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System Requirements

Web Browsers

This website has been built using the Active Server Pages (ASP) language and Javascript environment. Below there is a list of recommended web browsers in which the website has been tested.

Web browser Versions
Internet Explorer6+ (Ver. 8 Recommended)
Mozilla Firefox3+ (Ver 3.5 Recommended)
Safari4+ (Ver 5.0 Recommended)
Google Chrome5+ (Ver 6.0 Recommended)
Opera9+ (Ver 10.0 Recommended)


Please ensure you have the Javascript functionality enabled in your browser to guarantee the searches and tools work correctly. To check if you have your Javascript enabled follow the instructions showed below.

Web browser Instructions
Internet Explorer
  • Click Tools on the toolbar.
  • Click Internet Options.
  • Click the Security tab and click the Custom level button.
  • Scroll to Scripting.
  • Scroll to Activing Scripting and select Enable.
  • Click OK, then click OK again.
  • Restart the browser.
Mozilla Firefox
  • Click Tools on the Toolbar.
  • Click Options.
  • Click Content section.
  • Make sure that the Enable JavaScript option is checked.
  • Click the "OK" button.
  • Refresh the browser.
  • Click the Sarafi menu.
  • Click Preferences.
  • Click Security.
  • Check the Enable JavaScript checkbox.
  • Click Close.
  • Refresh the browser.
Google Chrome
  • Javascript is enabled by default on Google Chrome.
  • Click Tools on the toolbar.
  • Click Preferences.
  • Click the Advanced tab.
  • Select Content in the preferences list.
  • Make sure that the Enable JavaScript option is checked.
  • Click OK.
  • Refresh the browser.

Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.

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