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This module displays all populations that contain this genotype. The list of populations is sorted by frequency in descending order.
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3DL1 2DL1 2DL3 2DS4 2DL2 2DL5 3DS1 2DS1 2DS2 2DS3 2DS5 2DL4 3DL2 3DL3 2DP1 3DP1

Geographic Region Population Frequency (%) Sample Size Comments
OceaniaSolomon Islands KIR10.0040
South AsiaPakistan Karachi KIR8.97782DP1, 3DL3, 3DP1 not tested.
South AsiaIndia West Bengal Rabha KIR8.0050
South AsiaIndia Tamil Nadu Paravar KIR6.4977
South-East AsiaChina Tibet Lhasa KIR5.90102
South AsiaIndia Tamil Nadu Kanikar KIR5.7135
EuropeSpain Basque KIR5.6371
South and Central AmericaCuba Caucasian KIR4.2870
OceaniaPapua New Guinea Irian Jaya KIR4.0050
Western AsiaJordan Palestine KIR3.811052DL5, 2DP1, 3DL3, 3DP1 not tested.
South AsiaIndia Mumbai Parsi KIR3.601452DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
South and Central AmericaBrazil Belo Horizonte Caucasian KIR3.3390
North-East AsiaRussia Northwest pop 3 KIR3.00100
EuropeFrance Reims KIR2.90102
South AsiaIndia North KIR2.70512
EuropePortugal KIR2.6365
South and Central AmericaBrazil Guarani MByá KIR2.50812DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
North-East AsiaRussia Moscow KIR2.4084
EuropePoland KIR2.406902DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
EuropePortugal Azores Terceira Island KIR2.40127
South and Central AmericaBrazil Curitiba KIR2.301643DP1 not tested.
South and Central AmericaChile Talca KIR2.2090
EuropeSpain Cantabria KIR2.20230
South and Central AmericaBrazil Mato Grosso do Sul Campo Grande KIR2.10206
Sub-Saharan AfricaSouth African Caucasian KIR2.1097
OceaniaCook Islands KIR2.0848
OceaniaTonga KIR2.0449
OceaniaSamoa KIR2.0050
South and Central AmericaArgentina Buenos Aires KIR2.00365
South and Central AmericaBrazil Curitiba Japanese KIR2.00513DP1 not tested.
Western AsiaIran East Azerbaijan Azerbaijani KIR2.00100
Western AsiaIran Hormozgan and Balochistan Jonobi KIR2.00100
Western AsiaSaudi Arabia KIR pop 22.00148
Western AsiaSaudi Arabia Riyadh KIR2.00152
Western AsiaIran KIR2.00200
EuropeLatvia KIR2.00982DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
South-East AsiaThailand Bangkok KIR pop 22.00100
South-East AsiaHong Kong Chinese KIR2.00100
South AsiaIndia Madurai Piramalai Kallar Dravidian KIR2.00100
EuropeItaly Lombardy KIR2.0050
South and Central AmericaArgentina Chiriguano KIR1.9054
Sub-Saharan AfricaComoros Mixed KIR1.8554
EuropeBulgaria KIR pop 21.74115
South AsiaIndia Mumbai Maharashtrian KIR1.701392DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
South-East AsiaChina Xinjiang Region Urumqi Uygur KIR1.70120
South and Central AmericaBrazil Parana Mixed KIR1.70289
OceaniaIndonesia Sulawesi Minahasans KIR1.7060
South and Central AmericaPanama KIR1.70116
EuropeEngland KIR pop 51.70584
North AmericaMexico Mestizo Highlands KIR1.602572DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
Western AsiaTurkey KIR pop 31.60187
Western AsiaTurkey South KIR1.50200
EuropeSpain Avilés KIR1.50339
Central AsiaUzbekistan KIR1.4967
North AmericaCanada Iranian KIR1.4768
South AsiaIndia North Hindu KIR1.38722DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
EuropeBelgium KIR1.351482DL5, 2DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
North-East AsiaSouth Korea KIR1.30154
Western AsiaIran Fars Persian KIR1.20248
Western AsiaIran East Azerbaijan Azeri KIR1.2084
South AsiaIndia Western KIR 1.20161
Western AsiaSaudi Arabia KIR1.20162
South and Central AmericaVenezuela Warao KIR1.12892DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
EuropeNorway KIR1.103682DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
South-East AsiaChina Yunnan Province Fengyandong Han KIR1.1093
North AmericaUSA California Caucasians KIR1.03195
Western AsiaOman KIR1.0199
EuropeGermany Hesse KIR1.01992DL5, 2DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
EuropeEngland KIR pop 41.0199
South and Central AmericaVenezuela Mestizo KIR1.00205
EuropeIreland Northern KIR1.00200
Western AsiaIran Lur KIR1.00100
North AmericaMexico Mestizo Jalisco KIR1.001002DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
South and Central AmericaBrazil Belem Mixed KIR1.003473DP1 not tested.
South-East AsiaChina Yunnan Province Tiandeng Zhuang KIR1.0098
South-East AsiaChina Shaanxi Province Han KIR1.00104
South-East AsiaChina Yunnan Province Dali Bai KIR1.00100
EuropeMacedonia KIR0.93214
South-East AsiaChina Yunnan Province Menghai Bulang KIR0.90109
Western AsiaLebanon KIR0.831202DP1, 3DP1 not tested.
North AmericaMexico Mestizo Jalisco pop 2 KIR0.80124
North AmericaUSA Caucasian KIR0.80255
EuropeCroatia KIR0.80125
EuropeCroatia KIR pop 30.80121
South-East AsiaMalaysia Peninsular KIR0.80120
South-East AsiaThailand North East KIR0.80235
EuropeCzech Republic KIR0.80125
South-East AsiaChina Zhejiang Han KIR0.70273
North AmericaMexico Mestizo KIR pop 20.70300
EuropeSpain Sevilla KIR0.70278
North AmericaUSA California Asian American KIR0.67150
South and Central AmericaBrazil Rio de Janeiro Mixed KIR0.60166
Western AsiaGeorgia KIR0.501882DP1, 3DP1 not tested.

Nearest Genotypes

The following section shows a list of the closest genotypes that are related to this particular genotype.
These genotypes only differ in one gene which is denoted by an X. The list is sorted by the number of populations in descending order.

3DL1 2DL1 2DL3 2DS4 2DL2 2DL5 3DS1 2DS1 2DS2 2DS3 2DS5 2DL4 3DL2 3DL3 2DP1 3DP1 Genotype ID Pops Individuals
         X      6888206
  X             814796
   X            872650
          X     1591942
X               931837
    X           16655
        X       29457
       X        29944
     X          28023
      X         16322
 X              35711

Geographic distribution


Allele frequency net 2015 update: new features for HLA epitopes, KIR and disease and HLA adverse drug reaction associations.
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, Takeshita LY, Santos EJ, Kempson F, Maia MH, Silva AL, Silva AL, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Jones AR and Middleton D Nucleic Acid Research 2015, 39, 28, D784-8.
Liverpool, U.K.

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