Allele Frequencies in World Populations

HLA Database Allele Report

The list below shows all populations in AFND that contains the allele at this level. If an allele has an entry with a higher resolution this will be shown at the end.



Allele reported 157 time(s) and present in 142 population(s).

Population Phenotype
Frequency (%)
Distribution² Haplotype³
CHNChina Wuhan44.20.2450121See
JPNJapan Hyogo40.60.234032See
INDIndia Kerala Hindu Pulaya0.219016See
JPNJapan pop 20.1910916See
BRABrazil Parana Japanese34.00.1875192See
SCOScotland Orkney34.60.177099See
THAThailand Northeast0.171066See
KORSouth Korea pop 10.1600324See
THAThailand Northeast pop 20.1590400See
NORNorway Sami0.1510200See
PERPeru Arequipa Mestizo24.30.1330168See
VNMVietnam Hanoi0.130050See
MNGMongolia Oold0.1150104See
CHNChina Shandong Province Linqu County20.90.1106139See
MMRMyanmar Mon20.30.101664See
INDIndia Kerala Kanikkar0.091022See
MNGMongolia Khalkha0.0900200See
HRVCroatia pop 317.50.0875120See
ESPSpain Majorcans Jews0.0860103See
ITAItaly Bergamo15.90.0810101See
ALBAlbanian Kosovo0.0792120See
INDIndia Kerala Hindu Namboothiri0.075040See
VENVenezuela Zulia San Jose de Heras Mixed0.075020See
MMRMyanmar Shan14.80.074154See
MMRMyanmar Kachin12.70.071463See
MKDMacedonia MBMDR - Albanian13.30.0703128See
MEXMexico Mexico City Mestizo pop 30.0700256See
MEXMexico Tapachula, Chiapas Mestizo Population12.50.069472See
SRBSerbia pop 313.20.06921992See
BRABrazil Curitiba-Parana Mixed0.0692264See
IRNIran Tehran0.0690120See
LKASri Lanka Colombo Sinhalese0.0690101See
MMRMyanmar Chin12.70.063655See
PAKPakistan Brahui0.0630104See
TURTurkey pop 50.0630142See
INDIndia North Gujarat11.40.0571338See
VENVenezuela Valencia and Maracaibo Caracus Mixed0.057096See
DEUGermany Essen10.90.0560174See
SRBSerbia Vojvodina11.20.0560400See
ITAItaly North Pavia0.056081See
MNGMongolia Tsaatan0.0560144See
ITAItaly Sardinia pop30.0550100See
RUSRussia Tatars0.0549355See
MEXMexico Mestizo pop 40.0536269See
ESPSpain Gipuzkoa Basque0.0510100See
ROMRomania pop 310.10.05071469See
ROMRomania pop 20.05006936See
PAKPakistan Mixed Pathan0.0500100See
INDIndia Kerala Kurichiya0.050010See
VENVenezuela Caracas Mestizo0.050050See
INDIndia Kerala Hindu Nair0.049041See
INDIndia Kerala Syrian Christian0.048031See
FRAFrance Grenoble9.50.04751000See
MKDMacedonia MBMDR - Macedonian9.30.04721283See
ITAItaly North Pavia pop 30.0467685See
SWESweden pop 49.00.0461966See
ESPSpain Minorca0.046094See
POLPoland pop 39.10.04572907See
RUSRussia Northwest pop 39.00.0450100See
ITAItaly Rome9.00.0450100See
AUTAustria Cord Bloods0.04471368See
FRAFrance Bordeaux8.90.0443990See
FRAFrance Marseille8.80.04421000See
INDIndia North pop 20.044072See
INDIndia Kerala Malabar Muslim0.044034See
NORNorway ethnic Norwegians8.50.04354510See
NORNorway pop 20.0430576See
SVNSlovenia pop 38.50.0430130See
RUSRussia Moscow0.04202650See
ENGEngland North West Mixed pop 28.20.0409379See
VENVenezuela Colonia Tovar0.040786See
RUSRussia Murmansk Saomi Mixed0.040070See
GRCGreece pop37.70.0392246See
MKDMacedonia pop 40.0390216See
ALBAlbania pop 27.60.0382432See
FRAFrance Lyon7.60.03814813See
FRAFrance Grenoble, Nantes and Rennes0.03806094See
RUSRussia Sakhalin Island Nivkhi0.038053See
GRCGreece pop 70.037811250See
POLPoland Lower Silesia Region7.30.0370123See
FRAFrance Rennes pop 47.30.03671000See
ENGEngland Sheffield7.20.03664755See
ENGEngland Leeds7.20.03665024See
PAKPakistan Burusho0.036092See
ESPSpain Ibiza0.035088See
GBRUnited Kingdom Central0.0333135See
