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North America

  Canada (8)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
Canada British Columbia AthabaskanAmerindianHLA 62 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Canada British Columbia PenutianAmerindianHLA 26 DRB1
Canada Iranian KIRPersianKIR 68
Canada Aboriginal ESRD CytokineAmerindianCytokine 78
Canada Aboriginal Oji-cree CytokineAmerindianCytokine 130
Canada Manitoba Caucasoid CytokineCaucasoidCytokine 116
Canada Manitoba Filipino ESRD CytokineAustronesianCytokine 26
Canada Newfoundland Island CytokineCaucasoidCytokine 103

  Mexico (44)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
Mexico Chihuahua TarahumaraAmerindianHLA 44 A B C DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico City MestizoMestizoHLA 121 A B DQB1 DRB1
Mexico City Mestizo KIRMestizoKIR 86
Mexico City Mestizo pop 2MestizoHLA 234 A B C DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Guadalajara MestizoMestizoHLA 54 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Guadalajara Mestizo pop 2MestizoHLA 103 A B
Mexico Guanajuato and Jalisco MestizoMestizoHLA 101 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Highlands MestizosMestizoHLA 160 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Huasteca Region TeenekAmerindianHLA 55 A B DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Huichol KIRAmerindianKIR 73
Mexico MayanAmerindianHLA 16 DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Mayan pop 2AmerindianHLA 163 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico MayosAmerindianHLA 66 B
Mexico MazahuaHLA 65 DRB1
Mexico MazatecanAmerindianHLA 89 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Mazatecan pop 2AmerindianHLA 86 E
Mexico MestizoMestizoHLA 41 A B
Mexico Mestizo Guerrero KIRMestizoKIR 120
Mexico Mestizo Highlands KIRMestizoKIR 257
Mexico Mestizo Jalisco KIRMestizoKIR 100
Mexico Mestizo Jalisco pop 2 KIRMestizoKIR 124
Mexico Mestizo KIRMestizoKIR 54
Mexico Mestizo KIR pop 2MestizoKIR 300
Mexico Mestizo pop 2MestizoHLA 70 E
Mexico Mestizo pop1MixedHLA 269 A B C DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Mestizo West KIRMestizoKIR 124
Mexico Michoacan TarascoAmerindianHLA 130 A B
Mexico MixtecAmerindianHLA 97 A B DRB1
Mexico NahuasAmerindianHLA 72 B
Mexico Nuevo Leon MestizoMestizoHLA 40 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Oaxaca MixeAmerindianHLA 55 A B C DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Oaxaca MixtecAmerindianHLA 103 A B C DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Oaxaca ZapotecAmerindianHLA 90 A B C DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Puebla MestizoMestizoHLA 99 A B DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Purepecha KIRAmerindianKIR 53
Mexico Sierra Madre Pima KIRAmerindianKIR 99
Mexico Sinaloa MestizoMestizoHLA 56 A B DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Sonora SeriAmerindianHLA 34 A B DPA1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
Mexico Tarahumara KIRAmerindianKIR 65
Mexico Veracruz Mestizo KIRMestizoKIR 51
Mexico Yucatan Maya KIRAmerindianKIR 50
Mexico Guadalajara Mestizo CytokineMestizoCytokine 106
Mexico Mestizo CytokineMestizoCytokine 40
Mexico Monterrey Mestizo CytokineMestizoCytokine 109

