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  Mexico (71)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Mexico Aguascalientes stateNorth AmericaHLA 95
Mexico Baja Californa, MexicaliNorth AmericaHLA 100
Mexico Baja CaliforniaNorth AmericaHLA 250
Mexico Baja California, La PazNorth AmericaHLA 75
Mexico Campeche stateNorth AmericaHLA 81
Mexico Campeche, Campeche cityNorth AmericaHLA 34
Mexico Chiapas stateNorth AmericaHLA 173
Mexico Chiapas, Tuxtla GutierrezNorth AmericaHLA 52
Mexico Chihuahua stateNorth AmericaHLA 461
Mexico Chihuahua, Chihuahua cityNorth AmericaHLA 119
Mexico Chihuahua, Ciudad JuarezNorth AmericaHLA 106
Mexico Coahuila stateNorth AmericaHLA 683
Mexico Coahuila, SaltilloNorth AmericaHLA 72
Mexico Coahuila, TorreonNorth AmericaHLA 396
Mexico Colima stateNorth AmericaHLA 105
Mexico Colima, Colima cityNorth AmericaHLA 61
Mexico Durango stateNorth AmericaHLA 476
Mexico Durango, Durango cityNorth AmericaHLA 153
Mexico Guanajuato stateNorth AmericaHLA 263
Mexico Guanajuato, Guanajuato cityNorth AmericaHLA 22
Mexico Guanajuato, LeonNorth AmericaHLA 78
Mexico Guerrero stateNorth AmericaHLA 144
Mexico Hidalgo stateNorth AmericaHLA 122
Mexico Hidalgo, PachucaNorth AmericaHLA 41
Mexico Jalisco stateNorth AmericaHLA 2,055
Mexico Jalisco, Guadalajara cityNorth AmericaHLA 1,189
Mexico Jalisco, TlajomulcoNorth AmericaHLA 30
Mexico Jalisco, TlaquepaqueNorth AmericaHLA 39
Mexico Jalisco, TonalaNorth AmericaHLA 35
Mexico Jalisco, ZapopanNorth AmericaHLA 168
Mexico MichoacanNorth AmericaHLA 498
Mexico Michoacan, MoreliaNorth AmericaHLA 150
Mexico Morelos stateNorth AmericaHLA 112
Mexico Morelos, CuernavacaNorth AmericaHLA 82
Mexico NayaritNorth AmericaHLA 161
Mexico Nayarit, TepicNorth AmericaHLA 97
Mexico Nuevo Leon stateNorth AmericaHLA 665
Mexico Nuevo Leon, Monterrey cityNorth AmericaHLA 226
Mexico Oaxaca stateNorth AmericaHLA 636
Mexico Oaxaca, Oaxaca cityNorth AmericaHLA 151
Mexico Puebla stateNorth AmericaHLA 2,827
Mexico Puebla, Puebla cityNorth AmericaHLA 1,994
Mexico Queretaro stateNorth AmericaHLA 88
Mexico Queretaro, Queretaro cityNorth AmericaHLA 45
Mexico Quintana RooNorth AmericaHLA 98
Mexico Quintana Roo, CancunNorth AmericaHLA 48
Mexico San Luis Potosi stateNorth AmericaHLA 117
Mexico San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi cityNorth AmericaHLA 30
Mexico Sinaloa stateNorth AmericaHLA 286
Mexico Sinaloa, CuliacánNorth AmericaHLA 103
Mexico Sonora stateNorth AmericaHLA 439
Mexico Sonora, Ciudad ObregónNorth AmericaHLA 143
Mexico Sonora, HermosilloNorth AmericaHLA 99
Mexico Tabasco stateNorth AmericaHLA 224
Mexico Tabasco, VillahermosaNorth AmericaHLA 82
Mexico Tamaulipas stateNorth AmericaHLA 148
Mexico Tamaulipas, Ciudad VictoriaNorth AmericaHLA 23
Mexico Tlaxcala stateNorth AmericaHLA 1,011
Mexico Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala cityNorth AmericaHLA 181
Mexico Veracruz stateNorth AmericaHLA 1,134
Mexico Veracruz, CoatzacoalcosNorth AmericaHLA 55
Mexico Veracruz, CordobaNorth AmericaHLA 56
Mexico Veracruz, OrizabaNorth AmericaHLA 60
Mexico Veracruz, Poza RicaNorth AmericaHLA 45
Mexico Veracruz, Veracruz cityNorth AmericaHLA 171
Mexico Veracruz, XalapaNorth AmericaHLA 187
Mexico Yucatan stateNorth AmericaHLA 324
Mexico Yucatan, MeridaNorth AmericaHLA 192
Mexico Zacatecas stateNorth AmericaHLA 453
Mexico Zacatecas, FresnilloNorth AmericaHLA 103
Mexico Zacatecas, Zacatecas cityNorth AmericaHLA 84


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