POLPoland Wroclaw6.50.0330123See
MKDMacedonia MBMDR - Macedonian Muslims6.60.032976See
MMRMyanmar Bamar6.50.032646See
ENGEngland Manchester6.40.03251640See
ENGEngland Lancaster6.30.0320545See
WALWales pop 26.20.032039979See
ESPSpain, Castilla y Leon, Northwest,6.10.03171743See
KURIraq Kurdistan Region5.70.0310209See
ESPSpain Galicia and Murcia6.10.0309473See
ENGEngland Liverpool6.10.03091343See
GBRUnited Kingdom East0.0307163See
ARGArgentina Buenos Aires5.50.0290466See
ESPSpain Majorca and Minorca0.028090See
PRTPortugal North pop 20.02761801See
MMRMyanmar Kayah5.50.027355See
GBRUnited Kingdom North0.0270330See
ARGArgentina La Plata6.00.0270100See
IRNIran pop 40.0264855See
IRQIraq Erbil4.90.0255372See
ESPSpain Murcia5.00.0253173See
POLPoland North5.00.025380See
BRABrazil Pernambuco Mixed0.0250101See
FRAFrance Corsica Island0.0250100See
ENGEngland Newcastle4.80.02432739See
ESPSpain Catalonia Girona0.023088See
CMRCameroon Podokwo0.023043See
MMRMyanmar Kayin4.50.022744See
PAKPakistan Kalash0.022069See
PAKPakistan Karachi Parsi0.022091See
ITAItaly South Campania Region4.10.02071089See
MYSMalaysia Perak Rawa0.020023See
RUSRussia Arkhangelsk Pomor0.020063See
GBRUnited Kingdom South West0.0184163See
GBRUnited Kingdom Orkney0.017088See
USAUSA African American Bethesda3.20.0160187See
PAKPakistan Baloch0.015066See
JPNJapan Kyoto and Osaka0.0150165See
SAUSaudi Arabia pop 42.60.0132499See
PRTAzores Terceira Island0.0120130See
MYSMalaysia Perak and Johor Banjar Bugis Jawa0.011094See
CUBCuba Mixed pop 20.0110189See
MMRMyanmar Rakhine2.10.010448See
MYSMalaysia Negeri Sembilan Minangkabau0.010034See
PAKPakistan Mixed Sindhi0.0100101See
TTOTrinidad South Asian0.010087See
ESPSpain Majorca0.0100407See
DZAAlgeria pop 22.00.0100106See
TTOTrinidad African0.007067See
SDNSudan Khartoum0.005198See
RUSRussia Nenet Mixed0.000055See
CHNChina North Han0.0000105See
CMRCameroon Ewondo0.000038See
CMRCameroon Bamileke 20.000035See
CMRCameroon Uldeme0.000035See
BFABurkina Faso Fulani0.000049See
BFABurkina Faso Mossi0.000053See
BFABurkina Faso Rimaibe0.000047See
ITAItaly North pop 30.00.000097See
INDIndia Kerala Hindu Ezhava0.000024See
INDIndia Kerala Paniya0.000010See
INDIndia Kerala Malapandaram0.000010See
INDIndia Kerala Adiya0.000021See
INDIndia Kerala Kattunaikka0.000017See
INDIndia Kerala Kuruma0.000015See

See also higher resolution data of this allele

Allele  Number of Populations 
 C*01:02 238 
 C*01:02:01 54 
 C*01:03 82 
 C*01:04 38 
 C*01:05 18 
 C*01:06 25 
 C*01:07 15 
 C*01:08 19 
 C*01:10 15 
 C*01:16 10 
 C*01:17 19 

* This list corresponds to those alleles that have been reported in AFND only (i.e. only positive findings).


* Allele Frequency: Total number of copies of the allele in the population sample (Alleles / 2n) in decimal format.
   Important: This field has been expanded to four decimals to better represent frequencies of large datasets (e.g. where sample size > 1000 individuals)
* Phenotype Frequency: Percentage of individuals who have the allele or gene (Individuals / n).
* Allele Frequencies shown in green were calculated from Phenotype Frequencies assuming Hardy-Weinberg proportions.

¹ IMGT/HLA Database - For more details of the allele.
² Distribution - Graphical distribution of the allele.
³ Haplotype Association - Find HLA haplotypes with this allele.
ª Notes - See notes for ambiguous combinations of alleles.

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Liverpool, U.K.

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