Brazil Rondonia Surui KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 46
Brazil Sao Paulo KIR South and Central AmericaKIR 289
Brazil Southeast Caucasian KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 55
Brazil Western Amazon Ticuna KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 65

  Bulgaria (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Bulgaria KIREuropeKIR 54
Bulgaria KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 115

  Cambodia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Cambodia KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 22

  Canada (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Canada Iranian KIRNorth AmericaKIR 68

  Central African Republic (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Central African Republic Bagandu Biaka KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 69

  Chile (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Chile Talca KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 90

  China (27)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
China Eastern Mainland Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 106
China Guangdong Han KIR South-East AsiaKIR 107
China Hubei Province Tujia KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 124
China Hunan Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 448
China Inner Mongolia Han KIR South-East AsiaKIR 104
China Inner Mongolia Mongol KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 160
China Inner Mongolia Province KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 87
China Jiangsu Province Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 150
China Jiangsu Province Han KIR pop2South-East AsiaKIR 60
China Mongolia Province KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 90
China Nanjing KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 238
China Shaanxi Province Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 104
China Shenzhen Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 306
China Shenzhen Han KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 503
China Tibet Lhasa KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 102
China Xinjiang Region Urumqi Uygur KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 120
China Yunnan Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 404
China Yunnan Province Dali Bai KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 100
China Yunnan Province Drung KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 152
China Yunnan Province Fengyandong Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 93
China Yunnan Province Fugong Nu KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 112
China Yunnan Province Menghai Bulang KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 109
China Yunnan Province Sunan Yugu KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 104
China Yunnan Province Tiandeng Zhuang KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 98
China Zhejiang Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 273
China Zhejiang Province Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 104
China Zhejiang Province Han KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 162

  Comoros (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Comoros Mixed KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 54

  Congo (Kinshasa) (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Congo Kinshasa Ituri Forest Mbuti KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 38

  Congo, Republic of the (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Congo Teke KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 49

  Cook Islands (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Cook Islands KIROceaniaKIR 48

  Costa Rica (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Costa Rica Guanacaste KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 117

  Croatia (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Croatia KIREuropeKIR 125
Croatia KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 111
Croatia KIR pop 3EuropeKIR 121

  Cuba (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Cuba Caucasian KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 70
Cuban Mixed race KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 42

  Czech Republic (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Czech Republic KIREuropeKIR 125

  Denmark (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Denmark Copenhagen KIREuropeKIR 50

  England (9)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
England KIREuropeKIR 136
England KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 94
England KIR pop 3EuropeKIR 334
England KIR pop 4EuropeKIR 99
England KIR pop 5EuropeKIR 584
England Oxfordshire KIREuropeKIR 216
England West Midlands Afro Caribbean KIREuropeKIR 54
England West Midlands Indian Asian KIREuropeKIR 35
England West Midlands KIREuropeKIR 126

  Equatorial Guinea (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Equatorial Guinea Bioko Island Bubi KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 95

  Finland (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Finland Helsinki KIREuropeKIR 101
Finland KIREuropeKIR 35

  France (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
France Nantes KIREuropeKIR 59
France Reims KIREuropeKIR 102
France Southeast KIREuropeKIR 130
France Southeast KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 38
France Southeast KIR pop 3EuropeKIR 49
France West KIREuropeKIR 108

  Gabon (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Gabon KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 54

  Georgia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Georgia KIRWestern AsiaKIR 188

  Germany (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Germany Hesse KIREuropeKIR 99
Germany KIREuropeKIR 100

  Ghana (3)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ghana Ga-Adangbe KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 131
Ghana KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 41
Ghana Prampram KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 154

  Greece (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Greece KIREuropeKIR 233

  Guadeloupe (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Guadeloupe Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 90

  Hong Kong (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Hong Kong Chinese KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 100

  India (20)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
India Madurai Piramalai Kallar Dravidian KIRSouth AsiaKIR 100
India Madurai Piramalai Kallar KIRSouth AsiaKIR 107
India Madurai Yadhav KIRSouth AsiaKIR 117
India Maharashtra Pune Western KIRSouth AsiaKIR 104
India Mumbai Maharashtrian KIRSouth AsiaKIR 139
India Mumbai Parsi KIRSouth AsiaKIR 145
India North Hindu KIRSouth AsiaKIR 72
India North KIRSouth AsiaKIR 512
India North pop 2 KIRSouth AsiaKIR 100
India Northeast Assam KharachiSouth AsiaKIR 108
India Northeast Assam AdivasiSouth AsiaKIR 101
India Northeast Assam AhomSouth AsiaKIR 104
India Northeast Assam KIR South AsiaKIR 177
India Sourashtran KIRSouth AsiaKIR 104
India Tamil Nadu Kanikar KIRSouth AsiaKIR 35
India Tamil Nadu Mollukurumba KIRSouth AsiaKIR 41
India Tamil Nadu Paravar KIRSouth AsiaKIR 77
India West Bengal Rabha KIRSouth AsiaKIR 50
India West Bengal Rajbanshi KIRSouth AsiaKIR 75
India Western KIR South AsiaKIR 161

