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New Zealand Polynesians with Full Ancestry

Polymorphic Region:

1A*01:01 A*02:06 B*08:01 B*39:01 C*07:01 C*07:02 DRB1*03:01 DRB1*08:03
2A*02:01 A*24:02 B*40:01 B*56:02 C*01:02 C*03:04 DRB1*09:01 DRB1*09:01
3A*02:06 A*24:02 B*39:01 B*55:02 C*01:02 C*07:02 DRB1*09:01 DRB1*14:54
4A*24:02 A*34:01 B*15:06 B*56:02 C*01:02 C*04:03 DRB1*04:03 DRB1*15:02
5A*26:01 A*34:01 B*40:01 B*40:02 C*04:01 C*15:02 DRB1*04:03 DRB1*14:08
6A*01:01 A*24:02 B*55:02 B*57:01 C*01:02 C*06:02 DRB1*09:01 DRB1*15:01
7A*02:01 A*24:02 B*40:01 B*40:01 C*03:04 C*03:04 DRB1*09:01 DRB1*09:01
8A*11:01 A*24:02 B*40:10 B*56:02 C*01:02 C*04:03 DRB1*04:05 DRB1*12:01
9A*24:02 A*34:01 B*40:01 B*56:01 C*03:04 C*07:02 DRB1*09:01 DRB1*09:01
10A*24:02 A*34:01 B*13:01 B*40:01 C*03:04 C*12:03 DRB1*04:05 DRB1*04:05
11A*34:01 A*34:01 B*40:02 B*40:02 C*15:02 C*15:02 DRB1*14:54 DRB1*14:54
12A*11:01 A*24:02 B*48:01 B*48:01 C*08:01 C*08:01 DRB1*08:03 DRB1*08:03
13A*11:01 A*34:01 B*40:02 B*48:01 C*08:01 C*15:02 DRB1*08:02 DRB1*11:01
14A*24:02 A*24:02 B*40:01 B*48:01 C*04:01 C*08:01 DRB1*04:03 DRB1*09:01
15A*11:01 A*34:01 B*13:01 B*40:10 C*04:03 C*12:03 DRB1*04:03 DRB1*04:05
16A*02:06 A*24:02 B*40:10 B*56:02 C*01:02 C*04:03 DRB1*04:03 DRB1*11:01
17A*11:01 A*26:01 B*39:01 B*40:01 C*03:03 C*07:02 DRB1*14:54 DRB1*15:01
18A*02:01 A*11:01 B*27:05 B*40:01 C*01:02 C*04:03 DRB1*01:01 DRB1*04:03
19A*02:01 A*24:02 B*44:02 B*55:02 C*01:02 C*05:01 DRB1*12:01 DRB1*13:01
20A*11:01 A*34:01 B*13:01 B*40:01 C*04:03 C*12:03 DRB1*14:08 DRB1*15:02
21A*02:06 A*11:01 B*40:10 B*55:02 C*01:02 C*04:03 DRB1*08:03 DRB1*12:01

Allele frequency net 2015 update: new features for HLA epitopes, KIR and disease and HLA adverse drug reaction associations.
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, Takeshita LY, Santos EJ, Kempson F, Maia MH, Silva AL, Silva AL, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Jones AR and Middleton D Nucleic Acid Research 2015, 39, 28, D784-8.
Liverpool, U.K.


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