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Line Allele Population % of individuals
that have the allele
Distribution² Haplotype³
 1   A*01  Russia Chuvash  0.073082See
 2   A*02  Russia Chuvash  0.250082See
 3   A*03  Russia Chuvash  0.158082See
 4   A*11  Russia Chuvash  0.061082See
 5   A*23  Russia Chuvash  0.037082See
 6   A*24  Russia Chuvash  0.189082See
 7   A*25  Russia Chuvash  0.037082See
 8   A*26  Russia Chuvash  0.012082See
 9   A*30  Russia Chuvash  0.012082See
 10   A*31  Russia Chuvash  0.049082See
 11   A*32  Russia Chuvash  0.037082See
 12   A*33  Russia Chuvash  0.018082See
 13   A*68  Russia Chuvash  0.067082See
 14   B*07  Russia Chuvash  0.183082See
 15   B*08  Russia Chuvash  0.037082See
 16   B*13  Russia Chuvash  0.024082See
 17   B*14  Russia Chuvash  0.018082See
 18   B*15  Russia Chuvash  0.018082See
 19   B*18  Russia Chuvash  0.067082See
 20   B*27  Russia Chuvash  0.079082See
 21   B*35  Russia Chuvash  0.189082See
 22   B*37  Russia Chuvash  0.019082See
 23   B*38  Russia Chuvash  0.018082See
 24   B*39  Russia Chuvash  0.037082See
 25   B*40  Russia Chuvash  0.079082See
 26   B*41  Russia Chuvash  0.006082See
 27   B*44  Russia Chuvash  0.049082See
 28   B*47  Russia Chuvash  0.012082See
 29   B*48  Russia Chuvash  0.012082See
 30   B*49  Russia Chuvash  0.030082See
 31   B*50  Russia Chuvash  0.043082See
 32   B*51  Russia Chuvash  0.043082See
 33   B*54  Russia Chuvash  0.006082See
 34   B*56  Russia Chuvash  0.006082See
 35   B*57  Russia Chuvash  0.024082See
 36   DQB1*02  Russia Chuvash  0.189082See
 37   DQB1*03:01  Russia Chuvash  0.140082See
 38   DQB1*03:02  Russia Chuvash  0.030082See
 39   DQB1*03:03  Russia Chuvash  0.085082See
 40   DQB1*03:05  Russia Chuvash  0.006082See
 41   DQB1*04:02  Russia Chuvash  0.079082See
 42   DQB1*05:01  Russia Chuvash  0.213082See
 43   DQB1*05:02  Russia Chuvash  0.018082See
 44   DQB1*06:01  Russia Chuvash  0.006082See
 45   DQB1*06:02  Russia Chuvash  0.183082See
 46   DQB1*06:03  Russia Chuvash  0.043082See
 47   DQB1*06:05  Russia Chuvash  0.006082See
 48   DRB1*01:01  Russia Chuvash  0.183082See
 49   DRB1*01:02  Russia Chuvash  0.019082See
 50   DRB1*03:01  Russia Chuvash  0.079082See
 51   DRB1*04:01  Russia Chuvash  0.012082See
 52   DRB1*04:03  Russia Chuvash  0.018082See
 53   DRB1*04:05  Russia Chuvash  0.012082See
 54   DRB1*07:01  Russia Chuvash  0.146082See
 55   DRB1*08:01  Russia Chuvash  0.079082See
 56   DRB1*09:01:02  Russia Chuvash  0.049082See
 57   DRB1*11:01  Russia Chuvash  0.085082See
 58   DRB1*11:03  Russia Chuvash  0.006082See
 59   DRB1*11:04  Russia Chuvash  0.030082See
 60   DRB1*12:01  Russia Chuvash  0.018082See
 61   DRB1*13:01  Russia Chuvash  0.043082See
 62   DRB1*13:02  Russia Chuvash  0.006082See
 63   DRB1*14:04  Russia Chuvash  0.006082See
 64   DRB1*15:01  Russia Chuvash  0.195082See
 65   DRB1*16:01  Russia Chuvash  0.012082See


* Allele Frequency: Total number of copies of the allele in the population sample (Alleles / 2n) in decimal format.
   Important: This field has been expanded to four decimals to better represent frequencies of large datasets (e.g. where sample size > 1000 individuals)
* % of individuals that have the allele: Percentage of individuals who have the allele in the population (Individuals / n).
* Allele Frequencies shown in green were calculated from Phenotype Frequencies assuming Hardy-Weinberg proportions.
   AF = 1-square_root(1-PF)
   PF = 1-(1-AF)2
   AF = Allele Frequency; PF = Phenotype Frequency, i.e. (%) of the individuals carrying the allele.
* Allele Frequencies marked with (*) were calculated from all alleles in the corresponding G group.

¹ IMGT/HLA Database - For more details of the allele.
² Distribution - Graphical distribution of the allele.
³ Haplotype Association - Find HLA haplotypes with this allele.
ª Notes - See notes for ambiguous combinations of alleles.


Allele frequency net database (AFND) 2020 update: gold-standard data classification, open access genotype data and new query tools
Gonzalez-Galarza FF, McCabe A, Santos EJ, Jones J, Takeshita LY, Ortega-Rivera ND, Del Cid-Pavon GM, Ramsbottom K, Ghattaoraya GS, Alfirevic A, Middleton D and Jones AR Nucleic Acid Research 2020, 48:D783-8.
Liverpool, U.K.


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