  Indonesia (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Indonesia Java KIROceaniaKIR 45
Indonesia Moluccan Islands KIROceaniaKIR 63
Indonesia Sulawesi Minahasans KIROceaniaKIR 60
Indonesia West Sumatra Minangs KIROceaniaKIR 45

  Iran (11)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Iran East Azerbaijan Azerbaijani KIRWestern AsiaKIR 100
Iran East Azerbaijan Azeri KIRWestern AsiaKIR 84
Iran Fars Persian KIRWestern AsiaKIR 248
Iran Hormozgan and Balochistan Jonobi KIRWestern AsiaKIR 100
Iran Khuzestan Arab KIRWestern AsiaKIR 76
Iran Khuzestan Bakhtiari KIRWestern AsiaKIR 96
Iran KIRWestern AsiaKIR 200
Iran Lur KIRWestern AsiaKIR 100
Iran Northern KIRWestern AsiaKIR 100
Iran Shiraz KIRWestern AsiaKIR 273
Iran Tehran KIRWestern AsiaKIR 100

  Ireland Northern (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ireland Northern KIREuropeKIR 200
Ireland Northern KIR pop2EuropeKIR 154

  Ireland South (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ireland KIREuropeKIR 94
Ireland KIR pop 2EuropeKIR 240

  Israel (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Israel Ethiopian Jews KIRWestern AsiaKIR 31
Israel North Druze KIRWestern AsiaKIR 116

  Italy (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Italy KIREuropeKIR 217
Italy Lombardy KIREuropeKIR 50
Italy Sardinia Cagliari KIREuropeKIR 181
Italy West Sicily KIREuropeKIR 60

  Ivory Coast (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Ivory Coast Abidjan KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 25

  Japan (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Japan KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 50
Japan KIR pop 2North-East AsiaKIR 41
Japan KIR pop 3North-East AsiaKIR 132
Japan KIR pop 4North-East AsiaKIR 49
Japan Kyoto KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 240
Japan Tokyo KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 239

  Jordan (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Jordan Palestine KIRWestern AsiaKIR 105

  Kenya (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Kenya KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 1,000

  Korea, South (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Korea pop 2 KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 159
South Korea KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 154

  Latvia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Latvia KIREuropeKIR 100

  Lebanon (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Lebanon KIRWestern AsiaKIR 120

  Macedonia (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Macedonia KIREuropeKIR 214
Macedonia Romani KIREuropeKIR 103

  Malaysia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Malaysia Peninsular KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 120

  Martinique (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Martinique Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 60

  Mexico (15)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Mexico Huichol KIRNorth AmericaKIR 73
Mexico Mestizo Guerrero KIRNorth AmericaKIR 120
Mexico Mestizo Highlands KIRNorth AmericaKIR 257
Mexico Mestizo Jalisco KIRNorth AmericaKIR 100
Mexico Mestizo Jalisco pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 124
Mexico Mestizo KIRNorth AmericaKIR 54
Mexico Mestizo KIR pop 2North AmericaKIR 300
Mexico Mexico City Mestizo KIRNorth AmericaKIR 86
Mexico Purepecha KIRNorth AmericaKIR 53
Mexico Sierra Madre Pima KIRNorth AmericaKIR 99
Mexico Tarahumara KIRNorth AmericaKIR 65
Mexico Torreon Mestizos KIRNorth AmericaKIR 166
Mexico Veracruz Mestizo KIRNorth AmericaKIR 51
Mexico West Mestizo KIRNorth AmericaKIR 124
Mexico Yucatan Maya KIRNorth AmericaKIR 50

  Morocco (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Morocco Chaouya KIRNorth AfricaKIR 67

  Nigeria (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Nigeria Benin Yoruba KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 75
Nigeria Enugu Ibo KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 48
Nigeria KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 164
Nigeria Zaria Hausa KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 37

  Norway (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Norway KIREuropeKIR 368

  Oman (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Oman KIRWestern AsiaKIR 99

  Pakistan (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Pakistan Karachi KIRSouth AsiaKIR 78

  Panama (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Panama KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 116

  Papua New Guinea (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Papua New Guinea Irian Jaya KIROceaniaKIR 50
Papua New Guinea Nasioi KIROceaniaKIR 22

  Poland (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Poland KIREuropeKIR 690
Poland KIR pop2EuropeKIR 60