  United States (115)  
PopulationEthnicityStudySample SizeHLA Loci
USA African AmericanBlackHLA 252 A B C
USA African American BethesdaBlackHLA 187 A B C DQA1 DRB1
USA African American KIRBlackKIR 569
USA African American KIR pop 2BlackKIR 100
USA African American pop 2BlackHLA 149 A
USA African American pop 3BlackHLA 564 A B C DRB1
USA African American pop 4BlackHLA 2,411 A B C Cw DQB1 DRB1
USA African American pop 5BlackHLA 38 E
USA African American pop 6BlackHLA 42 G
USA African American pop 7BlackHLA 193 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
USA African American pop 8BlackHLA 605 B
USA Alaska YupikAmerindianHLA 252 A B C DQB1 DRB1
USA Arizona Gila River AmerindianAmerindianHLA 492 A B C DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
USA Arizona PimaAmerindianHLA 100 A B DPA1 DPB1
USA Arizona Pima pop2AmerindianHLA 18 DPA1 DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
USA AsianAsianHLA 358 A B C
USA Asian pop 2AsianHLA 1,772 A B C Cw DQB1 DRB1
USA Boston KIRBlackKIR 53
USA California African American KIRBlackKIR 58
USA California African American pop 2 KIRBlackKIR 92
USA California Asian American KIRAsianKIR 150
USA California Asian American pop 2 KIRAsianKIR 37
USA California Caucasians KIRCaucasoidKIR 195
USA California Caucasians pop 2 KIRCaucasoidKIR 100
USA California Hispanic KIRHispanicKIR 128
USA California Hispanic pop 2 KIRHispanicKIR 156
USA CaucasianCaucasoidHLA 61,655 A B DRB1
USA Caucasian BethesdaCaucasoidHLA 307 A B C DQA1 DRB1
USA Caucasian HoustonCaucasoidHLA 194 DRB1
USA Caucasian KIRCaucasoidKIR 255
USA Caucasian NMDP KIRCaucasoidKIR 75
USA Caucasian PittsburghCaucasoidHLA 177 DRB1
USA Caucasian pop 2CaucasoidHLA 265 A B C
USA Caucasian pop 3CaucasoidHLA 88 A
USA Caucasian pop 4CaucasoidHLA 1,070 A B C DRB1
USA Caucasian pop 5CaucasoidHLA 268 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
USA Colorado Univ Cord Blood Bank African AmericanBlackHLA 261 DRB1
USA Colorado Univ Cord Blood Bank AsianAsianHLA 100 DRB1
USA Colorado Univ Cord Blood Bank CaucasianCaucasoidHLA 3,830 DRB1
USA Colorado Univ Cord Blood Bank HispanicHispanicHLA 1,058 DRB1
USA Eastern EuropeanCaucasoidHLA 558 A B C DRB1
USA Eastern KIRCaucasoidKIR 213
USA European AmericanCaucasoidHLA 1,899
USA European American pop 2CaucasoidHLA 1,245 B
USA European KIRCaucasoidKIR 1,465
USA HispanicHispanicHLA 234 A B C
USA Hispanic pop 2HispanicHLA 1,999 A B C Cw DQB1 DRB1
USA Italy AncestryCaucasoidHLA 273 A B C DRB1
USA Mexican American MestizoMestizoHLA 553 A B C DRB1
USA Mexican American Mestizo pop 2MestizoHLA 113 DPB1
USA Mexican American Mestizo pop 3MestizoHLA 116 DRB1
USA Minnesota OlmstedCaucasoidHLA 339 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
USA New Mexico Canoncito NavajoAmerindianHLA 42 A B C DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
USA New Mexico ZuniAmerindianHLA 51 DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
USA NMDP AfricanBlackHLA 28,557 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP African AmericanBlackHLA 416,581 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP African AmericanBlackHLA 412,861
USA NMDP Asian and Pacific IslanderMixedHLA 359,423
USA NMDP Caribean BlackBlackHLA 33,328 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP Caribean HispanicHispanicHLA 115,374 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP CaucasianCaucasoidHLA 2,361,208
USA NMDP ChineseOrientalHLA 99,672 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP European CaucasianCaucasoidHLA 1,242,890 C DRB1 B A
