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To display demographic information please click on the population of interest (icon inside the map) and then click on the population name, or select a specific Geographic Region from the table listed below to display all populations in that particular region.
Tip: Use the left menu to zoom in or zoom out for a best view of the populations.

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Geographical Regions

Region HLA KIR Cytokines MIC Total
Central Asia01012
North Africa2921133
North America20932245270
North-East Asia1001446124
South and Central America20145910265
South Asia69214094
South-East Asia195482116280
Sub-Saharan Africa682933103
Western Asia9426133136
Total 1,319 293 125 64 1,801


Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.

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