  Portugal (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Portugal Azores Terceira Island KIREuropeKIR 127
Portugal KIREuropeKIR 65

  Reunion (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Reunion Mixed KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 101

  Romania (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Romania KIREuropeKIR 123

  Russia (6)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Russia Adygei KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 54
Russia Chechens KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 48
Russia Moscow KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 84
Russia Northwest pop 3 KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 100
Russia Siberia Yakut KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 51
Russia Vologda KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 47

  Samoa (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Samoa KIROceaniaKIR 50

  Saudi Arabia (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Saudi Arabia KIRWestern AsiaKIR 162
Saudi Arabia KIR pop 2Western AsiaKIR 148
Saudi Arabia KIR pop 3Western AsiaKIR 65
Saudi Arabia Riyadh KIRWestern AsiaKIR 152

  Scotland (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Scotland Orkney KIREuropeKIR 90

  Senegal (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Senegal KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 118

  Serbia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Serbia Vojvodina KIREuropeKIR 134

  Singapore (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Singapore Chinese KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 47
Singapore Chinese KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 210
Singapore Indians KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 80
Singapore Malays KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 80

  Slovenia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Slovenia KIREuropeKIR 130

  Solomon Islands (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Solomon Islands KIROceaniaKIR 40

  South Africa (7)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
South Africa Black African KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 167
South Africa Carletonville Gauteng KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 81
South Africa Caucasian KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 97
South Africa Indian KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 50
South Africa Mixed Ancestry KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 50
South Africa San KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 91
South Africa Xhosa KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 50

  Spain (8)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Spain Avilés KIREuropeKIR 339
Spain Basque KIREuropeKIR 71
Spain Cantabria KIREuropeKIR 230
Spain Granada KIREuropeKIR 100
Spain Madrid KIREuropeKIR 131
Spain Majorca KIREuropeKIR 63
Spain Murcia KIR EuropeKIR 200
Spain Sevilla KIREuropeKIR 278

  Sweden (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Sweden KIREuropeKIR 102
Sweden Vasterbotten KIREuropeKIR 150

  Taiwan (8)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Taiwan Ami KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 40
Taiwan Hakka KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 40
Taiwan Han KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 157
Taiwan Han KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 59
Taiwan Han KIR pop 3South-East AsiaKIR 48
Taiwan Han KIR pop 4South-East AsiaKIR 97
Taiwan KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 96
Taiwan Taroko Atayal KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 42

  Tanzania (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Tanzania KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 77
Tanzania pop 2 KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 67

  Thailand (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Thailand Bangkok KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 119
Thailand Bangkok KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 100
Thailand Bangkok KIR pop 3South-East AsiaKIR 150
Thailand North East KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 235

  Timor-Leste (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
East Timor KIROceaniaKIR 50

  Tokelau (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Tokelau KIROceaniaKIR 47

  Tonga (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Tonga KIROceaniaKIR 49

  Trinidad and Tobago (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Trinidad Africans KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 62
Trinidad South Asians KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 108

  Tunisia (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Tunisia KIRNorth AfricaKIR 114

  Turkey (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Turkey KIRWestern AsiaKIR 76
Turkey KIR pop 2Western AsiaKIR 154
Turkey KIR pop 3Western AsiaKIR 187
Turkey South KIRWestern AsiaKIR 200

  Uganda (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Uganda Kampala KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 492

  United States (16)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
USA African American KIRNorth AmericaKIR 569
USA African American KIR pop 2North AmericaKIR 100
USA Boston KIRNorth AmericaKIR 53
USA California African American KIRNorth AmericaKIR 58
USA California African American pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 92
USA California Asian American KIRNorth AmericaKIR 150
USA California Asian American pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 37
USA California Caucasians KIRNorth AmericaKIR 195
USA California Caucasians pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 100
USA California Hispanic KIRNorth AmericaKIR 128
USA California Hispanic pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 156
USA Caucasian KIRNorth AmericaKIR 255
USA Caucasian NMDP KIRNorth AmericaKIR 75
USA Eastern KIRNorth AmericaKIR 213
USA European KIRNorth AmericaKIR 1,465
USA Springfield Puerto Rican KIRNorth AmericaKIR 74

  Uruguay (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Uruguay Mixed KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 41

  Uzbekistan (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Uzbekistan KIRCentral AsiaKIR 67

  Venezuela (4)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Venezuela Bari KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 80
Venezuela Mestizo KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 205
Venezuela Warao KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 89
Venezuela Yucpa KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 61

  Vietnam (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Vietnam Hanoi KIR pop 2South-East AsiaKIR 140
Vietnam Hanoi KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 59

  Yemen (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Yemen Jews KIRWestern AsiaKIR 43

  Zimbabwe (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Zimbabwe Harare KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 97
Zimbabwe KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 93


Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.

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