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Line Allele Population % of individuals
that have the allele
Distribution² Haplotype³
 701   A*01:08  USA South Texas Hispanic  0194See
 702   A*01:09  Bulgaria  055See
 703   A*01:09  China North Han  0105See
 704   A*01:09  China Tibet Region Tibetan  0158See
 705   A*01:09  Israel Iraq Jews  0.000009013,270See
 706   A*01:09  Kenya, Nyanza Province, Luo tribe 1.0 0.0050100See
 707   A*01:09  Morocco Settat Chaouya 0.0 098See
 708   A*01:09  Netherlands Leiden  01,305See
 709   A*01:09  Switzerland Aargau-Solothurn  01,838See
 710   A*01:09  Switzerland Basel  01,888See
 711   A*01:09  Switzerland Bern  03,545See
 712   A*01:09  Switzerland Geneva pop 2  01,267See
 713   A*01:09  Switzerland Graubunden  0.0040759See
 714   A*01:09  Switzerland Lausanne  0993See
 715   A*01:09  Switzerland Lugano  01,169See
 716   A*01:09  Switzerland Luzern  01,553See
 717   A*01:09  Switzerland Sion  0832See
 718   A*01:09  Switzerland St Gallen  02,113See
 719   A*01:09  Switzerland Zurich  04,875See
 720   A*01:09  Uganda Kampala pop 2  0.0030175See
 721   A*01:09  USA African American Bethesda 0.0 0187See
 722   A*01:09  USA Caucasian Bethesda 0.0 0307See
 723   A*01:09  USA NMDP African  0.000128,557See
 724   A*01:09  USA NMDP African American pop 2  0.0000020416,581See
 725   A*01:09  USA Philadelphia Caucasian 0.0 0141See
 726   A*01:09  USA San Antonio Caucasian  0222See
 727   A*01:10  China North Han  0105See
 728   A*01:10  China Tibet Region Tibetan  0158See
 729   A*01:10  Israel Ashkenazi Jews pop 3  0.00034,625See
 730   A*01:10  Israel Bukhara Jews  0.00012,317See
 731   A*01:10  Israel Georgia Jews  0.00005604,471See
 732   A*01:10  Israel Iraq Jews  0.000019013,270See
 733   A*01:10  Israel Tunisia Jews  0.00001409,070See
 734   A*01:10  Israel YemenJews  0.000064015,542See
 735   A*01:10  Morocco Settat Chaouya 0.0 098See
 736   A*01:10  Netherlands Leiden  01,305See
 737   A*01:10  USA African American Bethesda 0.0 0187See
 738   A*01:10  USA Caucasian Bethesda 0.0 0307See
 739   A*01:10  USA Philadelphia Caucasian 0.0 0141See
 740   A*01:109  Poland BMR 0.0042 0.000021023,595See
 741   A*01:11N  China North Han  0105See
 742   A*01:11N  China Tibet Region Tibetan  0158See
 743   A*01:11N  Morocco Settat Chaouya 0.0 098See
 744   A*01:11N  Netherlands Leiden  01,305See
 745   A*01:11N  Switzerland Aargau-Solothurn  01,838See
 746   A*01:11N  Switzerland Basel  01,888See
 747   A*01:11N  Switzerland Bern  03,545See
 748   A*01:11N  Switzerland Geneva pop 2  01,267See
 749   A*01:11N  Switzerland Graubunden  0.0040759See
 750   A*01:11N  Switzerland Lausanne  0993See
 751   A*01:11N  Switzerland Lugano  01,169See
 752   A*01:11N  Switzerland Luzern  01,553See
 753   A*01:11N  Switzerland Sion  0832See
 754   A*01:11N  Switzerland St Gallen  02,113See
 755   A*01:11N  Switzerland Zurich  04,875See
 756   A*01:12  China North Han  0105See
 757   A*01:12  China Tibet Region Tibetan  0158See
 758   A*01:12  Israel Bukhara Jews  0.00012,317See
 759   A*01:12  Israel Georgia Jews  0.00005604,471See
 760   A*01:12  Israel Iraq Jews  0.000019013,270See
 761   A*01:12  Israel Tunisia Jews  0.00001409,070See
 762   A*01:12  Israel YemenJews  0.000064015,542See
 763   A*01:12  Malaysia Peninsular Indian 0.4 0.0018271See
