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Polymorphic Region: 


  Russia (23)  
PopulationRegionStudySample Size
Russia Sakhalin Island NivkhiNorth-East AsiaHLA 53
Russia Siberia ChukchiNorth-East AsiaHLA 71
Russia Siberia Chukotka Peninsula ChukchiNorth-East AsiaHLA 59
Russia Siberia Chukotka Peninsula EskimoNorth-East AsiaHLA 80
Russia Siberia Dudinka NganasanNorth-East AsiaHLA 24
Russia Siberia EskimoNorth-East AsiaHLA 70
Russia Siberia Gvaysugi UdegeNorth-East AsiaHLA 25
Russia Siberia Irkutsk TofalarNorth-East AsiaHLA 43
Russia Siberia Khabarovsk EvenkiNorth-East AsiaHLA 25
Russia Siberia Khanty MansiNorth-East AsiaHLA 68
Russia Siberia Kushun BuryatNorth-East AsiaHLA 25
Russia Siberia Lower Yenisey KetNorth-East AsiaHLA 17
Russia Siberia NegidalNorth-East AsiaHLA 35
Russia Siberia North East Kamchatka KoryakNorth-East AsiaHLA 92
Russia Siberia NW of Sakhalin Island NivkhNorth-East AsiaHLA 32
Russia Siberia Polygus EvenkNorth-East AsiaHLA 35
Russia Siberia Sulamai KetNorth-East AsiaHLA 22
Russia Siberia UlchiNorth-East AsiaHLA 73
Russia Siberia Yakut KIRNorth-East AsiaKIR 51
Russia TuvaNorth-East AsiaHLA 190
Russia Tuva pop 2North-East AsiaHLA 169
Russia Tuva pop3North-East AsiaHLA 44
Russia Tuva TodjaNorth-East AsiaHLA 22


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