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Line Allele Population % of individuals
that have the allele
Distribution² Haplotype³
 701   A*02:01  Mexico Oaxaca Mixe  0.311055See
 702   A*02:01  Mexico Oaxaca Mixtec  0.2840103See
 703   A*02:01  Mexico Oaxaca Zapotec  0.284090See
 704   A*02:01  New Caledonia  0.024065See
 705   A*02:01  Oman 39.8 0.2160118See
 706   A*02:01  Pakistan Baloch  0.095066See
 707   A*02:01  Pakistan Brahui  0.1150104See
 708   A*02:01  Pakistan Burusho  0.054092See
 709   A*02:01  Pakistan Kalash  0.158069See
 710   A*02:01  Pakistan Karachi Parsi  0.028091See
 711   A*02:01  Pakistan Mixed Pathan  0.0820100See
 712   A*02:01  Pakistan Mixed Sindhi  0.0700101See
 713   A*02:01  Papua New Guinea East New Britain Rabaul  060See
 714   A*02:01  Papua New Guinea Eastern Highlands Goroka Asaro  057See
 715   A*02:01  Papua New Guinea Karimui Plateau Pawaia  080See
 716   A*02:01  Papua New Guinea Madang  065See
 717   A*02:01  Papua New Guinea Wanigela Keapara  0.021066See
 718   A*02:01  Papua New Guinea West Schrader Ranges Haruai  055See
 719   A*02:01  Papua New Guinea Wosera Abelam  0131See
 720   A*02:01  Peru Titikaka Lake Uro  0.5000105See
 721   A*02:01  Poland  0.1930200See
 722   A*02:01  Poland DKMS  0.284920,653See
 723   A*02:01  Portugal Center  0.260050See
 724   A*02:01  Portugal North  0.293046See
 725   A*02:01  Portugal South  0.235049See
 726   A*02:01  Russia Tuva pop 2  0.1430169See
 727   A*02:01  Sao Tome Island Angolar  0.063032See
 728   A*02:01  Sao Tome Island Forro  0.128066See
 729   A*02:01  Senegal Niokholo Mandenka  0.0810165See
 730   A*02:01  Singapore Chinese 19.5 0.1040149See
 731   A*02:01  South Africa Natal Zulu 5.0 0.0250100See
 732   A*02:01  South Korea pop 3  0.1650485See
 733   A*02:01  Spain Catalonia Girona  0.299088See
 734   A*02:01  Spain Gipuzkoa Basque  0.2700100See
 735   A*02:01  Sri Lanka Colombo Sinhalese  0.0490101See
 736   A*02:01  Sweden Northern Sami  0.2360154See
 737   A*02:01  Sweden Southern Sami  0.2600130See
 738   A*02:01  Taiwan Han Chinese  0.0920504See
 739   A*02:01  Taiwan pop 2  0.1290364See
 740   A*02:01  Taiwan pop 3  0.0990212See
 741   A*02:01  Taiwan Tzu Chi Cord Blood Bank  0.1040710See
 742   A*02:01  Thailand  0.0180142See
 743   A*02:01  Tunisia 32.0 0.1750100See
 744   A*02:01  Uganda Kampala  0.1840161See
 745   A*02:01  Uganda Kampala pop 2  0.1140175See
 746   A*02:01  USA African American pop 2  0.1070149See
 747   A*02:01  USA African American pop 3  0.1210564See
 748   A*02:01  USA African American pop 4  0.12462,411See
 749   A*02:01  USA Alaska Yupik  0.0240252See
 750   A*02:01  USA Arizona Gila River Amerindian  0.4740492See
 751   A*02:01  USA Asian pop 2  0.09461,772See
 752   A*02:01  USA Caucasian pop 3  0.222088See
 753   A*02:01  USA Caucasian pop 4  0.29441,070See
 754   A*02:01  USA Hispanic pop 2  0.19401,999See
 755   A*02:01  USA San Francisco Caucasian  0.2470220See
 756   A*02:01  USA South Dakota Lakota Sioux  0.2970302See
 757   A*02:01  Vietnam Hanoi Kinh pop 2  0.0210170See
 758   A*02:01  Zambia Lusaka  0.128044See
 759   A*02:01:01  Bulgaria  0.300055See
 760   A*02:01:01  Cape Verde Northwestern Islands  0.149062See
 761   A*02:01:01  Cape Verde Southeastern Islands  0.121062See
