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Population data sets

The AFND website collects data from four main sources: (i) data from peer-reviewed publications, (ii) data from populations that are analysed at International HLA and Immunogenetics Workshops (IHWSs), (iii) submissions from individual laboratories across the world, and, more recently, (iv) short publication reports (SPR) in collaboration with peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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Quality control

Although all submissions by contributors are considered for inclusion, AFND introduces minimal criteria for HLA and KIR populations before they become publicly accessible on the website. These minimum requirements include validation of allele names, which comply with the IMGT/HLA and IPD-KIR official nomenclature guidelines, homogenization on the naming of the populations, an appropriate assignment of the geographical region to which the population belongs and validation of frequency data using the AFND Upload Tool for SPR submissions. Use this option for a full overview on data quality.

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