USA NMDP FilipinoAustronesianHLA 50,614 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP HispanicHispanicHLA 449,844
USA NMDP Hispanic South or Central AmericanHispanicHLA 146,714 A B C DQB1 DRB1
USA NMDP JapaneseOrientalHLA 24,582 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP KoreanOrientalHLA 77,584 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP Mexican or ChicanoHispanicHLA 261,235 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP Middle Eastern or North Coast of AfricaArabHLA 70,890 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP North American IndianAmerindianHLA 35,791 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP South Asian IndianAsianHLA 185,391 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP Southeast AsianOrientalHLA 27,978 A B C DRB1
USA NMDP VietnameseOrientalHLA 43,540 A B C DQB1 DRB1
USA North American NativeAmerindianHLA 187 A B C
USA OPTN African AmericanBlackHLA 1,510 A B DQB1 DRB1
USA OPTN AsianAsianHLA 261 A B DQB1 DRB1
USA OPTN CaucasianCaucasoidHLA 8,525 A B DQB1 DRB1
USA OPTN HispanicHispanicHLA 1,580 A B DQB1 DRB1
USA Philadelphia CaucasianCaucasoidHLA 141 A B C DQB1 DRB1
USA PhilippinesAustronesianHLA 105 DPB1 DQB1 DRB1
USA San Antonio CaucasianCaucasoidHLA 222 A B C DQB1 DRB1
USA San Francisco CaucasianCaucasoidHLA 220 A B C DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1 DRB3 DRB4 DRB5
USA South Dakota HutteritieCaucasoidHLA 80 G
USA South Dakota Lakota SiouxAmerindianHLA 302 A B C DQB1 DRB1
USA South Dakota SiouxAmerindianHLA 101 DPB1 DQA1 DQB1 DRB1
USA South Texas HispanicHispanicHLA 194 A B C DQB1 DRB1
USA Southeast African AmericanBlackHLA 112 DQB1 DRB1
USA Southern California MestizoMestizoHLA 73 DQB1 DRB1
USA Spain AncestryHispanicHLA 279 A B C DRB1
USA Springfield Puerto Rican KIRHispanicKIR 74
USA Virginia CaucasianCaucasoidHLA 263 DMA DMB
USA African American CytokineBlackCytokine 691
USA African American Heart Recs CytokineBlackCytokine 39
USA Amerindian Bone Marrow Donors CytokineAmerindianCytokine 23
USA Bronx Hispanic CytokineHispanicCytokine 173
USA Caucasian Bone Marrow Donors CytokineCaucasoidCytokine 1,477
USA Caucasian Heart Recs CytokineCaucasoidCytokine 243
USA Florida Cuban CytokineHispanicCytokine 295
USA Hispanic Bone Marrow Donors CytokineHispanicCytokine 74
USA Hispanic Heart Recs CytokineHispanicCytokine 82
USA N Carolina African American CytokineBlackCytokine 42
USA N Carolina Caucasian CytokineCaucasoidCytokine 81
USA Pennsylvania Heart Recipients Af Amer CytokineBlackCytokine 19
USA Pennsylvania Heart Recipients Cauc CytokineCaucasoidCytokine 75
USA Southeast African American CytokineBlackCytokine 250
USA Southeast Caucasian CytokineCaucasoidCytokine 145
USA Upstate NY Af Am Renal Recs CytokineBlackCytokine 16
USA Upstate NY Caucasian Heart Recs CytokineCaucasoidCytokine 64
USA Upstate NY Caucasian Renal Recs CytokineCaucasoidCytokine 133
USA African American MICBlackMIC 201
USA African American MIC pop 2BlackMIC 39
USA Boston African American MICBlackMIC 60
USA Caucasian MICCaucasoidMIC 103
USA Caucasian MIC pop2CaucasoidMIC 242


Allele frequency net 2015 update: new features for HLA epitopes, KIR and disease and HLA adverse drug reaction associations.
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, Takeshita LY, Santos EJ, Kempson F, Maia MH, Silva AL, Silva AL, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Jones AR and Middleton D Nucleic Acid Research 2015, 39, 28, D784-8.
Liverpool, U.K.


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