Allele Frequencies in World Populations

Migrant populations in AFND

This page shows a list of all populations that have individuals from one country living abroad.

Singapore ChineseChinese
Hong Kong ChineseChinese
Spain Majorcans JewsJews descendant
Congo Kinshasa expatriates living in BelgiumCongoleses living in Belgium
Singapore Chinese CytokineChinese
Hong Kong Chinese KIRChinese
China Hong Kong and SingaporeHong Kong and Singapore
USA Florida Cuban CytokineCubans
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from South ChinaChinese immigrants from South China
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from Middle ChinaChinese immigrants from Middle China
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from North ChinaChinese immigrants from North China
Hong Kong Chinese CytokineChinese
Canada Manitoba Filipino ESRD CytokinePhiilippines
Israel Moroccan JewsMoroccans
Spain Malaga GypsyGypsies
Canada Iranian KIRIranians
Czech Republic GypsyGypsies
USA PhilippinesPhiilippines
Singapore Chinese KIR pop 2Chinese
Singapore Malays KIRMalays
Singapore Indians KIRIndians
Czech Republic Gypsy pop 2Gypsies
Czech Republic KurdKurds
China Harbin KoreanKorean
Indonesia SingaporeanSingaporean
Bulgaria GipsyGypsies
Costa Rica and Panama MestizoCosta Rica and Panama
Singapore Chinese HanChinese
Singapore JavanesesJavanese
Singapore Riau MalayMalay
Singapore ThaiThai
Singapore Chinese KIRChinese
Israel Libyan JewsLibyans
Israel Iranian JewsIranians
Israel Ethiopian JewsEthiopians
Israel Yemenite JewsYemenites
Spain Andalusia GipsyGypsies
England London Ashkenazi JewsAshkenazi Jews
India Kerala Syrian ChristianSyrian
USA Springfield Puerto Rican KIRPuerto Rican
Israel Ethiopian Jews KIREthiopians

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