Allele Frequencies in World Populations

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Polymorphic Region: 


  Brazil (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Brazil Curitiba Japanese KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 51

  England (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
England West Midlands Indian Asian KIREuropeKIR 35

  India (17)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
India Madurai Piramalai Kallar Dravidian KIRSouth AsiaKIR 100
India Madurai Piramalai Kallar KIRSouth AsiaKIR 107
India Madurai Yadhav KIRSouth AsiaKIR 117
India Mumbai Maharashtrian KIRSouth AsiaKIR 139
India Mumbai Parsi KIRSouth AsiaKIR 145
India North Hindu KIRSouth AsiaKIR 72
India North KIRSouth AsiaKIR 512
India North pop 2 KIRSouth AsiaKIR 100
India Northeast AdivasiSouth AsiaKIR 101
India Northeast AhomSouth AsiaKIR 104
India Northeast KachariSouth AsiaKIR 108
India Sourashtran KIRSouth AsiaKIR 104
India Tamil Nadu Kanikar KIRSouth AsiaKIR 35
India Tamil Nadu Mollukurumba KIRSouth AsiaKIR 41
India Tamil Nadu Paravar KIRSouth AsiaKIR 77
India West Bengal Rabha KIRSouth AsiaKIR 50
India Western KIR South AsiaKIR 161

  Pakistan (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Pakistan Karachi KIRSouth AsiaKIR 78

  South Africa (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
South Africa Indian KIRSub-Saharan AfricaKIR 50

  Thailand (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Thailand North East KIRSouth-East AsiaKIR 235

  Trinidad and Tobago (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Trinidad South Asians KIRSouth and Central AmericaKIR 108

  United States (2)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
USA California Asian American KIRNorth AmericaKIR 150
USA California Asian American pop 2 KIRNorth AmericaKIR 37

  Uzbekistan (1)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Uzbekistan KIRCentral AsiaKIR 67


Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
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Liverpool, U.K.

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