 762   A*02:01:01  China Guangdong Province Meizhou Han  0.0150100See
 763   A*02:01:01  China North Han  0.1900105See
 764   A*02:01:01  Guinea Bissau  0.167065See
 765   A*02:01:01  India Tamil Nadu Nadar  0.107061See
 766   A*02:01:01  Iran Baloch  0.2020100See
 767   A*02:01:01  Madeira  0.2460185See
 768   A*02:01:01  Mexico Chihuahua Tarahumara  0.250044See
 769   A*02:01:01  Mexico Guadalajara Mestizo pop 2  0.2230103See
 770   A*02:01:01  Morocco Nador Metalsa pop 2  0.178073See
 771   A*02:01:01  Morocco Settat Chaouya 32.4 0.162098See
 772   A*02:01:01  South Korea pop 3  0485See
 773   A*02:01:01  USA San Francisco Caucasian  0.2420220See
 774   A*02:01:01:01  China Yunnan Province Jinuo  0.0090109See
 775   A*02:01:01:01  China Yunnan Province Wa  0.0080119See
 776   A*02:01:01:01  Indonesia Java pop 2  0.042036See
 777   A*02:01:01:01  Indonesia Sundanese and Javanese  0.0750201See
 778   A*02:01:01:01  Saudi Arabia pop 5 21.5 0.1361158See
 779   A*02:01:01:01  USA Eastern European  0.2750558See
 780   A*02:01:01:01  USA Mexican American Mestizo  0.1970553See
 781   A*02:01:01:01  USA San Francisco Caucasian  0.2420220See
 782   A*02:01:02  Bulgaria  055See
 783   A*02:01:02  China Guangdong Province Meizhou Han  0.0050100See
 784   A*02:01:02  China North Han  0105See
 785   A*02:01:02  Malaysia Kedah Baling Kensiu  0.100025See
 786   A*02:01:02  Malaysia Perak Grik Jehai  0.120025See
 787   A*02:01:02  Mexico Guadalajara Mestizo pop 2  0.0100103See
 788   A*02:01:02  Morocco Nador Metalsa pop 2  073See
 789   A*02:01:02  Morocco Settat Chaouya 0.0 098See
 790   A*02:01:02  Saudi Arabia pop 5 0.6 0.0063158See
 791   A*02:01:02  South Korea pop 3  0485See
 792   A*02:01:03  Bulgaria  055See
 793   A*02:01:03  China North Han  0105See
 794   A*02:01:03  Morocco Nador Metalsa pop 2  073See
 795   A*02:01:03  Morocco Settat Chaouya 0.0 098See
 796   A*02:01:03  South Korea pop 3  0485See
 797   A*02:01:04  Bulgaria  055See
 798   A*02:01:04  China North Han  0105See
 799   A*02:01:04  Madeira  0.0030185See
 800   A*02:01:04  Morocco Nador Metalsa pop 2  073See


* Allele Frequency: Total number of copies of the allele in the population sample (Alleles / 2n) in decimal format.
   Important: This field has been expanded to four decimals to better represent frequencies of large datasets (e.g. where sample size > 1000 individuals)
* % of individuals that have the allele: Percentage of individuals who have the allele in the population (Individuals / n).
* Allele Frequencies shown in green were calculated from Phenotype Frequencies assuming Hardy-Weinberg proportions.
   AF = 1-square_root(1-PF)
   PF = 1-(1-AF)2
   AF = Allele Frequency; PF = Phenotype Frequency, i.e. (%) of the individuals carrying the allele.
* Allele Frequencies marked with (*) were calculated from all alleles in the corresponding G group.

¹ IMGT/HLA Database - For more details of the allele.
² Distribution - Graphical distribution of the allele.
³ Haplotype Association - Find HLA haplotypes with this allele.
ª Notes - See notes for ambiguous combinations of alleles.

Displaying 701 to 800 (from 60,683) records   Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 of 607  


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