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Before you start:

The next pages will guide you through the submission process of your KIR and disease association study. Before you start, check the following summary of data to be filled out:

Demographic Data Frequency Data Raw Data
• General Information
• Geographic Information
• Sample Size and Source
• Contact
• Publication Data (PMID)
• Associated:
   · KIR Gene(s)
   · KIR Genotype
   · KIR Haplogroup
   · KIR Ligands
• Frequency (%)
• Odds Ratio and P-Value
• Statistical Methods

If you agree to provide raw data to AFND, click on the link below to download Raw Data template, and follow the instructions in the file.


 You are strongly advised to fill out KIR raw data template before starting the submission process! You will be asked to upload the filled template in next pages.

 Note that KIR data which did not yielded significant associations are also important to avoid publication bias! If this is your case, providing AFND the raw data would be of great value.

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Allele frequency net: a database and online repository for immune gene frequencies in worldwide populations.
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, Christmas S, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2011, 39, D913-D919.
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