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Populations with high and low resolution data

This page shows a list of all populations which sum of allele frequencies greather than 100%, so these pops may have been submitted with both high and low resolution. Current searching mechanisms allow browsing low/high resolution, thus, there should be any population with both level of resolution under the same data set.

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PopulationLocusTotal Frequency
Argentina Rosario TobaA1.98000
Argentina Rosario TobaDQA11.33000
Argentina Salta Wichi pop 2B1.26300
Argentina Salta Wichi pop 2DRB11.63000
Azores Terceira IslandA1.95000
Azores Terceira IslandB2.01800
Azores Terceira IslandC1.77700
Azores Terceira IslandDRB11.96900
Brazil Guarani KaiowaDQA1 1.77100
Brazil Guarani M byaDQA11.69200
Brazil Guarani M byaDRB11.96500
Brazil Guarani NandevaDQA11.82400
Brazil Guarani NandevaDQB12.01600
Brazil KaingangDQA11.69100
Brazil KaingangDRB11.91000
Brazil Mato Grosso do SulDRB1 1.81200
Brazil North East MixedDQA11.80800
Brazil North East MixedDQB11.85800
Brazil North East MixedDRB12.08400
Cameroon Bakola PygmyB1.12490
China Beijing and XianDRB11.12000
China pop1DQA1 1.20400
China pop1DQB1 1.29200
China Shandong Province Linqu CountyA1.11890
China Shandong Province Linqu CountyDQB11.17620
Cuba Mixed RaceA1.97900
Ecuador CayapaA1.53800
England pop 3DQB11.13000
France SouthDRB11.21790
France SoutheastA2.06900
France SoutheastB1.96600
France SoutheastDPB11.86700
France SoutheastDQB12.06900
France SoutheastDRB11.95500
Guatemala MayanDQB11.10200
India Northeast KayasthaDRB11.13900
India Tamil Nadu DravidianDRB11.99700
Italy CentralDRB11.89800
Italy pop 4DQB1 1.57200
Italy pop 4DRB1 1.59800
Japan Hokkaido WajinDQA11.13620
Jordan AmmanDRB11.46400
Macedonia pop 4A1.11800
Macedonia pop 4B1.10800
Macedonia pop 4C1.22700
Mexico MestizoA2.01900
Mexico Mestizo pop 2E1.16650
Mexico Oaxaca ZapotecDQB11.36000
Mongolia TsaatanDQB11.19100
Mongolia TsaatanDRB11.25300
Pakistan BrahuiC1.31500
Pakistan BurushoA1.99800
Pakistan BurushoC1.59100
Pakistan BurushoDQB11.16000
Pakistan KalashC1.33700
Pakistan KalashDQB11.26500
Pakistan Mixed PathanC1.57000
Pakistan Mixed PathanDQB11.27000
Pakistan Mixed SindhiA2.00000
Pakistan Mixed SindhiC1.68300
Poland NorthC1.11750
Portugal NorthB1.97000
Russia NorthwestDQB11.13200
Russia Northwest pop 2DQB11.11200
Russia Siberia Chukotka Peninsula EskimoDQB11.64000
Russia Siberia NegidalDQB11.12600
Senegal Niokholo MandenkaC1.21100
South Africa Natal ZuluA1.93500
Switzerland GenevaC1.38600
Taiwan Chinese immigrants from South ChinaDRB11.63300
Taiwan Hakka pop 2B1.11400
Thailand Northeast pop 2A1.15400
Thailand Northeast pop 2B1.23800
Turkey pop 5A1.30200
United Arab Emirates pop 2DRB11.13100
United Kingdom pop 2B1.13600
USA African American BethesdaB1.86100
USA African American BethesdaC1.95800
USA Caucasian BethesdaB1.92400
USA HawaiiDRB11.11600
USA San Francisco CaucasianA 2.62400
USA San Francisco CaucasianB 2.07200
USA San Francisco CaucasianC 2.47000
USA San Francisco CaucasianDPB1 1.76900
USA San Francisco CaucasianDQA1 1.80400
USA San Francisco CaucasianDQB1 1.84000
USA San Francisco CaucasianDRB1 2.38400
USA San Francisco CaucasianDRB3 1.33900
USA San Francisco CaucasianDRB4 1.12000
USA Southeast African AmericanDQB11.21800
USA Spain AncestryB 1.68200

Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.

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