 764   A*01:12  Morocco Settat Chaouya 0.0 098See
 765   A*01:12  Netherlands Leiden  01,305See
 766   A*01:12  USA NMDP African American pop 2  0.0000010416,581See
 767   A*01:12  USA NMDP South Asian Indian  0.0000490185,391See
 768   A*01:12  USA NMDP Southeast Asian  0.000010027,978See
 769   A*01:12  USA Philadelphia Caucasian 0.0 0141See
 770   A*01:13  China North Han  0105See
 771   A*01:13  China Tibet Region Tibetan  0158See
 772   A*01:13  Germany pop 8  0.000010039,689See
 773   A*01:13  Israel Bukhara Jews  0.00012,317See
 774   A*01:13  Israel Georgia Jews  0.00005604,471See
 775   A*01:13  Israel Iraq Jews  0.000019013,270See
 776   A*01:13  Israel Tunisia Jews  0.00001409,070See
 777   A*01:13  Israel YemenJews  0.000064015,542See
 778   A*01:13  Morocco Settat Chaouya 0.0 098See
 779   A*01:13  Netherlands Leiden  01,305See
 780   A*01:13  USA NMDP European Caucasian  0.00000041,242,890See
 781   A*01:13  USA Philadelphia Caucasian 0.0 0141See
 782   A*01:136  India Tamil Nadu  0.00052,492See
 783   A*01:14  Germany pop 8  0.000090039,689See
 784   A*01:14  Israel Bukhara Jews  0.00007202,317See
 785   A*01:14  Israel Ethiopia Jews  0.00025,928See
 786   A*01:14  Israel Georgia Jews  0.00003704,471See
 787   A*01:14  Israel Kavkazi Jews  0.00005902,840See
 788   A*01:14  Israel Tunisia Jews  0.00001809,070See
 789   A*01:14  Morocco Settat Chaouya 0.0 098See
 790   A*01:14  Netherlands Leiden  01,305See
 791   A*01:14  USA NMDP European Caucasian  0.00000011,242,890See
 792   A*01:14  USA NMDP Mexican or Chicano  0.0000020261,235See
 793   A*01:14  USA NMDP Southeast Asian  0.000020027,978See
 794   A*01:15N  Morocco Settat Chaouya 0.0 098See
 795   A*01:15N  Netherlands Leiden  01,305See
 796   A*01:15N  USA NMDP European Caucasian  0.00000011,242,890See
 797   A*01:16N  Morocco Settat Chaouya 0.0 098See
 798   A*01:16N  Netherlands Leiden  01,305See
 799   A*01:16N  Switzerland Aargau-Solothurn  01,838See
 800   A*01:16N  Switzerland Basel  01,888See


* Allele Frequency: Total number of copies of the allele in the population sample (Alleles / 2n) in decimal format.
   Important: This field has been expanded to four decimals to better represent frequencies of large datasets (e.g. where sample size > 1000 individuals)
* % of individuals that have the allele: Percentage of individuals who have the allele in the population (Individuals / n).
* Allele Frequencies shown in green were calculated from Phenotype Frequencies assuming Hardy-Weinberg proportions.
   AF = 1-square_root(1-PF)
   PF = 1-(1-AF)2
   AF = Allele Frequency; PF = Phenotype Frequency, i.e. (%) of the individuals carrying the allele.
* Allele Frequencies marked with (*) were calculated from all alleles in the corresponding G group.

¹ IMGT/HLA Database - For more details of the allele.
² Distribution - Graphical distribution of the allele.
³ Haplotype Association - Find HLA haplotypes with this allele.
ª Notes - See notes for ambiguous combinations of alleles.

Displaying 701 to 800 (from 141,054) records   Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 of 1,411  


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Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.


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