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This form has been designed to confirm those alleles than have been found in your laboratory. We are requiring minimal information for the submission. You can enter your data by checking available boxes or enter text. Please send the form even though you may not have all the information.
After completing the form please click on "Submit".
*ID of individual possessing allele: (e.g. HAN-1002)
*Population: (if not known type Unknown)
*Individual type:
Give registry donor:
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*Haplotype confirmation:

HLA Phenotype:

Please enter only the haplotype where the allele was found.

If haplotypes were deduced using maximum likelihood then enter both haplotypes.

Please enter full phenotype. e.g. A*01:01/01:06; B*08/13; C*07/04; DRB1*03/07; ...


Haplotype 1

Haplotype 2


e.g. A*01:01    









If there are other family members with same allele, complete separate form for them and
give their ID and relationship:
(if not leave blank)
 (i.e. Sibling of HAN-1002)
How many individuals would you have typed to the same resolution as the individual
with the rare allele:
*Method(s) used to detect allele: SBT SSP SSO Sequencing Other
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Liverpool, U.K.

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